The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • kamamakai
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    I read that time is relative. If so, it's a close relative of mine. I'm at the upper end of this range, but my head is still stuck back where I was before I gained my big chunk of weight (when my son with autism was diagnosed...17 years ago; that's when I stopped thinking of me and only about him). So, since my head thinks I'm in my early 40s, I kinda fit in here. Now that my son is off to college, I am trying to reclaim my life and restart the clock, I guess. Would love to find some friends along this journey!

    *So far down 113 lbs since May .... about 50 to go to reach my high school weight (why not shoot for the stars?)*
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    46. Anyone can add me for sh1ts n giggles :)
  • Deatsy
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    Hi All
    43 yo from Johannesburg in sunny South Africa
    Nice to meet you all
  • ShadowDancer0
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    Hi, I'm 54, please feel free to add me!
  • ae92jay
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    I'm 37, still act like I am in my early 20's. Feel free to add me. Looking to find more people around my age.
  • wardamnirish056
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    I'm 46, from Colorado, and a very active distance runner and swimmer. Looking for friends, feel free to add.
  • gakfit71
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    New to the community. 45 yrs young. Needed a change, found MyFitnessPal and my garmin tracker. Love both and looking forward to the spiritual and physical changes they may bring for me. Always looking for new friends so add me
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    Carlos2776 wrote: »
    41 here... Do I qualify to be in your exclusive club??? Lol jk

    Yes. It says (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks), so you fit right in there.
  • RoosterDJC
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    47 here (forgot to mention my age) being forgetful could have to do with...age?
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    Hi! I'm 48 and about to turn 49 in just a few days! Former WW member and determined to finally feel great and proud of myself by the time I hit the big 50!! I would love to have some friends in this age bracket. Please feel free to add me. I would love to help motivate others and receive encouragement as well! ❤
  • SweetSassyJen
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    Hello everyone! I'm 41, from Alabama, and have just completed my first week. I definitely need a support system to help keep me motivated!
  • Burger2066
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    Hi, I'm 36 and working on getting back into hockey shape by June.
  • Marjayhan
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    Feel free to add me too, I'm 41 , married mum of 2. Need motivation and support, struggling a bit to stick to goals but i try to stay as positive as possible :)
  • natyyl85510
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    37 add me
  • 43, texas, and i have no idea what i'm doing here. hello!
  • TonyB0588
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    RoosterDJC wrote: »
    47 here (forgot to mention my age) being forgetful could have to do with...age?

    51 here, and I've sometimes forgotten my birthday, but not my age.
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    Hey I'm 46
  • Hello_its_Dan
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    43 in August.
    Add away!
  • TeriTntBryant
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    56 feel 20 years younger! Getting better/leaner! Older and wiser! Feel free to add me!
  • Just turned 40! Excited about this new phase of my life