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    Wow! Lots of news! I will try to comment tomorrow. Time for sleep! Did get my goal steps in tonight, though I think I may be wearing a path in the carpet of our home! Was storming with no rain outside. Crashing and booming, so put on my headset after dinner and walk/danced my way through!

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on pics. <3

    Sleep well!
    Kylia sleepy in Ohio
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    Did 1-1/4 hr of Jillian Michael's Shed and Shred DVD. We have a Newcomer general meeting tomorrow so the plan is to do a Cathy Friedrich Upper Body DVD. I'll do the Lower Body DVD Thursday.

    Lenora - absolutely loved those rules. Read each and every one completely. My basic rule for donating to the Salvation Army is "if I wouldn't wear it, don't donate it". I can't get Bryan to finish teaching me how to drive a standard. He's out of the country, probably for the rest of his life, I'll probably never see him again. Good for you waving at that woman. It never helps to return bad feelings with more bad feelings.

    Kim - if I didn't say it before, Happy Birthday! My MIL's name was Martha Myrene but everyone called her Myrene. I didn't find out until after Vince and I had been going out for a while that her given name was Martha. Good for you drinking water when outside in the hot sun. The other thing I find is that even tho I'm drinking a lot, I don't seem to need to go to the bathroom that much.

    barbie - whenever I have medical appointment, I always bring magazines with me. Actually, the magazines that are in offices aren't supposed to be very healthy, they harbor lots of germs. Like today I'm supposed to go for my injection of Prolia and I have some magazines ready to take with me. I'm not claustrophobic but when I had the MRI on my ear done, I kept my eyes closed.

    spikeyhair - Vince is another perfectionist, only it takes him FOREVER to get something done. Like he had an opening made in the ceiling downstairs to get to the shut-off valve for the outside faucet. Makes perfect sense. He did that over a year ago. The panel to cover the opening STILL isn't in the ceiling. It's only been 3 years since the quarterround in my exercise room was taken down. Vince wants to put it up himself. I just may call a contractor in to do it. Three years is long enough to wait.

    kylea - the belt on our riding mower broke. Vince got a new belt and we had to take off the deck, he put the new belt on and then we replaced the deck. That was a job but I was surprised that it took only one day to do, I honestly thought it would take more.

    sugardarlin - good luck to you getting your colonoscopy. It's great that you're getting it. Trust me, the prep is the absolute worst part of it. Vince is someone who takes Novocaine for something like a filling,. I have a high tolerance for pain and don't take anything. So sorry about your fitness center. What type of class did you teach?

    frankiesgirl - loved the quote. Never thought of that, but it is so true!

    Had my injection of Prolia and then went to Penney's. Had the $10 off coupon, but just about everything that I wanted to buy was excluded! What a pain. I saw a friend who was buying some clothing for her granddaughter so I gave her my coupon. Then I saw that if you spend $5 on kids apparel or accessories you get $5 off. Well, I found a set of 3 pairs of earrings for $5.99 which looked kiddish to me. Took them to the register. Technically they are juniors but I think the cashier felt that it was nice of me to give the coupon to my friend so she gave me the $5 off. I got 3 pairs of earrings for $1.06. But it was such a pain, everything was excluded. And they've REALLY cut back on their petite department, and I mean REALLY.

    MrsGLT - one thing I find for me that helps squelch sugar cravings is if I have something sour, like just vinegar on my salad or that True Lemon in my water. Also, I was a SEVERE carb junkie. Go out to eat and put a bread basket in front of me and it was history. Then one year I gave up white flour for Lent. After the 40 days, I no longer had a craving. and I still don't to this day, and it's been years since I did that. Even a whole wheat roll doesn't really appeal to me, although if I had to have a roll, I would rather have whole wheat or rye, white rolls are now at the bottom of my list. I can easily fall into the habit of wanting sugar/sweets all the time. I do find that if I have a silken tofu/cocoa mixture, that seems to satisfy me and I no longer want something sweet (except for an overripe banana or a piece of sweet fruit, even dried fruit). Admitted, at first it was very hard to get used to just the unsweetened cocoa. At first what I did was put an overripe banana into the mixture. Gave me just enough sweetness. Eventually, I got to where I didn't need the banana.

    Chris - welcome!

    Went for my Prolia injection. One of the things they have to do is weigh you (uuugggghhhh). I won't even go into what the damage was.

    Re - I would be surprised if I fit into my wedding dress. I know right before my wedding I lost 10 pounds just from the stress. You WERE a cutie. Both of you

    Talking about a low carb diet: I was just reading in *Prevention* magazine that a low carb diet is a cause of dehydration because carbs are stored with fluids in the body and slashing grains can reduce water stores. They recommend eating a variety of whole foods in moderation.

    Wednesday: did an hour of Cathe Friedrich's Upper Body Pyramid DVD. Tomorrow I'll do Cathe Friedrich's Lower Body Pyramid.

    Had the Newcomer general meeting then started to cut the grass. Only have the weedwacking to do because it started to rain. Actually, I got some of the weedwacking done, just need to do it in the backyard. Went to ceramics tonight. Finished my seaturtle and started on the snail.

