July (2016) Running Challenge



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    I'm full of shirts today.


    This is the best!!!
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    @adrianchr92 thanks for the posting the video, wow that is just beautiful what a place to run. I would tripping over everything because I'd be running with my mouth open just looking around. I used to follow a guy, not a runner, with a blog called The Wandering Earl. His blog isn't constant so I go back to it from time to time. He decided in 1999 to travel for 3 months and 16 years later he is still just traveling the world. It's fun to read his adventures and how he makes a living and all the great people he meets. http://www.wanderingearl.com/ talk about a life.
    @ceciliaslater wow great job - the afternoon heat is definitely brutal. Kudos for getting out there
    @honunui prayers for good results on your son's tests. The turtle is awesome. I cracked up at the looked in the mirror comment. :smiley:

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    @HonuNui - Awesome pic of the turtle. You sure do make a lot of people jealous here!
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    2Jul - 8k
    3Jul - 6k
    5Jul - 6k
    7Jul - 7k
    9Jul - 10k
    10Jul - 8k
    12Jul - 5k
    14Jul - 6k
    16Jul - 10k
    17Jul - 8k
    19Jul - 7.7
    21Jul - 11k


    Long slow run with group. Kept with back runner so I did not go out too fast as it was longer than my normal mid week distance. It was slower and longer than usual and I felt a bit sickly afterwards such that I could hardly eat my pizza (only a little one) - wow, that's a new benefit of running, never struggled to eat before. To be clear, I was brave, powered through and ate the pizza :wink:

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    I'm full of shirts today.


    Freakin' awesome!! Perhaps we should make this the new "team" t-shirt...though black is not my first choice.
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    07/01 - 3 miles
    07/03 - 6 miles
    07/04 - 1 mile
    07/06 - 5 miles
    07/07 - 3 miles
    07/09 - 8 miles
    07/11 - 4 lunch miles + 2.5 evening miles
    07/13 - 5.5 miles
    07/15 - 4 miles
    07/17 - 10 miles
    07/20 - 4.5 miles
    07/21 - 1.5 miles

    Knees felt so good yesterday that I attempted to go out again today and failed. Made it 1.5 miles. Seeing the doctor tonight and am going to scale back to running 3x/week to ensure I have rest days between each workout.

    I originally made 90 miles as a conservative goal for the month but now it's looking like I might not make it. Need to focus on getting better and can hopefully get back into a routine next month.


    Upcoming races:
    08/13: Magnuson Park 10k
    08/20: Reykjavik 10k (what better way to explore a new city than by running it?)
    09/10: Lake Chelan HM
    09/17: Destination Woodinville HM
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    Trying to figure out how far to run for my LR on Saturday. Plan only calls for a 90 minute long run, but with 26 miles already this week, a 9-10 mile run just doesn't seem like long enough. Half tempted to try for 14 and just take it slow and easy
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    Got my faster running buddy on some steeper Pittsburgh trails this morning, as my usual running partner usually avoids them, and enjoyed the new scenery despite a few near face plants. Happy to be running earlier in the AM, as the heat up north has been approaching Florida levels of ick, just without as much oppressive humidity. Planning a few mid distance runs tomorrow/Saturday before doing 15 miles with friends Sunday.

    7/2 - 9 miles
    7/4 - 1 mile
    7/5 - 7 miles
    7/6 - 5 miles
    7/7 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/8 - 3 miles
    7/9 - 5 miles
    7/10 - 11.5 miles
    7/12 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/13 - 8 miles
    7/14 - 2 miles
    7/15 - 5 miles
    7/16 - 10 miles
    7/18 - 10 miles
    7/19 - 3.5 miles
    7/20 - 14.5 miles
    7/21 - 8.5 miles

