What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • KareninLux
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    joans1976 wrote: »
    I realized today that all of my clothing (scrubs, pajamas, underwear, jeans, coats) aren't uncomfortable anymore. It's getting colder here, so more layers and a heavy coat while driving and I don't feel like a busted can of biscuits!

    Also, I used to come home from work and immediately get into my "stretchy pants" you know, the pants you put on after a big meal? Now I come home and either stay in my scrubs until bed or workout leggings.

    Small thoughts I know but truly a big deal realizing how miserable I felt.

  • canadianlbs
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    edited November 2016
    I made it to the second week on C to 5K after a month or so of the first week. I'm not a runner but I'm making it B)

    this one made me very smiley. i'd be in the same non-runner-running category if i were running . . . which i am not.