WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016



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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Larisa, I love the outfit from the top to the bottom! What fun. But you sureeeeeeeeee look young!!! You know us old ladies don’t like that! LOL

    Rosie, “we” don’t debate hot topics here. There is just one person that insists on doing it and I don’t know why she can’t just go to Facebook for that. We discuss things we can agree on and that is so nice. Please keep coming and if needed just skip some posts. That’s what I do. shy-smile-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Janetr, you know we are here for you.

    VickiNE, that is great that your DH found the picture. It’s always nice to remember when we were bigger. Some days I feel like I’m the same size that I was but I still fit in my size 14 pants. That didn’t happen 2 years ago.

    EM, welcome back. Come often for lots of support and information.

    Becca, I understand about your mom being brave enough to take you home. I only have one child and she was a 9 lb 4 oz breach that was 23” long. It was not an easy birth but at least she was big enough that I wasn’t afraid she’s break. LOLcheerful-dancing-baby-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Charleen, I hope you stay safe from the fires and sending prayers for all affected.

    Barbie, I know Jake is improving each day and I hate he’s not seeing it that way. I was so happy after my back surgery to have a different pain that I never got discouraged. I will say it was a very painful recovery. Sending good thoughts for brighter days. Good quote! LOL

    Congrats to Great Briton on winning the Men’s Wimbledon Championship. All the finals and most of the earlier matches were very good this year. Now that it’s over I can get back to my normal life.tennis-player-serving-smiley-emoticon.gif

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    We are having a thunder storm like we’ve had the past two nights. They develop from the excessively hot afternoons. I’ll finish and get off here because of all the lightening. Sending love and good thoughts to all of you and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Day! rainbow-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.
    I Love you, blow.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    DJ~ Well, the story goes that when I was born my father was a couple of doors down getting some moles removed from his back, and my mother was trying hard NOT to deliver me, but alas I came anyway. Had no eyelashes, or eyebrows, probably looked like an alien! Also had the problem with spitting up out of my nose... So I scared my mom. When I was a young girl and I would drink something, if I leaned over, out it came out of my nose. Also if I held my nose, held my mouth closed and blew out, bubbles would come out of my tear ducts. I was one strange child!
    not quite as strange in
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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    16,000 steps
    172 minutes of dog walking
    34 minutes puttering in the garden

    sumo squats 3X10 @ 35 lbs
    triceps overhead extension 5x5 @ 22.5 lbs
    lateral raises 3x10 @ 5+5 lbs
    overhead press 5x5 @ 30 lbs
    dumbbell swing 3x10 @ 22.5 lbs

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    DJ ~ thought for sure I was going to need your boot...just famished all afternoon if there'd been another brownie in the house it would have been history. Thank heavens no brownie, got the wash done & straightened up for house cleaners coming tomorrow but most importantly DDiL#1 called & after a nice long chat hunger was gone...so no boot for me! 4 more hours & my CEU's are completed!

    Larisa another great pic...I have a friend who could be your twin. She's in her forties, about 6'1'...uncanny resemblance.

    GLo hoping Colorado gets rain on the North Shore of Ma
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    GLo - that's a terrific NSV for the day. Good job. Many times that's exactly what we need is something to divert our attention to something other than food. Good job on the CEU's completrd also. Thanks for sharing.

    Charleen - sending good thots for rain and hopefully getting that fire out. Glad you are not in harms way. It was me talking about our upcoming trip to CO. We will not be there until around the 20th, we will be going west on I-70 to Glennwood Springs and Grand Junction, then go South to Durango. We'll not be up to Boulder/Nederlands area. Thanks tho for thinking of us.

    Rori, we will be traveling with our best friends/next door neighbors, at this point the schedule is very sketchy so I'm not sure when we will be back to Denver after our mountain tour. I'm thinking meeting up will probably not be in the cards for this trip. I will try to contact you closer to our actually arriving back in Denver for the anniversary celebration.
    Janetr okc

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    Just popping in to say hello and thank you for all the great posts and commentary on exercise and food choices. I read as much as I’m able, but am not a good writer. It’s been awhile since I posted, so a quick reminder of who I am.