    Total: 105 miles
    Goal: 180 miles
    Remaining: 75 miles

    2016 Race Schedule:
    Disney Marathon - Jan 6 - 3:29:09
    Gasparilla 15K - Feb 20 - 1:01:59
    Ironman 70.3 Florida - Apr 10 - 5:07:51
    Pittsburgh Marathon - May 1 - 3:08:25
    Ironman 70.3 Augusta - Sep 25
    Chicago Marathon - Oct 9
    Ironman Florida - Nov 5
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    Hi all this is one busy spot!! Everyone is doing so well with their goals :)
    Total up til July 17th: 29.9km
    17th july: 4.4km
    21st july: 5km
    Total: 39.3km
    5.7km to goal-yippee!!
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    Date Miles today. Miles for July
    7/1 3.1 miles - 3.1
    7/2 14 miles - 17.1
    7/3 REST DAY
    7/4 9 miles - 26.1
    7/5 9 miles - 35.1
    7/5 6.2 miles - 41.3 << Daily Double
    7/6 6.2 miles - 47.5
    7/7 8.25 miles - 55.75
    7/7 5 miles - 60.75 << Daily Double, FF Pub Run
    7/8 13 miles - 73.75 << PPounders Swamp Run
    7/9 REST DAY
    7/10 REST DAY
    7/11 9.25 miles - 83
    7/11 5 miles - 88 << Daily Double
    7/12 9 miles - 97
    7/12 4 miles - 101 << Daily Double
    7/13 6.2 miles - 107.2
    7/14 9 miles - 116.2
    7/15 REST DAY unplanned
    7/16 15 miles - 131.2
    7/16 6.2 miles - 137.4 << Daily Double w/ wife
    7/17 REST DAY
    7/18 9 miles - 146.4
    7/19 9 miles - 155.4
    7/20 6.3 miles - 161.7
    7/21 9 miles - 170.7
    7/21 6.2 miles - 176.9 << Daily Double


    Upcoming races:
    UAH 8K - 3/6 <<< 34:33 3 in AG
    Oak Barrel HM - 4/2 <<<< 1:38:00 3 in AG
    Bridge Street HM - 4/10 <<< 1:36:33 3 in AG
    PEO-AVN Team Day 5K - 5/4 <<< 19:10 (2.9 mi) 1 in AG 5 OA
    Cotton Row Run 10K - 5/30 << 44:57 PR
    Firecracker Chase 10.2 miler 6/25 << 1:20:22 1 in AG & 15 OA
    Rocket City Marathon - 12/10

    Finally a daily double this week.

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    @skippygirlsmom - loved both shirts!
    @ceciliaslater - no idea HOW you ran at all in those temps. OMG
    @HonuNui - Loved the turtle pic and like @skippygirlsmom said cracked up at the mirror comment.
    @mnlittlefinn - go for it!

    Rest day for me today - was driving - DC to NYC. Wow, there is traffic. Next 3 days are early morning runs to avoid the heat!
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    Found/made a 14 mile route I could do in Sat. Now the question is do I want to get up early enough to beat the heat, and so I can get back in time to take my wife on a shopping trip she wants....70 miles away.
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    July Running Totals (miles)
    7/1 – rest day
    7/2 – 13.14 paced run
    7/3 – 10.06 easy with fast finish
    7/4 – rest day
    7/5 – 6.74 easy with hills and a fast finish
    7/6 – 7.26 group run
    7/7 – 6.85 warmup, group run speed work
    7/8 – rest day
    7/9 – 12.33 paced run
    7/10 – time for run squeezed out by Life Happens
    7/11 – rest day 7.41 easy + 4 strides
    7/12 – 8.07 warmup + fartlek
    7/13 – unplanned rest day – time crunch
    7/14 – 7.63 easy
    7/15 – rest day
    7/16 – 14.86 warmup + Shoreline Half Marathon
    7/17 – 5.71 easy 45 minutes
    7/18 – rest day 4.16 almost easy
    7/19 – 6.34 warmup + speed work
    7/20 – 6.90 group run
    7/21 – 8.08 warmup + speed work
    7/22 – rest day

    July total to date – 125.54

    Nominal Challenge Goal – 150 miles
    Real Goals: Become comfortable running 5 days a week. Finish Shoreline in good shape, managing the expected heat and humidity better than last year. Build base toward Rochester Marathon.

