Post what you ate this morning



  • williams969
    williams969 Posts: 2,528 Member
    Steak and eggs <3
  • LaGata8484
    LaGata8484 Posts: 14 Member
    I had a Chobani Mango yogurt and one cup of coffee.
  • Linzon
    Linzon Posts: 294 Member
    Coffee with milk and sugar, dried apricots, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and a small leftover pancake cold out of the fridge with margarine, 330 calories.
  • jessef593
    jessef593 Posts: 2,280 Member
    A cup of fresh ground espresso. (Late night)
  • Mazintrov13
    Mazintrov13 Posts: 131 Member
    Overnight oats with berries, dried fruit, nuts and granola. About 750 cal
  • Michael190lbs
    Michael190lbs Posts: 1,510 Member
    two brats Loaded about 1200 calories
  • AndOne8675
    AndOne8675 Posts: 151 Member
    edited January 2017
    2 cups of coffee and about 15 cold dead oven fried potato peices off my kids plate.

  • CynthiasChoice
    CynthiasChoice Posts: 1,087 Member
    "Red Top" brand of strained Greek Yogurt, plain, with 2 T chopped walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon. And coffee with 1T cream.

    I prefer Red Top because it's only 140 cal per cup, and 26 grams of protein.
  • anl90
    anl90 Posts: 928 Member
    Eggs and grits. I am grateful for how filling this meal is. lol :)
  • omakase619
    omakase619 Posts: 226 Member
    If you can please list the calories if your meal!! That banana pancake looks too good!
  • jgnatca
    jgnatca Posts: 14,465 Member
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,142 Member
    Chocolate peanut butter protein bar, a navel orange, green tea, and a cheese stick.
  • nutmegoreo
    nutmegoreo Posts: 15,534 Member
    Left over rice pudding from last night. I was going for a workout this morning and didn't want to overdo it. 330 calories.
  • arosas30
    arosas30 Posts: 10 Member

    2 eggs over easy / 3 strips of bacon / 2 oz avocado/ black coffee ☕️ 371 cals
  • new_me_mw_2017
    new_me_mw_2017 Posts: 4 Member
    edited January 2017
    Smoothie bowl-avocodo, chia seeds, orange juice, sweet dark cherries, and spinach. Smooth and creamy (but if I made it again, I would use less avocodo and put blueberries in it) ~340 calories
  • natasha_hal1
    natasha_hal1 Posts: 30 Member
    I eat a very light breakfast because I prefer to save my calories for later :) I had a hard boiled egg and greek yogurt. About 200 calories and keeps me full until lunch
  • rugratz2015
    rugratz2015 Posts: 593 Member
    It's the weekend
  • jagodfrey08
    jagodfrey08 Posts: 425 Member
    edited January 2017
    I had wheat+protein toast, an egg, 3 slices of Great Value bacon (60 calories), a bottle of powerful yogurt mixed with my cinnamon hazelnut iced coffee concentrate.
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,986 Member
    @rushgirl82 wins this one! Me: two hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, banana and black coffee.
  • lvalente1
    lvalente1 Posts: 17 Member
    I used my Instapot - slice of ham, bunch of tomato, an egg, and some brushetta. 5 minutes later... ymmmmmm. 300ish? Don't have my phone nearby