    I’m 55, married, no children. I work a fulltime job, plus do the bookkeeping for my husband’s business and rental property that his mom owns. I’m also trying to finish the last couple requirements for my Masters degree. I lost 28 pounds about a year or two ago, but gained most of them back. I’m not willing to do anything to lose weight that I’m not willing to do for the rest of my life. So, sensible and healthy eating along with exercise is what I need to do. However, I cannot seem to get back on track.

    I am in awe of this group of ladies – your accomplishments (health and otherwise) are amazing! Thank you for letting me read and learn from you even though I am able to post infrequently.

    Joyce in SD who is appreciates learning from you amazing ladies!
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    Just trying to catch up after being away from my computer for most of the weekend. I did run the Color Run yesterday morning with my two daughters and my hubby. Well, actually, I ran then walked a bit, then ran a bit, then walked some more, then… you get the idea. I kept up with my family until the first color station and then let them go ahead. My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes and I crossed the finish line at 43:17. Including our before pic below.

    So I thought that since I ran/walked the 5K yesterday, I might take a rest day today. But my oldest daughter is training for a sprint triathlon and today was her biking day. She doesn’t like to bike alone, so she convinced me to go with her. It turned into a 16 ½ mile ride. It kept me off the couch and I’m glad I went, but now my butt hurts and my legs feel a little like jelly. OK, no more whining. Have to pack my bag to go to the gym in the morning.

    Kim – Congrats on landing the gardener job. It sounds like a perfect fit for you!

    Larissa – I know you are working hard to get into “one-derland” and I’m confident you will make your goal, but please know you look healthier than many people who weigh less than you.

    Joyce – I am so sorry that Charlie is having a hard time. You are such a good and loving wife.

    Katla – Fresh blueberries. I am jealous. We picked fresh blueberries when we were on vacation and they were delicious. So much better than those in the store. I would love my own blueberry bush, but we don’t have enough sun to get much of anything to grow in our yard.

    JanetR – You go girl! Way to stay away from those evening snacks.

    Allie – {{{hugs}}} Yes, there are several of us here who would have a few choice words for your Tom.

    DrKatie – I admire your organizing skills. I am afraid you would be appalled by my disarray of panties.

    Pip – Happy Birthday to Kirby!

    Went to church this morning. My daughters had been asked over a month ago to play a flute-saxophone duet today. The sermon focused on the tragedies across our country and racial tensions. The minister did a nice job with the sermon. Then, the girls played Amazing Grace. Even though the song had been picked a month ago, it was perfect for the service. They did a great job and received lots of compliments. Even heard that one lady was in tears when they played. Makes a momma proud.

    Karen – I love your idea about sharing a little about our childhoods.

    I was born in 1966, the third of five children. Mom stayed home and Dad was an engineer for a local road construction company. We grew up very Midwestern, very middle-class. In a large family, you have to find a way to stand out. My oldest sister was always the social one, my older brother was the only boy, my younger sister was the athlete, and my baby sister was the baby. So, I became the smart one. That meant I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’d say that I have always put more pressure on myself to do well than my parents or anyone else put on me. My hometown population was just under 90,000. Our neighborhood was full of kids our same age and we grew up in a time where kids wandered the neighborhood as they wished. We just knew that we had to be home when it got dark. And, if we stayed out too late, then mom would just step out the front door and start yelling our names. I have to say my childhood was good. My world was, however, thrown upside down when my parents divorced after 23 years of marriage when I was 19. Enough for now, my post has gotten too long.

    Linda in IA
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    Becca – I’m not much of a ‘plate thrower’; but, until we moved into our present home, I was one helluva ‘door slammer’ … not always on purpose. My Daddy slammed doors; but, to him a ‘door wasn’t shut until it was slammed shut’. Grew up in an old 2-story house that had been a Civil War Hospital. It had 2” doors, so you had to slam them to get them to close. DH, when he designed this house, made it so that the doors could not be slammed; but, once I got so mad with him that I put both arms behind closing the MBR door hard. The deer that hung up over it leaned at the 2:00 o’clock position. At that point, I did not care.
    HA! I think it was because someone had some something about doing something in the ‘rough’. Right now, I don’t remember.

