Fellow shorties needed for support and motivation 5'5 and under :)



  • MrsAER
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    HEllo! Shorty checking in, I am 5ft 1 and currently 150 lbs. I would like to get down to 139 and then I will reassess. Would love to have more friends on the shorter side ☺
  • karagon
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    I am 5'1 1/2 and at 151.5 lbs. the heaviest I've ever been. I was so skinny growing up that people thought I was anorexic, then I turned 30. I've slowly gone up each year and lose weight so slowly that I get discouraged. Plus I love food! But I need to be healthier so here I am.
  • strifechick
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    It depends on who measures me where sometimes I'm 5'2" sometimes I'm 5'1" (that's without shoes, so they aren't what's causing the discrepancy, not sure what is!)

    I am currently 154lbs I started working out at about 163 but at my heaviest I was over 200 (I was on a bunch of different medications that messed with me bad). I used to be pretty skinny before I got sick I was a little over 100lbs I don't imagine I will get back to that size so my goal is to get down to 120.
  • Baggavond
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    5'1 and 154 here and have always struggled with weight. I made it down to 130 a few years ago with Weight Watchers, but didn't feel healthy...turned out i was anemic and had developed an intolerence for sodium. I stepped away from WW and the weight has crept back on. That's when I started tracking with MFP since it also helps me watch my iron and sodium intake. My goal is to lose 20 lb. before I turn 50 in December. I need accountability though, so hoping the community here helps :-)
  • Lillymoo01
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    As I am down to my last 0.5 a kilo to reach my goal weight of 48kgs I decided to change to maintenance. Imagine my huge disappointment when it gave me a whooping 90 extra calories a day. Grrrh the joys of being 4'11! Looks like I still need to do a lot of walking or live on very few calories a day.
  • tasha12004
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    I'm just waiting for my cycle to end so I can drop this extra water weight. It's killing me. lol
  • hlblakeley
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    I ate way too much on vacation this weekend, but I tracked it. I the exta sodium will add water weight. But I'm going to keep working. Congrats @motivatedsister thats awesome!
  • DreaRN15
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    I'm consistently losing about a pound a week now. Have weigh ins twice a week for two different challenges, so I get to see how I'm doing at the beginning of the week and the end.
  • TxTiffani
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    @motivatedsister great job! Whenever I hit a new low weight I always pop back up .5-1.5 lbs for a few days....don't get discouraged if it doesn't stay at your new low. Down, stall, up, stall, stall, down is how my week tends to look;)
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    Stayed the same at my weekly weigh in today. Thanks a bunch mother nature. TOTM water retention sucks
  • tasha12004
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    Yes water retention sucks!!! totally agree
  • motivatedsister
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    @motivatedsister great job! Whenever I hit a new low weight I always pop back up .5-1.5 lbs for a few days....don't get discouraged if it doesn't stay at your new low. Down, stall, up, stall, stall, down is how my week tends to look;)

    Yea that usually happens to me too, so I won't be surprised if I teeter back over to 200. Will be glad when I get a little further into ONEderland so that if I teeter up a lb or so I'll still be under 200! But I really need to take some measurements because when the scale isn't moving that's what's gonna keep me motivate.
  • tasha12004
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    Good morning ladies. How is everything going with your journey? Any obsticles you have ran into?
  • klaak
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    I'm exactly 5'0 and 43 years old. I've been trying to lose weight literally, for YEARS (at least 8) but just kept gaining no matter what. I got up to 134 lbs, and as we all know, on a small frame that is a LOT. I really should be about 110-115. For me, it wasn't really a lack of trying or motivation. I exercised (running, HIIT, weightlifting) and kept my diet to about 900-1000 calories net. And all I did was gain. I was very much into extreme 'clean eating', no processed foods, no gluten, lower carb. I experimented with removing rice, soy and dairy too, eating mostly protein and vegetables, limiting fruit to lower sugar types like apples and berries. I even did a green smoothie cleanse for 5 days and gained a lb. Tried paleo, paleo AIP etc etc. Frustrating right??

    Well this year, I experimented with ketogenic dieting. I didn't think it would work, since I try SO HARD and nothing seemed to help. But my neighbor had the lbs just melting off her and that's what she was doing. She wasn't even exercising and just half-heartedly doing the diet and had incredible success. At first I lost a few lbs, but then I gained. I was still eating 'real' food, not processed junk but I was eating a LOT of dairy. I lowered my calorie intake to a goal of 850 per day, and I didn't force myself to eat if I really wasn't hungry. Also, knowing that I historically have had sensitivities to certain foods, I decided to do an elimination diet and see what might be triggering inflammation and water retention and potentially blocking weight loss. Now was the time to bite the bullet and restrict any potential food sensitivity triggers so I removed eggs, nuts, dairy, and then followed the ketogenic diet of no grains and gluten (rice, wheat, corn), starches (carrots, potatoes), no sugar (no honey, fruit or refined sugar). I still didn't see a huge difference. I also suspected candida overgrowth might be a problem based on some symptoms I was experiencing. So then I took it a step further and devised a sort of hybrid 'food sensitivity/anti-candida/ketogenic' diet and also added some candida cleanse supplements. If you're interested, you can google about these things, but basically I also removed things that fed candida like vinegar (anything with vinegar as an ingredient I do not touch), yeast, alcohol, mustard, mushrooms etc. And you wouldn't believe it but I have dropped 12 lbs in about 2-3 months, without exercise. I will be incorporating exercise back into my routine because I know it is important, but just being able to lose this weight at all has been AMAZING. TRULY AMAZING. I weigh less now than I have in 13 years, and I can fit into clothes I thought I never would again. And I feel so much better! I don't have the lethargy and brain fog and 'water balloony' feeling or restriction of movement, abdominal pain I suffered from previously. I'm sure with including exercise I will lose even more lbs and firm up even more. And I'm focusing on healing my gut lining so that I can hopefully heal some (all?) of these food sensitivities!

    Anyhow, I know this won't be everyone's story but maybe it's helpful for someone who feels like they are doing everything 'right' and following all the advice out there and still not seeing results. There might very well be something else going on that is hindering health and weight loss :dizzy: and you need to figure out what that is.
  • vpblanda1126
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    Started at 176lbs and my absolutely heaviest roughly two weeks ago. I'm down to 175. At 5'1", you can tell that I'm heavy but I don't think people realize that I'm technically obese. I'm really hoping by the end of the month I can reach at least 160-165 and at least 150 by the end of the year!
  • tasha12004
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    sometimes our body doesn't like certain foods and the only way to loose the weight is to take away what it doesn't like. Mine is meat and carbs. My body HATES them. Once I removed all meat and most carbs I started dropping slowly. And now I'm 20 pounds down in 77 days :)
  • PumpkinSage
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    I'm 5'2", 57 yrs old, and am at 208. My goal weight is 135. Been heavy for way too long and am DONE with it. Could use some older
  • PumpkinSage
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    Yikes, my message got cut off! Could use some supportive older friends. But yay for you! It's easier losing the weight when you're younger plus you get to be a good role model for your 2-yr old.
  • JaklinMinassian
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    Hi everyone I've been using this app for a year now and just discovered this community chat room!
    My name is Jackie I'm 5'3 22 years old, I have 2 kids and weighed 200lbs a year ago. I downloaded this app and started working out I'm 140lbs and my goal is 120. For a few months now I lost motivation and I stopped going to the gym and I'm yoyoing between 135-140 I'm hoping you guys could help me out and let me know what motivates you. It's great being able to talk to other gals and hear everyone's story. That alone is very motivating!