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    Morning Ladies~
    And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.. Going to visit DFIL and then It will be cooking maniac time for me.. Tom will be taking Homer over to a park that we used to live near for a nice walk ,just the 2 of them... he will be out of my hair so that will be good.
    Tracy and Kyle bid and got accepted on a house about 1/4 mile from us.. they dont want to listen they think this is gonna be a piece of cake. good luck with that...
    Sherry~ sorry that all happened and hope you find a safe living enviroment.
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    I Know this post is only for women 50+ , but I want to let each and every one of you know that I love you all individually because at your guys age it gets hard but the effort you put in is tremendous and will always be valued. Ps, I think you guys are great just the way you are keep it up !
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    Hi ladies

    I've been lurking for a long time now, reading about once a day and not posting at all. It's been incredibly hectic! The upside is that I get to send out accumulated invoices for nearly $7000 today.

    It isn't going to get any less hectic in the immediate future, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Today, Thanksgiving Day, is a cinch for me, because I'm all on my own. :cry: I'll probably eat leftovers! I hope to get my family fix this evening via Skype. My sister is picking up my parents for dinner and a day or two with her family.

    I'm thankful for all she and my brother-in-law do for Mom and Dad. :heart:

    I'm thankful that I still have both my parents! :heart: :heart:

    I'm thankful for all of YOU! You make me feel grounded even when I'm running so fast my feet scarcely touch the ground. :flowerforyou:

    My thoughts and :heart: go out to those of you who are struggling (Sherry, Sharon, Rita, Mary), my congratulations to those who are celebrating victories large and small (Gloria, Barbie, Janetr) and everyone who's just navigating the ups and downs of daily life (Marcelyn, Heather, Lisa, Kim, Cheri, Margaret, and Joyce stand out as having been on some roller-coaster rides recently).

    Shout-out to the newbies!

    Karen in VA, I must have a dirty mind or something because your turkey icon at the top of page 48 looked frightfully risqué to me. :lol:

    /Penny, all alone today at the North Pole

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    Hi everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving if you're celebrating today. Happy Thursday to those of us who aren't! I am new to this site and this board, doing well with my food and exercise so far-- it's been two days. So, for today here is my goal- walk outside for at least half and hour, eat within my allotted food plan, make two phone calls to other fellows who also have an eating issue, do something useful at home. And...relax! I look forward to reading your posts for inspiration encouragement and fellowship, and to give back as well. Have a great day- CL
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    IremiaRe wrote: »
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Got the Thanksgiving pizza ordered and I am off to pick it up.

    Got some super cheap Turkey at Aldi - 50% off - whoot!

    So it looks like I will be doing the bird roast on Saturday. I had some previously roasted bird in the freezer - but, I guess that will be going into the soup.

    Stuffing and mashed potatoes and some green bean casserole will round out the meal.

    I must admit to having a store-bought pumpkin pie - but, hey - I don't cook - and I certainly don't BAKE.

    We do a pretty straight, "no frills" holiday at my house. It's really all about the leftovers and the turkey soup, anyway.

    Love you guys!!

    Hugs for everybody!!

    Re in TX

    I'll be right Over! I don't bake either. Costco had huge pumpkin pie for $7.00. Thankgiving is the only time I have pumpkin pie and I have now worn off my Thanksgiving pounds gained. Ha ha.

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    <3Sherry, I am so sorry to hear of the troubles with your neighbors....best wishes on finding a better place to live.
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    Hey now....

    Can't stay long...more problems with neighbors here...ended up in verbal argument with the guy on the corner after he made a snide comment about me walking with two canes...he ended up pulling a gun on me (very mentally unstable man who has at least one gun)...called the police, he stashed it before they got here, they searched his trailer and found NOTHING! Manager came down while police were here, police told her they didn't find anything, she turned on me saying I was lieing and sided with him! Now I am considered a "troublemaker". This happened yesterday morning....I am moving again in a day or two, have application in with a different and much nicer park south of Portland which is farther south than i really want to be but oh well(sent them pics of my motorhome since they have an age limit on the rigs they let in that park, they like my rig so filled out application). I am scared and feel very unsafe here.