    No, you aren’t being too hard on your sister. I learned early on, that when my sisters and I each got married, I did not hear from them as much as I had when my oldest sister and I lived in the same town. You get so busy with your own family and schedule that you don’t take the time to sit and make sure you can stay in touch. It seems just like yesterday that my boys were little and down, they are both grown up and married. My oldest one is 40 and my ‘baby’ will be 38 in August … thinking about that really makes me think, oh $*T DH and I are (going to be) 74 and I am already 65. On America Ninja Warrior they had a man on who was the oldest person to ever enter it. He said he was 64 … but, my goodness he sure looked a lot older. Thankfully, I got my Mother’s complexion and people are surprised when I tell them my age. DH tells people his age and gets, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ … I thought you were in your mid-60’s. I’m glad we are all getting to get together again, with our spouses and/or SO at the beach. So much has happened since we got together the last time. No you are not being too hard. If she wants the things, then she will show up and get them.

    Marcelynh – I was always so amazed that the wardens could find marijuana plants growing randomly in corn or in the woods form above with no problem. We had a guy in the next county who stayed in trouble with the law about his marijuana growing techniques. They’d catch him growing it one way; then he’d change up doing it another way.

    rkatiebug – Great NSV!

    Rori –Watching tennis and golf is about as mindless s it gets on TV.

    Joyce – He is so cute. We have flying squirrels and chipmunks. Don’t see as many of the first; but, we’ll walk back to the creek and see the chipmunks squiring around. They seem to be in pairs.

    Kim in NC – My DOGD is almost as tall as you are; I know her CI must be a bit on the high side; and, I know that she’d probably be able to have more daily CI; but, what are your daily CI? I keep thinking that hers are really too high. For a while she was keeping up with macros; and, getting so frustrated that she’d need some proteins; but, had way too many carbs. I asked her ‘if’ she knew how many CI she is supposed to have daily. When she told me 1500 (according to some trainer she has) that seems very high … to lose weight. She is short, of course, but has a barrel chest and thighs! We don’t say anything to her because I know she is working out; but, she is getting to the point that she cannot blame it on the “Freshman 15” any longer. MGD is so ‘self-conscious’ about her body. She slumps and I keep telling her to hold her shoulders back. I think she is afraid to do so because she has big breasts. DYGD is already wearing a bra; and in first grade her other Nana gave her a ‘bra’ for Christmas … all in a joking way. They’d either have to tell her to go ‘take it off’ and ‘put on an undershirt’ or she’d be wearing it. The other day, she got in the pool and I swear she has bigger ones than I did in 5th grade, after I had started blooming out. She was 10 earlier this month and going into the 5th grade. Wears a sports bra most days. I think all 4 of my DGDs have ‘body issues’. The ones next door get their modesty honestly (from their mother). DOS got upset with his wife about not being forthright with them; and he took them and put them into the shower with her one day, saying that they needed to know what to expect they’d start having. Whoa, she was so mad at him like ‘forever’.

    I did not get upset with my boys ‘if they walked in on me’; but, I did not ‘flaunt’ my body around them either. They’d go hunting with my husband and saw him ‘butt naked’ when they came in to clean up. DOGD is afraid that her BF won’t like her because she continues to get bigger. He also has gotten a bit bigger, too. Pizza and all the ‘quick’ food. They’ll be sharing a house with another couple this next year; her BF has told her that ‘he’ is going to pay ‘their’ rent; and, then she can use ‘her’ money to buy groceries and cook healthy food. She doesn’t really want him to be paying her rent. We think she needs to ‘let him’ since she is always going to be cooking for them. They have not decided what chores they will be sharing with the other couple. They are already living in the house. DGD said that the other girl has ‘awful’ taste in furniture and she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings about the leopard skin print recliner in the LR.

    I’d like to buy a new sofa and a couple of comfy chairs to replace what we have now, which is a throwback to my Mimi’s circa 1920 furniture. Got an oriental rug that we have to also work around plus a wingback chair and 2 rockers, one just got recovered.

    Allie – There is ONLY ONE person who can make you happy; others can certainly make you ‘unhappy’; but, if you follow YOUR dreams and not allow others to ‘downgrade’ you and your dreams … things won’t bother you nearly as much as they seemingly are now. You cannot ‘change’ a leopard spots; they are the way they are … quite often because of how they grew up seeing things the way they saw them. DH and I are nearly 10 years apart; we like a lot of the same things; but, we are also very different in other ways. Each of us have always followed our dreams (individually) and kept those dreams live that we want together as a couple. We have ‘his’ money, ‘my’ money, and ‘our’ money. Out of my check, I pay certain bills, out of his, he pays certain things; and, then when we want something we talk it over and decide how we will pay for it. Sometimes it means just saving up for it, other times we might pay for it in installments. But, we don’t just spend big money on ourselves without discussing it with each other.

