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    Bought a Leslie Sansone walking CD and tried the first 10 minute walk...supposedly just a gentle warm-up. Right... some of those moves are really tough and seem to be a lot more difficult than just walking around the block. Michele, I'm in awe maybe one day I'll be able to do as many as you. :)

    DJ: Happy to hear that the neti pot seems to be working. I loved the Japanese style of decluttering :)

    Re: Hugs back

    Katla: Glad Arrow is behaving :)

    Sharon: Safe travels to SK. Hope they find out soon what is wrong with your BIL. ((((Hugs)).

    Gotta run early meeting today.

    Have a successful day friends :)

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Edo 14, same here. My FB "gazing" has been greatly reduced. Too many "mean" people, stories and comments that I don't have time for. I've un-followed just about everybody and seem to just get recipes, puppies and health news in my newsfeed.

    I've started re-reading the posts in this group from December when I joined. Wonderful gals!

    SW WA State with an inch of snow on the ground, still falling!

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    Early work day tomorrow. We are off to Kindersley, Saskatchewan for the weekend. Larry's youngest brother is not doing well. No word from Lloydminster as to when his MRI will happen. He is very skinny and getting more so every day. I hope they figure out what is wrong with him soon. Larry's oldest brother called and said he has another hernia and is meeting with the surgeon tomorrow.

    Jheri baked cookies for my bake sale. I am not at a place where I can trust myself to bake very much. She made sugar cookies in the shape of puzzle pieces and frosted them blue. Our autism fund raising starts on Friday. She is such a good daughter.

    My sister shoved $4 in my pocket today and demanded that we deliver some cookies to her. I explained that the bake sale is also a store activity. Jheri is dropping the cookies at the store and I am leaving right away for Sask. Might have to do a refund. I know she is really not going to like not getting her own way.

    Hugs and prayers to all that need them.

    -Sharon in Lethbridge

    Safe travels, snowing lightly here, but roads are good

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Thanks for the insight ladies. I didn't really think I was going at it too hard. I haven't made it to the gym everyday. I will pull back a little and increase the calories a little to see what happens. I have a lot of health issues and I know that can play a big part in things as well. I just know that when I had lost all that weight before I felt so much better and could do more. Then my health went south and so did the weight again. So frustrating. But I am making a effort at least.

    Thanks again.
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    Have a good one ladies!

    in sunny College Station, TX
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    Morning everyone. This has been a crazy hectic month for me. While I've been checking into MFP, that's about all I've been doing. I don't think I've checked into the thread in over two weeks.

    Exercise has been non-existent, eating has been not the best. Even the week I had all my meals planned got derailed from the start. Haven't gotten on the scales today but up through last week, at least I was maintaining.

    Hopefully, after tomorrow, when I the last of the hectic should be over for awhile, I can breath a little and refocus on me. I'm actually taking today of to work on a project / program that the ministry I'm involved with at church is doing tomorrow. I was hoping to work on it last weekend but my 3 day weekend turned into a 1 day weekend due to work. So, I decided to take a vacation day today in order to work on it. Being off today, I'm should be able to refocus and get back to healthy decision eating and maybe even get in a little exercise. The reality is that even vegans can be bad eaters because lots of junk food is vegan.

    Hope that everyone has a good day!
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    CAREY - I love Leslie Sansone started last year with her 2 mile walk DVD now I mainly do her 45 minute walking for heart health on Youtube also she does 2 mile walk with hand weights. I like the Youtube vids because I can do them in the spare bedroom rather than monopolise the TV and DVD player. I use the vids when I don't get to the gym. She makes you waork but you can do it at your own pace which I like. Good luck on your journey.

    Kate UK
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    Queene in PA: I have just noticed some gray hairs in my left eyebrow. My hair is a mix of gray and blonde, getting lighter all of the time. The over all effect still looks blond to me. I may be delusional. My mom's hair gradually lightened this way, too. :ohwell:

    Edo14: I've spent less and less time on facebook in the past couple of years. I still drop in to check on my daughter and some friends, but I don't visit daily like I used to do. I use their personal message system to stay in touch with several friends. I like that, but all the ads are not pleasing. :noway:

    Carey: Arrow behaved beautifully yesterday. No telling what he'll be like on Saturday, but his behavior seems to be gradually improving. According to his owner, he is great on trail-rides away from home, but is unpredictable and barn sour at home. :grumble:

    Karen in VA: My hair color is similar to yours, perhaps a bit lighter according to DH. I like it but I'm not so sure how I feel about the silver hairs that are showing up in my eyebrows. Those hairs look gray to me. :laugh:

    Yoga is the only thing on my calendar for today, but I also need to take some paperwork to our insurance company regarding the raccoon bills. We could deal directly with the home office, but I like maintaining the personal connection with the local office.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Hello from Morocco! I am a little travel weary and glad to be heading back home tomorrow.

    Karen love the pic of you and your partner. Glad that Olivia has kangaroo time (skin to skin) with her dad. Sending strength as you deal with partners rotator cuff surgery.

