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    Carol - The blue eye thing is amazing ! If you take a simple recessive gene view of it, the calculation of all three children having blue eyes, from two brown eyed parents, is 64 to 1. Edie has the brightest blue eyes.

    Heather UK
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    Get ready for a Bea fix! 9 months old. :o<3


    And this next one shows the sea front promenade very near to the house we hope to move to. Here's hoping!



    Love Heather in the south of the UK

    Heather what cute babies. I also had 3 kids grown now.

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    dpdora, portions are my downfall as well, especially when I am tired in the evenings! I do best when I make myself pay attention to portion size. Also, my husband loves to snack after dinner and I have to keep telling myself NO!! I have always had half the metabolism he does.

    Something else I struggle with... it is often said that while we can control little in our lives, we can control what we put in our mouths. That's the problem!!! When I eat, I feel for a few minutes that I am in control. I like that feeling... I need to learn the other side of it, that when I have had enough, I control stopping as well!!

    Meredith thank you very much for the warm welcome. Really portioning is my difficult point. You understand me !!!!

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    Went and had mani/pedi this morning. The owners/staff are Vietnamese and oh my what a spread of food they had. They were dishing it and bringing to everyone. They brought me a plate of egg roll, wonton and noodles while I sat in the pedicure chair. Luckily my finger nails were soaking in a bowl of remover to take off the old nails, so I passed. There was punch and home made cookies, candies etc. Hurried out of there as soon as I was done and on to get a hair cut.

    Janetr OKC
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    Allie, you have had dizziness before. Have you got this checked out yet? Glad you got a bonus and you got to keep
    most of it, Have fun and remember to take care of yourself with it.

    Sherry, you continue to sound like you are having so much fun. Your big package was wonderful and I love the boots.

    I can't remember who posted the wonderful Christmas tree. You are the one who quilted the tree skirt. It looks gorgeous! And your fire place!!!! I f I could take a picture of that tree and some how make it into 3D and place it in my family room I would. I have never been one that has been able to put the ribbons on, Wish I could.

    Had my appointment this morning, blood count is back up to what my normal is. He had ordered a new B/P pill which was not of my insurance's formulary so doctor's office and insurance was going back and forth. Also it is an expensive drug. But my B/P was decent enough he decided he didn't need to put me on it.

    OK, my back. I have a strained SI joint so he put a cortisone injection in it. I know that we don't celebrate until the 31st but it would help if I did some shopping. Last night I did buy a major gift for both my grand kids on line but they still need other things. I tried to order some clothes from Walmart for all the 'rugrats' I have in the family. I;m not sure why I call them rugrats. They are the kids my two nephews have. From both nephews, the kids are from different Mom's and one of them isn't even a child of my nephew. But it's not the babies fault. But I call them rug rats from the old cartoon. Anyway I tried to order from Walmart online but it would never allow them to go in my 'cart'. I even ordered some of my stocking candy online. So I have a little bit ordered!!!!

    Love the kids Heather. Thanks

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Katla~ na YOU are a delight.... Well my soup was maaaauvalous, and the little dumplings I made to put in it, made the soup all creamy. The dumplings were firm on the outside, and like a melt in your mouth biscuit on the inside. Just the way I like'm!
    So I am having worries about my neighbor. You remember me talking about her, the lady that is in her 90's and can swear like a sailor?? Well yesterday I visited with her, and she needed my eyes to reconnect an attachment to to vacuum, and to change batteries on her "ears" for her TV. So I point out in the manual where it shows what do, and she says, "Oh I can't see any of the pictures anymore". but yet she still drives.... She rec'd a car from one of her relatives in California, and drove it home. She was in two accidents on the way home. Both her front fenders are bend, enough where her hood needs to be wired shut. What do you say to an independent person, that I am afraid for you and other people on the road? What if I just talk to a policeman and let them make the call? Or DMV. I know they will say that there is nothing they can do, until something bad happens. If she can't see well, or hear well, then impairment is sadly the case, and her license should be revoked. This would be a death sentence for her, because she does like to go out and about.... What do you all think??

    Tomorrow we drive teenager to Longview WA. The weather has been in the 40's so we shouldn't have any problems. I do hope they cancel it being it so close to Christmas.... These long drives here and there are killing us in gas money! We will be at my MIL's on Sunday, and literally 10 minutes drive from my middle sisters house. But there has been no contact since Sept. from her, and I am tired of calling and talking to her machine. I shall appreciate the people that I DO see this Christmas, not the people that I am not able to.

    Penny at the Pole~ My thoughts go out to you and your townsfolk on the anniversary of that terrible avalanche of last year. ((((((hugs)))))

    ((((((Christmasy hugs to everyone!!)))))) I have been watching Christmas movies every bloomin night and driving my husband nuts.....even animated ones!! Whoooohooo!
    bug-eyed and bushy-tailed in
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    becca I know it is so sad about your neighbor but you really have to report this, I know of a colleague who lost her mother to a horrible car accident that she caused due to her age impairements---tragically another life was lost in the car accident, my colleague has never gotten over it. Sorry to be so dramatic, but I am sure your neighbor would never want to hurt anyone. Maybe elder services in your area could reach out, not to get her in trouble but to give her help.

    Well my simple plan of action, avoid the temptations and don't give in to the stress worked. I got my annoying errands done and did my cardio. I won't go into details, but annoying things kept making me want to go off track, overeat etc but I kept pulling myself back and now I am happily home with soup simmering on the stove making me happy!!

    Janet I think it is fantastic how you avoided all the food traps during your trip to the salon--fantastic :p
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    Well done all of you who are resisting temptation and keeping up with your fitness regime! :flowerforyou: GOOD JOB!