    Heather – I have so many memories of my ‘early’ life (childhood); but as an adult I have had several wrecks, was Lithium Toxic to the point it almost killed me, started having a seizure disorder because of it to the point that I ‘might’ remember something but, cannot remember when it happened. Other times family will start talking about an event and I have absolutely NO memory of it. That is somewhat disconcerting to me. Sometimes at night, after a particularly bad day … I will seem to dream about things and trying to cubby hole each thing; then look back and realize there are some ‘huge chunks out of my life’ that I will ‘never’ remember. Sometimes I just have to have a ‘good cry’ to get it behind me.

    Karen – I grew up in a small town; I was born in 1951. My Daddy was a well-known established attorney; my Mother used to be an HS English Lit/Grammar teacher until we were involved in a bad wreck (that she saw coming; but, the rest of us did not). She ended up in a neck brace to hold her neck at a 45° angle for a year. Daddy made her give up her teaching job because she’d come home and have to go to bed; he needed her to be his secretary which she was until he died back in 1985. He practiced law for 50 years. I’m the youngest of 3 girls. We’re 3 years apart, almost to the month. A good spread in age; too far apart to ‘have to play’ with the others; yet, close enough that now we are all adults we are close, although we live far away from one another. We had a ‘colored’ woman who worked 5.5 days a week; she babysat, cleaned, and cooked for us. She had 5 sons of her own; the youngest one about ½ way in age between my middle sister and I. My mother would let her bring him to work, if she could not find a family member to keep him. We enjoyed playing in the back yard; but, we were not allowed to play in the gully that led to a creek behind our house. I used to ‘embarrass’ my mother by telling people that I slept in a closet. That is exactly what it was. Big enough to put a crib in there to the left of the door and I had a window that if I stood up in bed I could look out; door on the opposite wall that went outside. My mother once told me that I crawled out of bed and toddled up to the edge of the highway (which was the main highway N2S that ran in front of our house. We sat off the road quite a distance. A black woman brought a baby to the door, covered in mud; and, asked Mother if I was her baby. She told her ‘no, I was asleep in my crib’; but, she was wrong when she went to go check on me. I was the ‘cursed child’. The one that my Mimi had told my Mother when she was younger, “I hope you have a child just like you!” She did. I got the same curse put on me when I was pregnant with my DSY. I think we all hold/held the position that it is easier to ‘ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission’. I am rather outspoken, sometimes probably to my detriment. But, I call it as I see it. I am ‘fiercely’ loyal to family and really close friends. I have been ‘burnt’ before, so I do have some issues with ‘trust’. But, I trusted my parents because they never deviated from their ‘house rules’. Curfew, probably the strictest of them. We were never told ‘you cannot date that boy because he isn’t someone we’d want you to date’. Therefore I don’t think that any of us ever snuck out to date someone our parents did not approve of. Being caught in a lie meant you not only got you @$$ beat; you got restricted for a period of time (a reasonable period of time).

    We could go anywhere we wanted to walk or ride our bikes. When we turned 16, we got a car; might not be the best of them; but, they were dependable, had a heater and a radio that worked.

    My oldest sister had a small, small car. I think it was a Nash Rambler. Looked like those ‘bumper’ cars you used to see at the beach on the boardwalk. She could almost fill it up on 35°; not really; but maybe a dollar-and-a-half. DMD was the one that got the ‘hand-me-downs’. I drove a baby blue Ford Fairlane. One day a friend and I decided we’d take the ‘road’ that was being built that was the extension of I-75 that stopped just north of town. It was just waiting for the concrete trucks to finish it. So I drove and we came to a smallish hump of dirt which was actually the 2nd barrier you were not supposed to pass; rode up on it and got stuck; with all 4 wheels just hanging in mid-air. Could not go forward, could not back up. The guys that were working on the highway were just about to get off and they were all basically rolling in the grass LTAO! But, they did come over and sit on the back of the car so that the rear wheels hit the ground and we could back up. Once I took the keys to our ‘new’ Oldsmobile for a joy ride; we got run off into the medium by a trucker that was obviously falling asleep. We were not hurt; and, another trucker drove after him while other cars stopped to see if we were OK. All we wanted was for them to push us back on the road so I could get the car home. Well, without thinking … I parked on the opposite side of the carport. When my Daddy got home, he realized the car had been moved and asked me about it. I swore that I did not move it, he had the keys. Then I went out and cranked it up; then went to the Chevrolet and cranked it up. What are the chances of one family getting 2 GM cars that were about 6 years apart in age; and have the key start both of them?