    Yesterday I tripped and fell...hurt my back even worse than it was, landed on my right hip and caught myself with my right hand and hurt my right wrist. Tried to get out of bed and almost couldn't this morning so went to emergency room...they doped me up and sent me away with a scrip for morphine. Have appt with primary care on Friday for follow up. My spine really hurts bad now in more places than it did before. Will find out Friday how much damage I did when they take x-rays. Now have brace on my wrist and I am right handed, ugh.

    Gloria - congrats on the job hun! I am so happy for you!

    I will post a pic of Missy once I get moved. She is so sensitive, she stresses when I stress. Poor kitty, I hate to see her freaked out like this.

    OK, I better go...I need to keep an eye out on my car and such, I don't trust ANYONE here. I didn't sleep a wink last night and probably won't tonight either, or any night until I can get out of here. The police told me that I moved into the worst park in Portland and that I should really think about moving out quickly. I am taking their advice. They told me some of the horror stories about this place. I should have NEVER moved in here!

    Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Will try to post tomorrow. Good night all.

    Sherry in "soon to be out of" Portland

    Oh goodness Sherry! Get out of there. I think you would be safer parked in a Walmart parking lot!

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Yup I hurt in a couple spots. Curling has started for the winter. Today I will walk and try stretch out the sore muscles. I have quite a To Do list on the go. This being retired can be pretty hectic. I have had to schedule things so they get done otherwise I would procrastinate and nothing would get done!

    Hugs to all and welcome newbies

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan

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    I am thankful for all of you and so much more. Have a wonderful day, my friends.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Heather - can you call the estate agent and tell him that you were very unhappy that he put that sign up so soon?

    Worker Kim - :)

    Lenora - Cortina is on my task bar, too; only I've never used it. I don't have any idea how to use it! Isn't that sad? I should probably investigate it

    barbie - I knew that Laurie Hernandez was going to win. The gymnast ALWAYS wins.

    Sherry (((HUGS)))). I really hope the new place works out for you. You deserve it

    Karen in VA - I won't say that I love or hate cranberry sauce, I just don't really care for it.

    Leaving in a few for Jess'. She wants us to stop at friends of hers for some of their "Thanksgiving". Really, its nice to be with the people, but everything is store bought. Stove Top stuffing and all. Guess I'm just used to things from scratch. We went there last year. I'll take them a cake.

    Did 40 minutes of Jari Love bootcamp DVD. Wanted to get a workout in, but not something real long. Not sure what I'll do at the hotel tomorrow, maybe some HIIT since I'll need to burn extra calories for dinner. I probably won't log everything

    CL - welcome

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it.

    Michele in NC
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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving for my fellow countrymen/women! I was up late last night getting the house cleaned, linens washed and pressed, and baking done. Up at normal time this morning, coffee in hand, and listening to the waves hit the shore (blustery outside). Pies are in the oven, so that my oven will be available in time to get the ham baking.
    Sherry- Take it easy. Feel better. Hoping you find a better/safer place to live! Special thoughts and prayers coming your way! :*
    Heather-Sorry your potential buyer back out after all of the preparations you took. BUT she will be coming on Monday! Fingers crossed, maybe this will be THE ONE. B)
    Pip- Love all of the pup pics! <3
    Lisa- I don't drink much, either; but when I find something that tastes good and is alcoholic...I am a lightweight and generally give my DH a few good laughs before I crash into bed. Apparently, I believe I sing very well after a couple of drinks. Thank goodness this happens only at home!
    Mary- Hope all is well with you! Oddly enough, you visited me in my dreams last night. You moved in next door. LOL! Wishful thinking on my part, to have someone inspirational/motivational right next door. Know that you are in my thoughts, even while I sleep! :p
    Well, time to get busy with more meal/day prep. Going to try to fit in a pre-meal walk, as my MIL in pretty much not mobile so the post-meal walk will be out of the question.
    Have a wonderful day all! Missing our friends, Beth, Carol, Penny...and more <3
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating.

    Becca: You are very creative - love the high heel concept!
    Penny: Great to hear from you

    Managed to get to Tai Chi twice this week. Looking forward to the hot stone massage I have scheduled after work. The masseuse is so popular I have to book them a year in advance. Normally, I go home and relax afterward but had already planned to go to the new Harry Potter movie with the boys tonight. We've heard good things about it.

