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    Good morning and Happy New Year everyone

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Well grocery shopped and just got the rest of car cleaned out... Gonna put groceries away .Tom went to see his dad and then I'm sure over to the girlfriends house....
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    Mary from Minnesota – Thanks for the links; I have emailed Tiffany; one of these websites said that it, basically could not open, error message. The other one went to a page basically stating that it was fun. I know I got a ‘confirmation email’ about it and I thought I was in. ?????

    Michele – Either way, cat or dog, sorry you have to end up having to give him/her any kind of seizure meds. I’m sure watching Loki have a seizure is about as difficult as watching a child have one.
    My eye is still driving me nuts!!!!!

    My plans for this year are:

    To use the DVDs that I got from you, a minimum of 3x a week.
    1) To find out if I actually got registered in time for the Keto-whatever program that Mary sent me the information, or not and work it if I am.
    2) Have a more positive outlook on things that are beyond my control.
    3) Walk a minimum of 20 minutes on treadmill, whether I feel like it, or want to.
    4) Enjoy this ‘blessed life’ I have been given, and Praise God for giving this to me.
    5) Clean out studio so I can get back into it and do some painting.
    6) Find something ‘new’ to learn this year and do it.
    7) Be more careful in what I say to others.
    8) Continue de-cluttering the rest of my house; and
    9) Enjoy every day and find the good in people, things, and places.

    OK, now to see how many I can actually do.

    DH cooked a great breakfast this AM, he always cooks breakfast on the weekends. He was home Friday and cooked then, too … so it messed me up on days … I am not able to keep up with my days when he does … makes me think that the 3rd day he cooks, as if he is home cooking on a Monday.
    Going to the “Walk-In Clinic” … hopefully they can give me something to put in my eye; because I ‘claw it out’!

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    A New Year, so new monthly goals are in order.
    • I had gotten a bit sloppy logging last month, so I will get myself back on track.
    • I promised myself I would work in at least 4 days a week some form of exercise to get back to where I was in early November.
    • I like the mindset 'be lighter', so I will try my best to work this new goal into my life this month.

    The neighbor's New Year/White Elephant exchange was it's usual over the top fun. I will take a picture of what 'treasure' I came home with and the story behind it on another post later.

    The pink flamingo umbrella was well received. Folks kept avoiding picking the box it was hiding in thinking they would end up with 'that leg lamp.' Finally the hostess bit and picked the box. It was the right gift for the right person.

    Charleen in Colorado ( So looking forward to cleaning out the frig of all that 'stuff' and get back to eating healthy)
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    Happy New Year! Y'all have inspired me this morning...