What SMALL thing did you do today to help with your journey?



  • sewp80
    sewp80 Posts: 3 Member
    I talked myself into trying to jog while out on a walk... I never ever ever jog so it was odd that I decided to try but I am glad I did it pushed me out of my comfort zone!
  • bigdogintheyard
    bigdogintheyard Posts: 15 Member
    I got 9 hours of sleep and then hit the gym to lift before work. I feel great now! I was feeling super worn down before i needed some good rest.
  • MiikeCholas
    MiikeCholas Posts: 70 Member
    I played with my macros today...trying to see what fits me for fat loss I swear its harder then school ever was but eventually ill hit the perfect percentages :)
  • Lizzy622
    Lizzy622 Posts: 3,705 Member
    Had a hair appointment today ( cut and color). Feeling good about my appearance just motivates me to do more good things for me.
  • SunnyDayzMomma
    SunnyDayzMomma Posts: 114 Member
    Washed two heads of lettuce this morning, cut up a head of cauliflower, bunch of celery, container if strawberries, so I can have salad and fresh produce for snacks and lunches on the during the busy lunch rush of a stay at home mom. It's been working great for a while.
  • TheLifeDetoxer
    TheLifeDetoxer Posts: 17 Member
    I went food shopping and got healthy stuff only! Woohoo
  • indigrrl
    indigrrl Posts: 92 Member
    Finished planting the garden!
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    I used my kick scooter to get where I was going inbetween public transportation
  • sandrachis
    sandrachis Posts: 52 Member
    Bought good foods and put those cookies BACK at checkout. Skipped exercise and will attend the ballet tonight to give my brain a break. Start over tomorrow with a fresh attitude. Got caught up in the over exercising over food thing as a typical beginner. Learned a lot about myself and I need to lower my expectations and not try to accomplish everything in three days.
  • Lizzy622
    Lizzy622 Posts: 3,705 Member
    Beautiful day out and planning to go walking after walk. This weekend will be spring cleaning madness and burning lots of calories cleaning out.
  • crazymama2both
    crazymama2both Posts: 195 Member
    Wore a dress to work
  • aqcannon
    aqcannon Posts: 48 Member
    Today I took the train and bus to work which required adding more steps to the day than when I drive. Plus it helped reduce my stress level which I'm certain will affect my eating patterns throughout the day.
  • klkateri
    klkateri Posts: 432 Member
    I bought a makeup bag to put all my snacky items at my desk away so when I go for something in my drawers I don't see them and then I don't eat them.... even though they are all good snacks like nuts and beef jerky!! I'll sit at my desk all afternoon and eat away the day. I've also preplanned a short walk at 3pm to get a coffee to avoid that midafternoon friday slump!!
  • Cupcake1015
    Cupcake1015 Posts: 109 Member
    I prelogged what I would eat today, and I will stick with it!
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,642 Member
    Today I am back on track with making healthier food choices. I got off track for a few days even though I stayed within my calories I still made bad choices. Today I've had tuna for breakfast and baked flounder for lunch and a veggie on the side with each meal.
  • BreakOnThru
    BreakOnThru Posts: 66 Member
    Made a quinoa salad this morning to have for lunch. And I'm at the gym right now!
  • Hollie704
    Hollie704 Posts: 59 Member
    Made an avocado salsa last night and a tasty lime cilantro marinade this morning and put some chicken breasts in it so I can just throw them on the grill after work and have a healthy dinner for me and my family.
  • Taking a little time on a busy day to walk outside.
  • dfree4wb
    dfree4wb Posts: 60 Member
    I was in a hurry and grab something on the run, I went with a grilled chicken sandwich rather than a burger and skipped the fries.
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,117 Member
    Mycophilia wrote: »
    I stepped on the scale today and realized that my journey was over. 0.2 kg past my goal weight.

    Cant wait till that happens to me. Today I skipped entrees at lunch and small portion sizes of Thai food.