    Sharon - welcome

    Becca - your husband sure is lucky to have you. You've been thru so much, my heart breaks for you. So glad to hear hubby's feeling better

    Roxy - congrats to Raymond. You two must be so relieved.

    kim - welcome and best of luck on your surgery

    kymarai - Mandy and Sara are adorable! Thanks for sharing

    Glo - so sorry your husband is in pain

    Welcome anyone new that I may have missed. (sorry)

    Penny - you gave your mother such a wonderful gift. She looks so great sitting there picking the berries.

    janetr - happy birthday to your gs. That's wonderful about your daughter, wish the other one had taken you up on your offer

    Connie - for the life of me, I will never understand how some people can be so obsessed with losing weight that they'd do the colostomy prep stuff. That weight will come right back on.

    Betty - (((HUGE HUGS)))))

    Michele in NC
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    I miss NCCarol and Sylvia too. Spending more time watching Olympics than on the computer for the next 10 days, but I managed to catch up with all the posts.

    I am always amazed at the strength and commitment of all these fascinating femmes :smiley:

    Carey - Northern Alberta
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    Hello Everyone,

    Today has been just exhausting/- i have enjoyed reading all of your posts!

    But i am going to bed early on my way now!
    Good night

    Beautiful Idaho
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    Thanks everybody. Raymond got all the paperwork by email including the written offer first thing this morning. He got it all completed and scanned back right away. They have to get him a pass to get on the Air Force base, security clearance from the government. The is a defense contractor. Also needs to do a drug test (at 61 you would think it is not necessary). We are so relieved. We can start planing for the things that we like to do.

    We have a membership at a resort in Riveria Maya, Mexico and we were going 2 times a year. Next year is our 15 anniversary and I was concerned about us being able to go down there. I am so happy, I can start working on vacation for April.

    I did very good today. Wednesday is our Whataburger Wednesday. It is the one time of the week that I get hamburger, fries and Dr Pepper. I logged everything today and barely went over. It is also a no exercise day. Tomorrow I see the chiro for X-ray results.

    Marcelyn......sorry you are sweltering. It was beautiful today. Our apartment is on a hill and I can see the Sandia and Santa Fe mountains from my office window. We are driving to Houston on 9/2 and staying in Katy. Football on Saturday morn at NRG stadium and then head back home.

    Sorry I am not commenting on everybody yet. There are so many wonderful ladies on here and I am still getting used to who is who. I will get better.

    I am heading off to bed talk to everybody tomorrow
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    Marcelyn - I hate to have to listen to commentators that talk the entire though any kind of sports, no matter which kind. I only watch 'golf' a couple a times. and the 'whispering' talking drives me nuts. I know they can't disturb the golfer ... either way it is distracting! Sometimes I want to wee what is being said that the people doing the competition; besides ... they are the ones that need to be saying it from their perspective.

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    Oh Ladies, I got way behind again, and I don't think I can catch up on 278 messages, during the work week. I'm just going to rejoin you on the coming. weekend, and try to keep up from there.

    I hope everyone is doing reasonably well. I've been enjoying all the photos, and happy to see all the people trying out kettlebells and other strength training....at least I *was* enjoying those, before I started working too much. /side eyes It's a wonderful job though; I'm really enjoying it.

    Keep on keepin on! <3

    Larisa in Seattle
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    Hi Gals,

    Barbie – great job on the MRI – I freaked out the one time they had to do that, ended up redo-ing it with me out!

    Janetr – Just think how wonderful you are doing to weigh everyday and nip the wrong way quickly and not wait until its out of control!

    Elizabeth – I too have a sweet tooth or should I say I have sweet teeth! Anyway I am a moderator and have found a bit of fruit in my morning routine either with my breakfast or as a mid-morning snack helps me curb the cravings, and not an apple – but a sweet fruit, pineapple, berries, peaches…. Not perfect, but heaps better than a donut.

    Spikeyhair – you can do this! The problem with diets is you finish and go back to old patterns, with a life style change there is nothing to go back to.

    Lillian – sounds like some towel sorting to be done…

    Marcelyn – too hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re- awesome!!! Great pic!

    MrsGLT – so it depends, you need to figure out if you are an abstainer – cut something out completely as you are too tempted or a moderator – you can have a little of something and be satisfied. Either way I would say take it slow, log everything and eliminate/cut back on the things that are not worth the calorie count to you.. So for me condiments was a big one (still a work in progress) I loved a 200 calorie per 2 T BBQ sauce, I am converting to a 40-60 calorie one, same with salad dressing.. I would rather have a small piece of bread than croutons… you get the picture… I am a moderator…

    Sharon – welcome

    Becca – you are one strong woman… I am so proud of you, I read your post with tears for all you and DH are going through and a smile at you yelling at the sky (mom/god/who ever would listen)

    Roxy - Excellent news!!!

    Kylia – great picture, you look super young!!!

    Glo – sorry to hear about DH’s back, but I did a trench like that a few years ago with no real problems I rented a trencher and drove it about the yard…. Set me back $100 but no sore back.