    I had an alcohol free day today and I am well under calories. I have changed my weight entry to reflect the four pounds I have gained (two pounds since the summer) and entered the half an inch I've gained on my waist and hips. I am determined to trim this extra off. I'm glad I have put it on my profile though.

    Love to all. Still got to get my tree up. :o

    Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    well i am in my jammies and am waiting to watch my DGD concert they are streaming it lie on youtube,, so at least I get to see it,
    Tom out for a bike ride...
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening My Dear Friends,
    Just a quick check in. I missed yesterday and tonight there were over 110 posts.  I’ve been swamped with my friend’s move but just got back from selling her trampoline. I’m thinking of all of you and love you dearly but just not enough hours to read all the posts.graphics-sadness-891390.gif

    Congrats on all the victories and (((((Hugs)))) for all.

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto any Newbies. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    Sending love, good thoughts and sunshine to all of you and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Day!
    I Love yout07209.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Heather thanks for the Bea fix!!!
    Pip gorgeous!
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    We received a package from DS and DDIL that included items they were shipping to us, plus Christmas gifts for us and gifts for a dear friends of theirs. I thought it would be fun to meet their friends, a couple we've known and enjoyed since the husband and DS were in the same second grade class. When I thought it over it seemed too much for us & for them to try to squeeze in just now, so we went ahead and mailed the package to them. I hope it gets there on time. It has a fair chance.

    Tomorrow DH has a consultation with his eye doctor to plan cataract surgery. I hope it goes well & can be scheduled soon. The cataracts are making him miserable. They'll do one eye at a time. I have hopes that this will improve his quality of life & allow him to have more fun. :heart:
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    Becca – Does your 90’s neighbor lady have any family (in town, in state) who might be able to talk about her driving at her age? Does she have anyone, other than you, checking on her? Like maybe "Meals-on-Wheels?" I can’t believe the ‘relative’ in California got a vehicle and allowed her to drive it home. She must have them ‘totally’ snowed as to her abilities. I have a friend from art who is 94; but, she looks and acts more like she is 74. She’s had lung cancer; and, it came back. But, then her husband died suddenly, so a daughter came down from Atlanta and basically told her ‘she HAD to move up there to be near them’. She told her that ‘she was home’, she had no intention of moving anywhere, she was adjusting to her husband’s death, and she has a LOT of friends who she was sure would give her a ride wherever she needed to go. She is the spriest woman I have ever met at her age. I’m pretty sure she drives; but, when he husband was living, he did most of the driving. He’d bring her to class, go do a few errands, and come back to pick her up. I can’t say that I much blame her. I’m not sure I would take to ‘having to move’ especially somewhere I had to make new friend in or find new MDs.

    I’m surprised that she could get her DL’s renewed. Here, in Georgia, they give an eye exam; and, they also watch for things like having to repeat themselves to someone because they ‘did not understand … or hear them’. She might be driving on an expired license. I’m surprised she can even get ‘insurance’ on her car (at her age).

    Allie – I missed my DYS’s HS graduation because I was laying on the floor in the restroom (gall bladder attack). I had been puking my guts out; and, went down in front of a woman who had just come in. I was able to tell her that my Mother was sitting in a wheelchair right outside the hallway to the restroom and that she’d be able to point DH out to her. He came in, picked me up, carried me to the car, and took me to the hospital. I had my gallbladder taken out; then 2 weeks later he did.

    But, they did show the graduation on TV the next day; and, since our last name begins with an “A”, I did not have to watch 600+ people walking across the stage. I’m almost glad that I did not have to sit through it (for a 2nd time). Yes, I am impatient.

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    Katla - They also do the 'best' eye, first. I had my 2nd eye done 2 weeks later. I would have had it done the next week; but, I had a 'physical' schedule during that week and they did not want me 'driving'. I'm glad that I waited 2 weeks. I don't think I would have been able to handle it; but, I was also 'on a driving restriction'. They'll ask him what he would rather do, be able to see up close (to read a book) or to see far off (to see signs on the road). I could have had a slightly different (more expensive and extensive) surgery that would allowed me to see 20/20. The worst thing is, the reading glass strength he told me to get is almost impossible to find (2.25). Most places like K-mart and Wal-mart and other drugstores skip from 2.00 - 2.50. I had to get the stronger ones to be able to see, but, I have to take them off, if I am looking at something about arms' length away. Like on and off whenever I go to the grocery store.

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    Sherry, Sweetie - I will be back as soon as I can... but this week and next we are about half staff - so, I am pulling double duty here at work and never have two seconds to scratch together, at home. And do you LOVE those fuzzy pajama bottoms? I have them in Minnie Mouse print - they are AWESOME.

    Becca - I second the reporting her condition to someone. I know, it seems harsh and cruel - but really - how would you feel if she went out and mangled herself - or someone else? I would tell the local police and the DMV... if her license is expired, they will be on the lookout for her - if it's not, they will be alerted when she comes in next. The police might not do anything, today - but in a small town like yours - they will be watching her, just the same... there are a zillion reasons they can pull someone over. They will think of something. And once they do, she will have to prove her competence to drive. If she can, then great. Maybe her vision is just really bad close up... DH can see perfectly - at three or four feet out. Closer than that, he is blind as a bat without his glasses.

    NYKaren - HURRAY for setting goals and sticking to them. I failed to resist chocolate last night... but at least I added it into my log. You rock for going to the gym and doing your cardio!

    Love you guys!!

    Hugs for Everybody!

    Re in TX