    Carey - Northern Alberta

    Goals for Nov:
    - Increase walking by at least 100 steps per day
    - Get to Tai Chi at least once a week
    - Increase daily water intake
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    Oh! Rori- Are you still active (volunteering or working) for Girl Scouts? I was a scout for only one year, ended bc my leaders quit. But I became a leader when my daughter joined. Thirteen years of leading and learning. Girls and women are amazing!
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    LOL. Penny- good to hear from you! Carey- Enjoy your hot stone massage! I was just thinking about scheduling a manicure with paraffin bath. Always makes my hands feel better. Let me know how the new HP movie is!
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Rita from chilly CT

    Ps.. feeling better after a day of rest.
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    rori. Now I can't wait to see the Girl Scout float! I will be thinking of you when I see it!! We have a breakfast tradition here that includes us having breakfast in front of tv watching the parade as DD's best friend since kindergarten comes by to watch. Eventually I peel off to start cleaning.

    Heading to MILs, just bringing a few things. Tomorrow some of my family is coming by for simple soups and sandwiches. Going to keep that easy as well. Have no desire to shop at all, just cuddling away with DD and DH. Blessed!!

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    Becca – Those high heel shoes planters covered with moss cost a ‘small fortune’ at the local plant shop I buy all my plants from. They specialize in the more exotic plants, which I like. But, a month or so ago, I saw a ‘huge’ cacti at Lowe’s and bought it anyway … for the size of it, $10 was a ‘steal’. Not as prickly as some and had little yellow flower on the edge of each stem.

    I do try to find ‘different’ containers to fit all my plants in; sometimes repotting the ones I buy from certain places into the property type of soil for what they are. Some are so pot bound when bought, I have to repot them if I expect them to live for me. Sometimes when I buy a ‘big’ fern, I will just divided it in half and let it fill up the pot I transfer it to.

    Sherry – I don’t blame you for moving … I would have been gone by nightfall and parked it anyway for the night. Sorry you got hurt in your fall, get well soon!

    Becca and Kim – I took 2 of my Christmas deer and pulled off the lights; because some of them were not working; and planted jasmine to crawl up them, were looking good when I first started them; now I really need to re-do them and cut back the long runners. They need to be moved as they are under our big cypress tree and the branches are so low, you really cannot see them.

    Trying to think of what I need to do in my flower garden, with mostly bulbs that had grown up on top of one another and pushed up to the surface. I know they were not nearly as pretty this year as in the past. I had thought about just getting husband to mow over them, then adding extra dirt on top. Then I thought about having him soak the area to make the dirt soft and digging them up and replanting them. Does anybody know what I should do? I have not been happy where things were in the garden since planting things in it sort of ‘hither and there’. Is there something special I should do with the bulbs?

    Kim – Our DDnL#1 talked about putting a toilet in the yard to plant flowers; and/or putting tires half buried along the driveway (that we share) and DH ‘nixed’ that idea in the bud. Now, she is riding along side of the driveway in her car. He’s already said something to her about it; but, she continues doing it. I guess he is going to have to stick in stubs and ribbon in the ground alongside the driveway to prevent her from continuing doing it. It is almost as if she is now doing it ‘on purpose’. Actually she wanted to make the toilet into a ‘grill’ (on the bowl); and, an ice chest (out of the tank). Still ‘no’.

    Karen in Virginia – One trick to get cranberry sauce (the one that looks like jelly) is to open on end and then turn the can over and start to open the other end, simply by locking in the can opener so it will punch a whole; then the cranberry sauce ought to slip right out in one piece.

    Kate – I have tried making ‘friends’ with you, you might have to accept the friendship for a PM to happen. I’m not sure. You will have to address it to GRITSandSLUTS

    Lisa – I like white wine; and, most of the time will drink a small glass of Moscato; but, I don’t like Pinot Noir. Like you said, Moscato is sweet, Pinot Noir is too dry. I’ve never thought to mix them.

    Michele – To use Cortana, all you have to do is start typing in a word or phrase and it will bring up the Internet site or bring up a definition of a word. I think it is great.

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    Lisa feel your pain just drove back and forth to St. Louis. Left Wednesday and home Saturday. Just about recovered now.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Every eight years or so it happens my birthday comes on Thanksgiving. I was actually born on Thanksgiving, so I makes it more special to me. Plan is to go out to eat with family. Taking the easy way. AND NO LEFTOVERS!

    :heart: Margaret