    Today's notes – The marathon plan calls for some long speed work today, about 14 miles of alternating easy and MP. That's more miles than I can safely add, given that I'm committed to pacing 17 miles on Saturday. Other plans that club member are on called for variations of X miles MP and 1 mile T. I ran my 2 mile warmup with a group, then toned the workout proper down to 6 miles: 2 easy, 1 MP, 1 T, 2 easy. The mile splits on the workout proper came in at 8:09, 8:07, 7:15, 6:39, 7:45, and 7:45. That's close enough to the target paces, and I'm happy with it. It was also about all I could handle at 90º F (32º C). The humidity was less oppressive than some other 90º runs I've done this month, but . . . it was still 90º.

    This marks the first time I've run 6 days in a row since Boston. Tomorrow will be a rest day, no matter how much I feel like running. Saturday should bring my weekly mileage in around 48, the most since Boston. I'm a bit behind where I'd like to be in training for Rochester, but I'm feeling pretty good about being able to go the distance when it counts.

    2016 races:
    January 1, 2016 Resolution Run 7.5 mile (Mendon, NY) finished in 53:58
    January 9, 2016 Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Gates, NY) finished in 1:30:59
    March 12, 2016 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green 5 mile (Rochester, NY) finished in 32:32
    March 26, 2016 Spring Forward Distance Run 15K (Mendon, NY) finished in 1:05:24
    April 18, 2016 Boston Marathon (Hopkinton, MA) finished in 3:23:01
    April 24, 2016 Flower City Challenge Half Marathon (Rochester, NY) finished in 1:36:50, targeting MP
    May 15, 2016 Highland Hospital Lilac Run 10K (Rochester, NY) DNS - injury
    June 19, 2016 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (Rochester, NY) DNS - recovering from face plant
    July 16, 2016 Shoreline Half Marathon (Hamlin, NY) finished in 1:31:11
    September 18, 2016 Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
    November 24, 2016 Race with Grace 10K (Hilton, NY)
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    @MobyCarp you're doing awesome! It's been really educational reading about your training, and your recovery from Boston and injury.
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    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    ereck44 wrote: »
    July running challenge: goal is 60 miles.

    7/5...4 miles
    7/7...3.66 miles (rolling hills program on the treadmill)--11:06 pace.
    7/8...10 miles
    7/10...6 miles
    total of 23.66 miles for the month of Jul

    7/12....4.15 miles (rolling hills on the treadmill)--12:14 pace....exhausted after working all night and only 5 hours sleep. Still happy that I was able to run. Was distracted by getting a free phone in the mail...so too late to run outside.
    Total for July thus far...27.83.

    7/15....5.08 miles(rolling hills program on the treadmill) at 12:00 pace. I wanted to run a little faster, approximately 11:06 pace again, but "fried" after working 2 nights in a row and getting very little sleep. My plan is to run a long run today, probably 10 miles.
    I slept 10 hours last night and feel great and I lost almost a pound over night. I am in maintenance now (for a month) but still closely monitoring the weight gain/loss. One of my mfp friends lost the weight quickly ( he was ona 1200 calorie diet) and gained 40 pounds back the next year.

    Total for the month of July...32.91.

    7/16 ....6 miles(fartleks)....that was a fun run! Cool weather...I started too late to run the 10 miles that I planned..so opted to run 6 today and then try for 10 tomorrow.I did almost get hit by a "smart" car at an intersection. It was funny...I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and sized up whether it would damage me more than I would damage it if we collided. On Monday, I plan to rest. New total is 38.91.

    Thanks to Elise4270, Stowshew71, and AdriaChr92 for answering my questions. I will google Authur Lydiard...always interested in unorthodox training methods.

    @MobyCarp: Very impressed with your race results, esp. being number 1 in your age bracket. If I race long enough, I may break into the top 100 finishers. Such an accomplishment to be number 1. I love the curved glass trophy...super cool.

    Just finished running 10 miles today...it was harder than last time, maybe because I ran 6 miles yesterday and 5 the previous day. I tried to stay at 85-87% max heart rate...after 5 miles, I could really feel the soreness kick in. I was expecting rubbery legs, not soreness. It was really hot today with occasional cool headwind. I wanted to quit but kept repeating, "stronger, fitter, faster" as a kind of mantra. I slowed significantly the last 3 miles, probably 14 minute and 15 min miles. Afterward, soaked with sweat. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    Total for the month is 37.83.

