Finally my Story Female 130lbs Lost with LOTS of Pics



  • kamamakai
    kamamakai Posts: 30 Member
    As impressive as your weight loss is, equally so is that you have maintained after your initial post. It's inspiring to see your active, outdoors healthy photos with your family. What a gift you gave to your son, yourself, your family! (It's my one regret that I was unable to do that for my son earlier; now that he's in college, I'm trying to inspire him. A little late. Now down 113 lbs, 55 or so to go. Hoping my effort will motivate him). Congrats, and thanks for the post.
  • Laurie6578
    Laurie6578 Posts: 154 Member
    Wow, a true testimony that this can be done..
  • HG210
    HG210 Posts: 103 Member
    Wow I am so happy for you. You are amazing!!!!!!!!
  • skyisthelimit2017
    skyisthelimit2017 Posts: 15 Member
    This is great, you look like really different person and i noticed your partner also got fiter since you lost weight, it really encourages and makes difference when both of partners start healthy life style together, it must have been a mission when you started at beginning
  • Bserandhounds
    Bserandhounds Posts: 1 Member
    Whoa!!! You look like a totally different woman.. absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  • ericanom
    ericanom Posts: 27 Member
    Wow that's amazing, well done!
  • FruityFridays
    FruityFridays Posts: 16 Member
    I just can't get over how amazing you look, well done!!
  • kiranVP
    kiranVP Posts: 15 Member
    WOW is all I can say... that's inspiring!
  • NalaBellyFIT
    NalaBellyFIT Posts: 46 Member
    Wow! You are beautiful in both your befores and afters, but you look happy, healthy, and STUNNING now! And your husband looks great, too! You're an inspiration.
  • dianesc67
    dianesc67 Posts: 32 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story. .You look so healthy and vibrant! I needed this motivation today:)
  • misslissa1969
    misslissa1969 Posts: 20 Member
    Starting weight 278.2
    Womans pant size 24
    Womans shirt size XXL

    This is me...except my starting weight was 283. I'm now at 257 but have been frustrating when I throw away all the hard work and have to "get back on track!" You are beautiful and quite an inspiration...I feel like I've read your post before and maybe I did last year when I was down to 235.....thanks for sharing!
  • rmtanner
    rmtanner Posts: 23 Member
    Congrats, amazing change
  • JaclynSPR13
    JaclynSPR13 Posts: 68 Member
    Wow! Absolutely amazing. What was your caloric intake and how many days did you workout / active calories burned? Any tips for beginning. I've lost 12 pounds initially but have been stuck for the past two weeks at this weight. I workout 5 times a week and I try to eat a high protein low carb diet. Any tips would be super appreciated


    I was very strict in sticking to below 1200 calories. My goal for workouts was burn at least 2000 calories a week- I typically exceeded that by doing 400-500 calorie burns 5-days a week. Sometimes 2 workouts a day. I do not eat my workout calories earned.

    My diet is high protein, low fat, low carb. I try not to eat any processed carbs (pasta, bread, tortillas, junk food) except as a treat. I cannot eat wheat which helps and I pretty much just try to avoid anything that would have been made with wheat (so I will not eat bread even if it is gluten free).

    Obviously there are days where I don't stick to this 100% but this is rare.