    I was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities in school; and, before school we were going to ‘etiquette classes’, taking dancing and piano, and for me … art lessons.

    Both of my sisters are/were school teachers. I’ve always worked in the legal field as a secretary and later as a Para-legal. Loved every job I have ever had … other than as a young teenager when I had to go to my Daddy’s office and answer the freaking phone, while he took the afternoon off. We were taught the “Golden Rule” and that basically was how we were brought up. I will still treat people as I would want them to treat me. I think, for the most part, I see the best in people; but, I will argue with a fence post (as my Daddy used to say). That I got from him. Not that he would ‘argue’ with every fence post; but, he would talk to anybody about anything; whether or not they agreed. He liked playing the “Devil’s Advocate” … probably one reason he was good at his profession.

    Had a very happy childhood. Loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; and, for my 3rd birthday Christmas I got a red wooden rocking horse and a total cowgirl outfit, down to the gloves, boots, and whip. I thought I was ‘hot stuff’. I rode that rocking horse until I was too big to ride it. I used to ride on it wearing nothing but my underwear. We used to really get our Mother’s goat about having to wear brown ‘grosgrain’ shoes. Like white high tops, only brown; and wearing those caps that had fuzzy flaps that in cold weather could cover your ears, but, at other times would clip over your head. She kept telling us it was because WE wanted to wear them. NAHDA! Who would ever ‘want’ to wear either of them? We did get to pick out our own clothes to wear to school … even ‘if’ they did not match. Mother used to make our clothes and rather than spend $70 on a “Lady Bug Dress”, she went into the store where they sold them and looked at them and then went to the fabric store and bought the material and a pattern that was close, and then adjusted it to make it look exactly like the dresses.

    We had to pick our own ‘switches’ from a particular bush in the yard’ my sisters would get the big thick ones; I got the small limber ones … until I learned from them that the big ones would NOT wrap around your legs like the small limber ones. Mother started off spanking her with her hand until oldest sister put a small book in her pants and mother about broke her hand because of it. That’s when she reverted to switching us.

    I spanked my boys with a hand-shaped Bolo paddle when they were young; as they got older all I had to do was ‘snap’ my husband’s belt together. DOS was quiet and reserved; DYS would ‘hit the ground running’ so I had to put him in a harness to go shopping. Got stopped in the parking lot by a woman who chastised for ‘treating him like a dog’. I told her that I’d rather put him ‘in a HARNESS than to be picking up a dead child in the parking lot (as some idiot was speeding through the parking lot as they were the only ones there) … like that SOB; and, you need to mind your own damn business.”

    So that is the start of my ‘story’ …

    Lillian – I have very broad shoulders. When ‘padded shoulders’ in clothes were ‘in style’ I would take them out; because they looked ‘awful’ on me. I did not need any padding. Well, maybe in my bra! Now, after nursing 2 babies, I wish my boobs might be a tad bit smaller. I’d like to have some nice little “Baby B’s” … not a damn D.
    When I was at my heaviest – right at 200lbs … people were ‘surprised’ when I told them how much I weighed. After losing 40lbs … I tried to pick up a 40lb bag of potting soil and could NOT do it – then thought … “oh C***; I’ve been carrying that around me every day for the past 5 years or so. In 2007; because of being Lithium Toxic … I lost down to 144lbs. My goal, at this point is 150lbs … IF that gets my BMI down to a ‘normal’ number, if not; then my goal is to get my BMI to within ‘normal’ range of weight.