    7/19....6 miles....last 3 tempo miles at 95% heart rate. Another hot day, 89 degrees with a heat index of 100. 1st 1/2 mile I felt like I had cement blocks on my shoes, but then felt better. By mile 4, I was in the "zone", then fatigued in the middle of mile 5. Just pushed on after that. Not really worried about how fast I am getting it done (except when I start late...don't want to be in the park after dark.) Lately I have been running in the afternoon...very few runners for obvious reasons, but I also want to "get a little tougher". Dripping with sweat afterwards...have to peel my clothes off and then "warm up".

    Many of my friends tell me that I am crazy for running...because I am going to "wreck" my joints. I never have joint pain or problems but sometimes my legs ache (mostly muscle) when I am trying to sleep. I have no problems when I walk. Anything that can help that? I know to stay away from Nsaids. I will take Tylenol just to help with sleep.

    Rest day today...my husband and I are going to a concert (Frampton and Allman). Long run tomorrow.

    Total for the month...43.83 miles.

    Unable to do the long run. One of my trees in my backyard fell into a neighbor's yard. My husband asked me to help him with gathering limbs and stacking them. It was a really large tree and may take a couple of days with a chain saw to get it out of her yard.

    The muscles (lateral) around my knees feel tight. Also some soreness in hamstrings. Do any of you worry about overtraining?

    I may do a short run tomorrow...noted that I was 17 miles from completing my monthly goal.
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    No time to read or respond - hopefully tomorro wnight or over the weekend. Work is out of control!
    07/04.....13.50.......27.14 - ShePower Virtual HM
    07/05.......4.13.......31.27 - + Strength Training
    07/07.......5.63.......36.90 - + Strength Training & Rally
    07/11.......7.72.......50.00 - + Agility
    07/12.......5.59.......55.59 - + Strength Training
    07/14.......5.72.......61.31 - + Strength Training & Rally
    07/17.......2.00.......82.08 - Dog Beach!
    07/18.......4.37.......86.45 - + Agility
    07/19.......3.74.......90.19 - + Strength Training
    07/20.......0.00.......90.19 - Rest day
    07/21.......4.29.......94.48 - + Strength Training & Rally


    Upcoming Races - Let me know if you will be running too!
    07/04/16 - SHEPower Virtual Half Marathon
    07/31/16 - San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon
    09/18/16 - Beat the Blerch Half Marathon, Seattle
    11/19/16 - USA Invitational Half Marathon (Yay, I qualified again!)
    12/18/16 - San Diego Holiday Half Marathon
    02/05/17 - Surf City Half Marathon
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    edited July 2016
    Orphia wrote: »

    I'm doing The Oatmeal's "Beat the Blerch" Virtual HM on September 18.


    I think @shanaber is doing it too (or the meatspace one).

    You can also do a 10K or a marathon.

    I don't know if it supports any charity. I'm just doing it because I adore The Oatmeal (cartoon).

    In particular:


    (If any runners haven't read that, they need to. Now.)

    I actually signed up for this a while ago. I too adore The Oatmeal.
    Re: Beat the Blerch Half: I was soooo sad last year that I was running the Dogfish Head Dash in Delaware the same weekend as the Beat the Blerch Half in New Jersey. My only consolation was that it was a priority for this year. Little did I know that it would be changing cities. I am still devastated. I thought about doing the virtual race, but I'm really not a virtual race kind of person. I want cake, and blerchs, and couches, and, most of all, I want Matthew Inman! I suppose I can arrange for the first three things on my own - drag my couch outside my house, leave cake along my course for myself, and make someone with pillows strapped to themselves chase me or something, but I highly doubt Matt would come to middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania to run with me. :disappointed: I absolutely love that man and everything he does. I think I might need to travel for one next year. I would prefer to not let three years pass me by without participating.

    @RespectTheKitty @instantmartian

    I'm going to be running the HM alone, wearing the T-shirt and bib, and bringing sugary purple grape drink and many snacks, and while I'm in The Void, I'll be thinking of killer hornets, Krakens, Pegasus, lightning storms and rainbows.
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    Rest day here today. Trying to decide if I want to try 14 miles on the scenic route I run or do the run on a route I can run on without driving first
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    @greenolivetree nice run today!