    Penny – what a great story and pic!

    Pip – don’t stop sharing, people who love you will worry, but I think you are teaching us all to be better drivers by telling us about it from the Biker view point

    Kettle/dumbbell PT swing

    August Goals:
    2 fun things a week, visiting with college prof, walking tour of tea gardens, birthday hike, learning to set and catch a gopher,
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday
    Work on water consumption -


    Kim from N. California
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    exermom I taught a fitness kickbox class. The first half of the class was weight training, the second half the participants put on boxing gloves, I put on boxing mitts and we did something similar to TaeBo but I also went through the class and everyone got the opportunity to punch my mitts. I had ladies tell me they didn't know they like to hit something. I also had ladies come in who were mad or upset about something and they would work out their frustration on my mitts, kinda like therapy. We had a good time while it lasted. Time to move on to something new :)
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    Connie~ I was a lunch lady for a couple of years at a high school.. we had alot of fun and I made life long friends
    Today is going to be a busy day.. I am picking up my friend Doris and we head to New Haven to my new Kidney Dr.. I am a bit nervous but everything should go fine, then we will find somewhere for lunch and then will bring her back home as I have a mammogram at 3, then home.. and tomorrow its back to work
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    Yesterday was a social busy day for me! I had a beautiful lunch with a dear friend overlooking the Hudson River and even on a muggy cloudy day it was a stunning view. I am not one to spend $$on a fancy restaurant meal but I embraced the experience, chose the salmon, said no to fresh bread and split the desert--how's that for being a moderator! My friend has agreed to be my exercise accountability buddy if I will do the same for him so win win!
    Onto to round two, we hosted spontaneous BBQ with husband's family.
    But indoors due to rain-- I roasted a lot of veggies which my MIL wouldn't stop telling how much she loved them and a chicken or pork tacos-/easy peasy and I even handled my anxiety, I was pretty laid back for me :# only forgot to put out the big salad bowl--how does one forget to put out the big salad, ah well, I didn't even bring it up and no one was missing it
    Today back to my regular boring days and happy for it- exercise-nap-read!! And eat lots of left over salad :p:s
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    Good Morning! Lets see if I can get this all typed before time to get ready for work.

    KJLaMore- Love the profile pic! Butterflies are my symbol. After the death of my BFF, I saw a sign which hangs in my guest room that says without changes there would be no butterflies. I love seeing them. I also married a homebody! I am such a gypsy and he hates travel. Sometimes I just leave him home. ;) I do understand the frustration with new places with poor eye sight, but he did great when we went to Disney. So maybe I am rubbing off on him a little bit!

    Lenora- Love the weight loss tips! Water plays such an important roll. The rattler sounds so cool. My DH would not have one in the house though. Even dead he hates snakes and is terrified of them. I find them fascinating! We have never traveled with our fur babies. We are blessed to have his mom living next door. She spoils the babies all day, so no worries when we travel!

    Becca- Glad to hear DH is doing better. We too are a Yin-Yang couple. After this many years though I too think we are rubbing off on each other. Maybe it is because he doesn't see well and just can't see the dust :D The folding is so funny! I was previously married AF. DD married Navy. DH is just OCD! But yes there is a set way to fold shirts, underwear and towels!

    MrsGLT- My local Grands started school yesterday. Other than a little mess up with scheduling for one, it was a good day. My DD was happy to get back to "normal". I understand the worry of parents. My mom lives at least 8 hours away from all of us. Long story there for another time, but as long as she keeps things picked up, she seems to fall less. Luckily she has lots of friends close by. Your dinner looked wonderful last night. We had chicken patties. My DH had his on a bun with hash browns. I put mine on a salad ;) He tries a lot of different foods, but sometimes I just make adjustments.

    Joyce- I hope you get answers on heart issues.

    Connie- So glad Colonoscopy went well. :) Trying to get my DD to get a job in the schools. Same hours as kids. Sounds perfect!

    Katla- I love George Carlin!

    Barbie- Good luck on continued answers to health issues!

    RE- My DH is a potato man. I prefer rice. Great job on making good choices!

    DJ- Thank you! I am blessed with great genes. My mom still looks young. I too would take line dancing or any other dancing to swimming.

    Michele- Great job on the mower. A lot of stuff isn't hard, just takes time and patience :smile:

    NYKaren- Great job making Lemonade from lemons and handling the anxiety! We have been so dry, hot and humid, that I am excited by any rain.

    Have a great day Ladies!
    Time to get ready for work!

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    Barbie I am with you, I love my routines. One thing I am exploring is how I react and respond to crisis and new experiences, I notice that for me the anticipation of a stressful situation is usually worse than the actual experience and also once the crisis or new experience is behind me, I appreciate my normal life so much more.

    I am approaching the new school year (and empty nest) with cautious optimism as well as calming routines that I hope will help. And yes, the support of this group is a part of my coping!! Hooray all you wonderful people!!
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    Just off to take the DGC to a half way point for DS to pick them up. We will certainly miss them terribly!

    Heather UK
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    Where is Lisa?
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    Morning peeps-