    Kelly. Love the pic of your verrrrrrry pregnant daughter! Our good friends just had their first and they were sending us the news by text at 1 a.m. We are over the moon happy for them. Glad that you will be surrounded with happy memories of your sister at the service (((( <3 )))))))

    Still can't post pics, did 20,000 steps today plus climbed 21 floors. I am extremely proud that I was able to do this. Saw people, mostly German tourists, older than us by a decade taking the steps with no hesitation. There is a goal- to remain fit to enjoy the wonders of the world, even if your world is small ;)

    Will send pics and some food descriptions later. I'm going to take a nap, pack and then have our last dinner in Marrakech.


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    :D Finally broke through my up & down 1/2 lb cycle on the scale this week. Now down 1.8 lbs so far since last Sun. Gave me the boost I need to be persistent to get it down even more. Down 17 lbs since Jan 1st. Also encouraging to realize only 3 more to get to 20 lbs lost. Yay! Only 13+ more to get back into ONEderland, too. Haven't seen that number in over 6 yrs or so. Noticing in non-scale ways, too.

    So glad I've finally broken out of that vicious cycle over the past several years of letting stressful events in life get in the way of taking care of myself. So happy to finally be making real progress again. Lost over 60 lbs about 12 yrs ago, but gained about 1/2 of it back over the next couple of yrs & then the rest of it back in just one yr after we adopted our niece about 4 yrs ago (VERY stressful yr). Over the yrs since, at least haven't gained more, but no real success in losing it either - allowed the demands of helping my mother as her health failed & then she passed last April (along with working at a very demanding, stressful job & ongoing struggles with my "daughter"). In reflection, I know that it was easier to use it all as an excuse to just not deal with my weight issues - so overwhelmed with everything else - just easier not to work harder to make time for myself. I've come to realize that I MUST make my health a bigger priority in my life, regardless of what stressors/demands life may bring.

    As eager as I am to get the weight off quickly, I also want more to be able to keep it off FOREVER this time, so taking it slower & working to make long-term eating & fitness habits & also making time for myself.

    My biggest challenge now is meeting the demands of my job, while not letting it consume so much of my life. As we've passed the halfway mark in the school yr, I think it will become a bit easier. Hopefully next yr will be better than this one, too since I should be teaching the same thing again next yr (this has changed several times over the yrs), so will be able to use lots of materials again that I've spent so much time making this yr & not have to move into & set up a new classroom again this yr. :)

    Thanks for "listening". I often tend to get a bit carried away with my posts, but find sharing to be helpful. It's noon already & haven't gotten around to exercising yet, so need to go do that now. Then set up plans to take kids to movie later today. It was pouring & thunderstorm earlier - after crazy warm weather yesterday - but stopped now. Good to get the rain to wash away some more snow & some of the sand/grime everywhere from winter. Forecast is back to 30's & maybe some snow again next wk so still winter for a while. The break in temps was nice, though.

    Hope everyone has a great day! Take care.

    -- Becky (a little less snowy NY)
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    RE- sorry no raise and yes, the COLA’s they give is often not reality. Price of food and clothing seems to have doubled in the past couple years. Hoping your job will be “under the radar” as they continue to let people go. Some places the economy seems to be booming but others are still suffering from the recession of 2007.
    Takes a long time to catch up, but it’s starting.

    Michele in NC – if the condo is sold, will you still be able to go to FLA? Or some other area? Sounds like such a nice place to be able to take your kitties along, but don’t think I’d want to stay close to a mall so moving is understandable.

    Queene, thanks for the info about the cold water rinse. I am going to try that.

    Joyce and Becca and the rest of your singers – I admire you! Keep it up! What a joy to be able to sing and have that talent. I’d love to be in the audience ;-). Love the harmony too!

    Marni, those earrings are lovely. Are there any websites or Etsy sellers that you know of?

    Heather, I always disliked it when our house was on the market…. Constantly worrying about does it look too crowded? Oh, that carpet stain I didn’t notice before. It’s like it’s not your “home” anymore and the constant tidying…. Ugh. Will be so happy for you when it’s all done and over!

    Carey in Alberta, I really like those Leslie Sansone tapes. I think the one for seniors is tougher than the 30 minute “into” one. I need to dig those out again.

    Mavis, glad you popped in to say Hi!

    KJ – so glad you could see your sister again, enjoy your time and “girl-talk”. Super photo of DD – waving hi to new baby, it won’t be long now. Looser clothes is one of the best NSV’s so sounds like your headed in the right direction. Love the idea of making mini cauliflower “crust”. Has anyone ever used frozen cauliflower? I’m thinking it might be more willing to give up water when it’s thawed.

    Karen, love your hair (looks platinum to me!) Good luck with your partner’s rotator cuff surgery- Hoping her recovery and PT after that isn’t too painful and she’s back to better than good very soon. My DH’s shoulders are not in good shape and he often has to keep an arm immobilized for a day if he goes crazy and chops wood too much but by some miracle the shoulders get better quickly. Tricky RA – thank goodness for prednisone.

    Barbie, have you felt any of the earthquakes happening lately around Vancouver Island (and the Kitsap Peninsula). I had a thought about Sasha….it’s probably way-out, but it seems some animals can sense pending earthquakes. There was a fellow who was quite successful predicting earthquakes by the number of pets that ran away. Sophie has been acting kind of funny lately, hiding under a lamp table, wandering around the house at night. I know she hears and senses things we don’t and she sometimes quivers like it's the 4th of July. Hope we’re not due for another quake. I was working in the top floor (4th) of the courthouse when the Nisqually quake happened in 2001, that old building sure swayed and lost plaster but no structural damage. Have felt a few milder ones too since we’ve lived here.

    OK, regarding dark eyebrows and grey hair, I’ve seen gals like that it I think it looks stunning. My eyebrows lightened the same as my hair, and since they tend to get rather coarse and bushy (thank you German heritage) - I keep them well- trimmed. I see some gals use an eyebrow pencil but looks like too much work to me.

    And hair dye – allergies..... I got to the point that I couldn’t wear my favorite eyeglasses with the frames made in China, they’d make me break out in hives where the plastic touched my head over the ears. Very strange. However, the frames made in France – no problem. Not sure what’s with that. I’ll dig out my made in China ones and give them another try.

    A question for you cat owners – do any of you use coconut oil on your kitties instead of the hairball prevention “gel?” Our cat constantly gacks up hairballs even tho we brush her as best we can. For a while she did quite well with Vet’s Best Hairball Relief tablets but I think she’s shedding more. When I put that hairball gel on her, I only use a little dab (not the recommended inch) and rub it in well otherwise I find it on the wall, furniture, etc. This morning I rubbed a pea-size chunk of coconut oil on top her paw, let’s see how that does.

    Oh, my part-time accounting job may be ending, the gal I’m job-sharing with is ready to come back to full time. I knew it when I took the job, so that’s fine. My supervisor told me she still has $$ in the extra-help budget so may come up with some continued employment – and I’m working with HR to get them to set up a casual help roster of former county retirees with skills to call in for little jobs. A good way to get seniors a little extra $$ and help departments that need someone dependable and known with good skills in a hurry. I’m already on the “call” list for elections – they hire folks to open/count ballots and seems like we have some kind of election every couple months.

    Whew, done for now.

    SW WA State

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    Kate UK
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Goblet squat-6X5X 30
    Russian kettle bell swing-26X 10 X 30

    40lbs loss by May 27th Challenge
    Exercise daily and stay at or under calorie goal.

    Keto 3 Week Challenge February 5th-25th
    Last 2 days! I am planning on continuing on with this way of eating!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Had to fly through the posts today.....

    Marni - loved the pictures and news of the events.

    Karen - love the pic of the 2 of you!

    Becky - I know how hard it is to change teaching assignments. I was moved 2 years in a row during my last 3 years of teaching. Spent every Sunday afternoon at school just trying to figure out what to do and to make the materials for it! I know we can get stale if we teach the same thing to long and change is good BUT...... Glad you can stay with the same assignment next year.

    NYKaren - safe journey home!

    Kelly - thinking of you. Love the picture of your daughter.

    Off to work soon.
    Love ya!

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    Hello friends. Played golf yesterday and it was 92 degrees. Today it is windy and 56. Have to attend memorial service so won't be outside much.
    Carry-in the south, we have black-eyed peas, steamed cabbage and cornbread for New Years Day. Supposed to bring you health and wealth in the new year. This year I served it to my 14 yo grandson and he ask me how could he could make the "hot lettuce" taste better!! Told him butter, salt and pepper. He ate all his serving.
    Re-congrats on your new low weight.
    Ginger-you go girl!,,,,
    Cheri-you are doing a great job. Keep on keeping on.
    Chris-thank you for posting about the "what you would weigh in 5 weeks" idea. That is excellent. I usually just say, yeah. Right.
    Lanette-I am one with the dyed hair and old face but even tho I've thought of going grey, I don t know if I could do it.
    Charlleen - your closet looks great. Great loss.
    Have to get ready for friends service.
    SueBDew in TX

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    Hi everyone:
    Re I'll be praying you stay under the radar when layoffs come. It is that time of year for "restructuring" here too. My way of avoiding being laid off is to dodge the HR people. They always come in pairs wearing suits. If they can't find me, they can't fire me.
    Katia Sounds like fun with Arrow. When I was a young girl, I had a horse and rode equestrian.
    Carey I love Leslie "walk, walk, walk, walk!"
    Chris Way2go
    KJ Thoughts are with you. Your daughter is beautiful
    Karen Beautiful pic of you and your partner <3

    Having a lovely day. Went to the gym with my daughter, did bike, elliptical and weights. Then did some shopping, went for lunch and now relaxing with all of you!

    <3 Sarah, Ontario (formerly Saskatoon)