What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Intentional_Me
    Intentional_Me Posts: 336 Member
    Oh and I have a winter coat that I LOVE that fits but is tight around the arms. Looking forward to it feeling more and more comfortable this winter!
  • Jezreel12
    Jezreel12 Posts: 246 Member
    First ever six pack and have some good muscles.
  • zharptichka
    zharptichka Posts: 127 Member
    My mini goal is a tattoo (my first!!) when I hit 20lbs down since I started losing again in July! Less than 2lbs to go!!!

    Very cool! What of?
  • SnazzIT
    SnazzIT Posts: 215 Member
    I wan to be able to fit into the outfits next year for jumping off the sky tower in AKL NZ fpr my birthday
  • alylynn10
    alylynn10 Posts: 44 Member
    My 30th birthday at the end of October! Wanna be at my lowest weight.
  • Raemama
    Raemama Posts: 203 Member
    This thread is very motivating; thank you for starting it! Last time I posted a mini-goal, I was able to really hone in on that and was successful. So, posting again to see if I can do that again.

    My mini-goal is to have a successful four days--through the weekend. I will stay under 1,800 cals, 40 grams of carbs and stop eating when satiated. When I accomplish this, I may download the album of my choice from itunes!
  • samvanz
    samvanz Posts: 122 Member
    At the end of the month I'm headed on a short (long weekend) break - I'd love to be under 100kg when I go. 2.8kgs in 3 weeks is totally achievable!
  • youdoyou2016
    youdoyou2016 Posts: 393 Member

    I think it may be possible for me to run again in a couple of months. I begin physical therapy in a couple of days to treat ITBS. If / when that gets healed and I can get back out there, I would be so happy!
  • fostersu
    fostersu Posts: 327 Member
    Loosening up these jeans! I can imagine how good it will feel when I can size down and not feel like I have to wear a big loose shirt with jeans - you know, because of the roll
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