    Larissa – Good picture; especially when you consider that you probably have 5lbs or more of layered clothing on. Talking about being a prettier younger woman. When I started listening to my DH about ‘where was my lipstick’? I started wearing it, even if we were only going down to the kids’ house to eat supper (that and a touch of mascara). I’ve never worn foundation and my skin has always been clear. I’ve tried wearing it, when I worked; but, it took too much time and then it would settle in places and I’d wipe it off on my sleeves, so I stopped wearing it. Just a touch of colored cream on my cheeks that goes with my skin tone. I’ve always thought a ‘touch of makeup’ makes you feel pretty.
    I have not posted any pictures of myself during my weight losing time. I figure when I get to my goal; I will post a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ picture.

    Rororosie – Normally we do try NOT to discuss ‘politics’ or ‘religion’; but, occasionally something will happy that will set a few of us off. I think all of us are saddened by our policemen/women being shot and killed when they are trying to keep the peace.

    Mary from Minnesota - I don’t know what Cracker was doing this afternoon; but, when I let her in, she was wet ½ down her body. I don’t know if she crawled in the water bucket that our faucet drips in, or what … just wet – did not smell, so it wasn’t something she had gotten into. Maybe DOS had water in the pool his has for his dogs, like Shep’s.

    Michele – Check with your county extension office about ‘controlled burns’. I know we have to call somewhere to get a permit to burn (controlled burn) anything on our property. We have to make sure that we keep our ‘burn pile’ contained … so that is ‘in a tractor tire rim’. Most timber companies would know someone who can do a controlled burn for a price. I think when DH and DOS do a controlled burn (I want to say they use kerosene) … never gas … as that can get ‘out of control’ really quickly and they set the fire into the wind … so that it will burn itself out. They sprinkle whatever it is they use in a line and work it from there. Sometimes they will go around and set the fire coming towards where they have first set it. When it burns towards each other, it will go out, has no place to go. A stand of pine trees looks fabulous after a controlled burn.

    Date night tonight, so my calorie count has gone out the window 2 days before weigh-in. Need to call and see if my MD can see me Tuesday when I’m going to be there anyway. Throat and neck seem to be a little tender; need to make sure I am not having an issue with thyroid gland.

    Getting late, so I will leave you with it! Monday coming real quickly! Got lots to do this week. Got car back, finally, after they went and replaced the locking lug nuts that somebody (either the body shop or the Honda place misplaced our 'locking lug nut kit'. We just had them replaced. State Farm is going to reimburse us for that since they were 'in the car' prior to the wreck; and, not there when we got it back. Good thing I noticed it, we would have been 'up the creek without a paddle if we had had a flat car'.

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    Hi Gals,

    So the childhood snippet is fun…. Thought I’d write mine…

    Born in 1958 only child for 6.5 years then got a sister and brother who are just 18 months apart. Grew up in a small California town, a suburb in the san Francisco bay area, until just before my brother (youngest) was born. Those first years were like something out of the Donna Reid show. A dad with a white color job, a stay at home mom, dotting parents – my dad taught me to ride a bike, Mom was (still is) a grand cook, she always had a garden and sewed our clothes… When I was 7+ my paternal grandfather died, he was the owner of the Riverside Iron Works a company that made all the wrought iron work for the high end homes in Hollywood and other exclusive neighborhoods in the LA area. My dad as the oldest, quit his job and moved the family to Riverside, to take over Grandpa’s business. What a fiasco! Dad was not a business man (I get my entrepreneur genes from both grandpas but it skipped my dad) He lived in Riverside from April to October, we stayed north until school was finished in June then moved down, by September the business was in shambles dad sold it and got his old job back and moved back up to our same town (different house) again Mom and by then 3 kids (my brother was born while we were in Riverside), stayed until mid December when school was out then moved us back.
    Ok, that is 0-8yrs…. More later.

    July Goals:
    2 fun things a week, Lunch with Ben, visiting with mom, Cajun food with a friend, got the job!
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday – like to hit 160 miles for the month.


    Kim from N. California
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    Hello, Lovely Ladies;

    I was most pleased to see the scale was still smiling at me today - and now my "official" weight is 245. Doing a little happy dance.

    Only did 80 crunches today - but, I came home and pushed the mower for an hour, so, I definitely got my workout done, today.

    I can't wait to see what my blood-work has to say. I see my Doc on Thursday. So long as there is nothing indicating I have to change what I am doing, I will be thrilled. I so love that this is working - and I don't have to do anything too severe to make it work - at least not yet.