    Hope this helps!
  • Tenelly82
    Tenelly82 Posts: 1 Member
    Wow, when the pictures switched from before to after I almost fell off my chair. Incredible transformation for both of you. Congratulations.
  • ercarroll311
    ercarroll311 Posts: 295 Member
    This is amazing, and especially inspiring that you're still here and active. A lifestyle change, not a diet, is the key. So inspiring to have your son really change your view like that--you've made his life so much better. Congratulations!
  • Jezreel12
    Jezreel12 Posts: 246 Member
    It has been a very long journey and I am often reading these message boards for motivation and looking for those people out there who have successfully completed their journey. I am hoping that this will motivate someone else. Pay it forward.
    First a little about my journey. The pictures will follow. At my heaviest (non-pregnant weight) I was 278.2 pounds. While I was pregnant I hit 295 and then refused to let the doctor weigh me any longer because I would not let myself believe that I would ever weigh 300 pounds.
    I come from a very beefy family. Food is everything. When is the next meal? Every day, every night, weekend, vacation, every spare moment was spent worrying about what was going to be eaten next, what new OMG delicious food can we make or come up with? It was food food food. I love food. Still do. I tried dieting before. Well pretty much my whole life. I was a woman’s size 12 in elementary school. I tried to diet when I was a fat kid. I tried to diet when I was a fat teenager and I tried to diet when I was a fat college student. The last time I tried to diet was in 2006 when I was planning my wedding. I wanted to be thin for my wedding. Well, that didn’t happen. I did lose some weight, but then quickly gained it back after the wedding. In 2008 I gave birth to my son. This is when I realized that I had to start making a change in my life. I did not want to be the fat mom on the sidelines of my son’s life. I wanted to be able to be active with him and most importantly show him that he can life a healthy lifestyle. I would never want to make a child suffer through everything that surrounds an obese child (and adult) like I did. That’s another message board.
    It took me 2 years into this journey (Started fall 2009) to realize that I would never make my goal if I kept dieting. Dieting does not work. You must make lifestyle changes. I used to hide my dieting. Not tell anyone what I was doing. I was embarrassed to tell others that I had joined weight watchers, or I was counting my calories. Things had to change.
    I joined weight watchers. Again, as I stated before, it was just a diet. But it got me started. Weight watchers is a great program that not only teaches you to eat healthy, but it also now encourages making routines and changes to your lifestyle. In the last few years it has also started to encourage activity. I was athletic up until college so I started out with walking and that was easy. I signed up for a 60-mile walk (the Komen 3-days for the cure) and used that to motivate me to walk more. I bought an elliptical machine so there was no excuse to skip a day walking. Ellipticals have incline options, resistance options and lots of ways to burn calories. I tracked my calories and food. I stopped going to weight watchers when my support/team member (Mom) stopped going, I was not going to keep paying the $40 a month to do it alone. So, I joined my fitness pal. The weight did not come off easily at first. Again, I was not changing habits, I was dieting. I could eat well for 6 days and binge after I weighed in on day 7. That obviously had to stop. I took baby steps.
    Fast forward to today (If you want to know more about the rest of the journey, please just ask). I eat mainly whole food. Lean meat, veggies, low fat dairy and a LOT of water. I cut out diet soda (I lived off of this stuff) reduced processed carb intake, and I reduced the number of coffees a day (try to keep it to 3 cups or less now instead of a pot or two). I get 7 hours of sleep a night minimum. And most importantly, I am active now. I hike, mountain bike, swim, walk, job, run, do P90X and I still have the same old elliptical machine (after a belt replacement). I also have my family active with me. It is so much easier to remain focused when you have people to support you and enjoy the activity with you.
    Now, I hit goal November 5, 2013. Of course that was the absolute worst time of year to hit my goal. Next was Thanksgiving. I managed to not gain any weight. And then my son's birthday party. Only gained a little. But then Christmas. I gained a bit back. I now almost have it all back off. Things get in the way, but in the end, as long as you have the healthy lifestyle that you have created, you can get back to where you were!
    So now the pictures. I am a photographer. You know what that means. I am taking the pictures and I am not in the pictures. I had to ask my mom to see if she could find any “before” pics and of course that means I do not have a lot of “along the way” pics. I do have some after pics to share.
    First the before pics.
    Starting weight 278.2
    Womans pant size 24
    Womans shirt size XXL
    And now the end product!
    Current weight 148.2
    Womans pant size 4
    Womans shirt size S
    I hope that my short story and pictures will encourage you to get to your goal.

  • GemstoneofHeart
    GemstoneofHeart Posts: 865 Member
    I'm absolutely speechless!!!!
  • neepex27
    neepex27 Posts: 51 Member
    Wow!!!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!!
  • JenSchimanski
    JenSchimanski Posts: 77 Member
    so inspirational, how did you keep the motivation going? I am struggling with that.
  • bdbfangirl20
    bdbfangirl20 Posts: 57 Member
    I honestly can't wait for that feeling. I have such a long journey and this has helped remind me of why I am doing it and why it is worth it. You look amazing and I am glad you met your goals. GREAT JOB!!
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