The weirdest thing about your weight loss?



  • reserge
    reserge Posts: 17 Member
    LOL just realised my profile pic has me on honeymoon in one of the aforementioned dresses I can now wear again. My husband nearly fell off his feet when I came out in it yesterday.
  • yasmine36
    yasmine36 Posts: 41 Member
    When I first lost weight i lost about 25 pound, the scale was showing the weightloss, even my clothing size, but not my measurements?!?!?!
  • NTK85
    NTK85 Posts: 28 Member
    lol my glasses keep falling off my face... At first I thought there was something wrong with them until I remembered how much smaller my face is now
  • emmiexjay
    emmiexjay Posts: 145 Member
    I've gone from a 52DD to a 44DD, I've lost 5 1/4 inches from my waist 5 1/2 from my waist.. and my tummy doesn't stick out so much any more! Plus my boyfriend said my boobies look good lol!
  • melainemelaine
    melainemelaine Posts: 127 Member
    A friend hugged me tightly on Saturday and then was running her hands over my back poking my rips, she was like 'you're skinny! O.o.' lol and I figured out to tumble dry my work trousers so they shrink as they otherwise nearly fall down now :D- don't want to go and buy any new ones just yet.
  • hermanaamber
    hermanaamber Posts: 103 Member
    My jeans are now too long! I was constantly pulling up my underwear from the inside of my pants. I got new p.j.'s and underwear for my birthday, and it's a good thing someone else bought them . When I opened them I thought, "these will NEVER fit, they're size mediums". Guess what, they fit! Oh it's so nice to not have my underwear falling down, and to feel like I look nice in my p.j.'s.
  • tuneses
    tuneses Posts: 467 Member
    I am smaller and in much better shape than I ever was in the Army. I even help people in my husband's company with losing pounds.
  • Kamalka
    Kamalka Posts: 164 Member
    A couple of years ago, I succeed to get from 95 to 68 kg (I took it back since) thanks to many runs in my favorite sport suits: I was once running and the pants went down in front of a 3rd age couple :blushing: . I catched it at my knees and got the elastic changed for the next session
  • tristramtrent
    tristramtrent Posts: 257 Member
    Train and subway seats seem bigger. My guitar straps all needed tightening. A booth in a restaurant is no longer an anxious worry of will I fit between the seat and the table. Strangers talk to me more.

    Here's a weird one: photos. When I see pictures of myself at the moment, sometimes I really perceive the loss, sometimes I am amazed how big I still look. ( 41 lb down) - very fluid self-image.
  • lizzy_satellite
    lizzy_satellite Posts: 112 Member
    Here's a weird one: photos. When I see pictures of myself at the moment, sometimes I really perceive the loss, sometimes I am amazed how big I still look. ( 41 lb down) - very fluid self-image.

    I get this too. In photos taken on the same day I can feel I look both tiny and huge. Logically I know I am a 'normal' weight and my clothes are all four sizes smaller, but it just doesn't compute all the time.
  • groodlesuk
    groodlesuk Posts: 34 Member
    I've had to switch my wedding ring from my ring finger, to my middle finger. If I wear it on my ring finger I'm scared that I'll lose it due to it being so loose!
  • charlenechaz
    charlenechaz Posts: 49 Member
    Libby81 wrote: »
    I now look like the me that I thought I did. This caused motivation issues along the way because the picture Iheld of myself in my head wasn't as big as the reality so I feel I've reached an even keel.

    I also have that problem with my rings, even worse when my hands are cold, they slip right off

    Exactly this!
    In my head (and sometimes looking in the mirror) I do not see the mass that appears say, when I'm caught on camera. It's usually a shock to see my true size. In my head, I'm a bit overweight. In reality it's 70lbs or so.
  • JustaJoe00
    JustaJoe00 Posts: 777 Member
    i've only lost 25lbs on my way to 50lbs but i like that now i can comfortably wear undershirts with shirts that were too small before.
  • evesmom2
    evesmom2 Posts: 231 Member
    I apparently have very elastic underwear. I keep reading about underwear falling off. After a 31 lb loss, my underwear isn't saggy and doesn't threaten to fall down. In fact, it fits the way it always has. I know I look smaller and I can see that my jeans are now saggy in the *kitten* where they used to be very tight. Maybe I have magic underwear?

    Mine are magic too. I've lost 58 lbs, down a couple of pant sizes and still my undies stay up
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