    Well, I would love to be able to reply to everyone, but that is just not in the cards, tonight.

    Hugs all round!

    Re in TX
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    Pip- Happy Birthday to Kirby! I can't believe that it has been a year since you injured your shoulder! I'm so glad you had it fixed and are getting back to your normal bad *kitten* self!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Annr wrote: »
    DJ~ Well, the story goes that when I was born my father was a couple of doors down getting some moles removed from his back, and my mother was trying hard NOT to deliver me, but alas I came anyway. Had no eyelashes, or eyebrows, probably looked like an alien! Also had the problem with spitting up out of my nose... So I scared my mom. When I was a young girl and I would drink something, if I leaned over, out it came out of my nose. Also if I held my nose, held my mouth closed and blew out, bubbles would come out of my tear ducts. I was one strange child!
    not quite as strange in

    Becca I think you fit in here in Oregon extremely well. :bigsmile:
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    IremiaRe wrote: »
    Hello, Lovely Ladies;

    I was most pleased to see the scale was still smiling at me today - and now my "official" weight is 245. Doing a little happy dance.

    Only did 80 crunches today - but, I came home and pushed the mower for an hour, so, I definitely got my workout done, today.

    I can't wait to see what my blood-work has to say. I see my Doc on Thursday. So long as there is nothing indicating I have to change what I am doing, I will be thrilled. I so love that this is working - and I don't have to do anything too severe to make it work - at least not yet.

    Well, I would love to be able to reply to everyone, but that is just not in the cards, tonight.

    Hugs all round!

    Re in TX

    Re: Congratulations! Your hard work is starting to show results and you seem to be doing very well.
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    Did well eating this weekend even with DH in hospital. Only exercise has been walking from pking lot to hospital room and walks with DH around the halls.
    He is having a stress CT tomorrow with contrast. Hope it shows a reason for his chest pain.
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    Heather No wonder you put off the writing! I was thinking how it might be for me to write about a childhood that was hijacked by someone I loved and trusted. When I was a child I wouldn't have had the words to write about the unthinkable...just feelings...and to try to translate that as an adult into a memoir would be such a challenge (that's a vast understatement). So...Heather, amazing woman...I have the utmost respect and admiration for you telling the story for the injured child that must still lurk within. What guts you have!!! It is possible that the only way this story can come out is in small fits and spurts?? Otherwise it could be overwhelming. At any rate, I can't wait to buy your first copy, though I dread it a bit.

    I like your burger recipe. Last week I made some salmon patties with leftover salmon, mint, a bit of Old Bay Seasoning, a few cracker crumbs, an egg, and a touch of mayo. Sounds odd, I know, but they were spectacular.

    @drkatiebug one word: Calmoseptine

    Em and paba40 Hi! and welcome! many of the women here have managed to keep their weight off for a long time...I am still early in my journey. Lots of good support here.

    Vicki Grand Island Glad yesterday was a good day...I love seeing your posts.

    Rosie I love that you are such a right brained person! So fun to read what your day is like, very different from mine.

    Larisa Charming photo, love the leggings. And you look about 23. No wonder you still get your period.

    Marcelyn What an amazing story you have started. I LOVED it! What does your brand look like?

    Pip Happy birthday to Kirby! Are ya baking him a cake?

    KJ Happy Anniversary! I will have to watch that movie, it sounds terrific!

    Deb - we will be rooting for your hubby!

    Cheri <3

    I worked today and now I am very sleepy...t2246.gif

    Karen in Virginia
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    Debbie - Praying all goes well for your husband tomorrow with the stress test and that they can get to the bottom of the problem and get it corrected quickly. Know that you are in our thots. Keep us posted. (((Hugs)))

    Janetr OKC
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    Larissa – I know you are working hard to get into “one-derland” and I’m confident you will make your goal, but please know you look healthier than many people who weigh less than you.

    Thanks, Linda! I am pretty healthy, I think... my main reason for needing to weigh significantly less, is I really don't want to outlive my weight-bearing metal bits. :smile:

    Larisa Charming photo, love the leggings. And you look about 23. No wonder you still get your period.

    Bahahahah! I just figure I'm being punished for something :tongue:

    Thanks everyone for all the compliments! I've been feeling pretty since I started posting photos to this group. :blush::kissing_heart: