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    Welcome to the new ladies! :D:flowerforyou:

    My new parasol has just arrived. I can't /don't like to sit out in the sun, especially when I'm eating, so it is essential to have a nice umbrella. DH has to find the base in the garage.
    Got to take the ×÷++#÷ kettle to the post office.

    Yoga this morning. I will go out for an extra walk this afternoon as yoga doesn't burn enough calories for me. I'm trying to work in a good deficit every day for a while to get those creeper pounds off.

    Ginger - I liked your progress report. 3 lbs is a good loss and everything else is going well. I increased my energy burn really slowly. I started at 200 calories and thought I would never be able to do more. Now I consider 600 a minimum. I like to eat, so I have to burn it off. Luckily I mainly like healthy food, but I like it a LOT! :laugh:

    Tonight is Hairy Bikers' Spanish Style Chicken Bake. 400 calories. The recipe is on line. I use a red pepper, not green, and skinless, boneless free range chicken thighs. It is absolutely yummy. We probably have it once a fortnight. (Hairy Bikers are a TV male duo who ride motorbikes and cook,. They have published some excellent "diet" books.)
    Having it with cavallo nero.

    I'm getting better at using calming procedures to get back to sleep when I wake at night. Managed to doze off again early this morning. :D

    Might try to find a sibling photo. Loved yours, Lanette. Pip, yours looked interesting, but I couldn't see details very well. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

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    Morning everyone! We have another beautiful spring day here. It makes getting out and walking a real pleasure.

    Mia: Sounds like you are making great progress toward the 5K!

    Beth: Glad they were able to diagnose the bursitis and you are getting some relief!

    Sarah: Glad the flooding is receding.

    Joyce: I had to laugh, men and colors! Sometimes my DH will name the color of something and I will stop and stare at him. Then I remember men tend to be color blind. My DH doesn't seem to see shades. Turquoise, aqua blue, and teal all seem to be blue to him. It really is a little sad as color is one of life's pleasures. At least you got the color you wanted.

    Heather: The Hairy Bikers' Spanish Style Chicken sounds good. I will look for the recipe.

    - Leigh in France
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    Hi all, school holidays = slow internet taking me 45mins to log my cals. High Speed internet is meant to be coming this year yay.

    From a very warm autumn day in Albany, Western Australia.
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    morning ladies~
    working at 8:15 this morning....I woke up at midnight and couldnt get back to sleep for a couple of hrs, woke back up at 5 Having my first cup of tea...next couple of days very busy at work , but have 4 day weekend..except wont get paid for Friday like we used to.. so have to figure if I want to use personal or vacation time..
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    Morning, I planted all of my seedlings and can't wait to see what pops up, Becca I love that repurposed dresser as a planter, my kind of style. This year I am going to use more containers for gardening, if it all goes well I will post some of my projects.

    Just did a lot of decluttering and paperwork, now off to the gym to work off some of the extra pounds I've put on from this past 2 weeks of too much bad, not enough good food. With the sun shining and a to do list that would make Ginger smile, I am sure that I can accomplish a lot. :)

    have a great day everyone. NYKAREN
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    Pip Who is between Eleanor & Raymond, partially hidden by Raymond? What a nice crew!

    Lanette & Pip & Heather & Lisa Love the siblings photos! Next year I'll have to have one ready to post of the 4 of us. 2 boys & 2 girls. I was the third.

    Cheryl North of Chicago Hi, welcome back! I don't remember you but looking forward to making your acquaintance.

    Carol/Peach I was interested in your comment about tomatoes having carbs. It was an education for me a few years ago doing Atkins to discover the range of net carbs in various veggies. Roots, tubers, & seeds are higher in carbs than leaves & pods because they store energy. The tomato is technically a fruit, thus a little higher in sugar. Avocados are also fruits, but are so high in fiber (& fat) that they are fairly low in net carbs. There is also a wide variation in net carbs in nuts (some of which aren't actually nuts, but are legumes like the peanut or drupes like cashews). Cashews have 8g net carbs/ounce, versus Brazil nuts with 1g net carb/ounce. I love the science of nutrition.

    Hydrogurl You're welcome! :)

    Katla Yay for getting further along with the raccoon mess. Almost there! And I loved saddle shoes when I was a kid. I remember when my parents finally let me get a pair, I think they were reluctant because they thought I wouldn't actually wear them, but I wore them out! ;)

    Tracie in Green Bay Nah, no eyeball rolling here. Just smiles. I love your drop-in posts. I drop in the Just For Today thread occasionally and I know you have been a regular there. :)

    Kim We used to have a cookie decorating party a couple of weeks before Christmas, and it was fun, but a big production. I remember how relieved I was to give it up one year when it just wasn't going to work out...and we have never done it again. I don't really miss it.

    Karen in Virginia

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    Just skimming mail before getting back to Spring cleaning.Takes longer every yr.Started at 6:45 this morn.What doesn't get done by noon waits for the next day.

    MEG,...So sad for the trouble you are going thru.Such a hard thing to live with heartache caused by family.You can always unload here.Prayers for all.

    PIP...recently was driving home when I saw a bike in same lane ahead of me.The rider was a woman.....maybe in her 40s.She was so loaded down with a huge,heavy back pack & TWO tote bags on each handle bar,also loaded & a head of bushiest hair covering both sides of her face.No way she could check lanes on that 6 lane street,with 2 semis behind her.No mirror,but had college sticker on backpack.There were 2 semis behind her.Was glad to get past & beyond her.This area has wide,marked bike paths.

    Child abuse is a sad sad thing ,that many of you have lived with.Alcohol/drug abuse is in the same category.......& there is no answer.Just reading a newspaper proves that.My birth father was an alcoholic till his body gave out on him.Lived in same town,never remarried....lots of women desperate enough to be his girlfriend.Seldom saw him.Our REAL DAD was the guy who took on 3 little kids when he married Mom. We had another Sis & he was never anything but wonderful to his 4 kids.To this day,we thank the Lord for him.Not one of us took to booze,a miracle for sure.

    Way past time to get busy.Going to clean out fridge & check the freezer,then mop bathrm floors.Thinking cabbage with sausage,onions & peppers in Instant Pot for supper.Along with salad.....Congrats to the losers & thinking of those who need
    good thoughts.

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    Love cabbage and sausage!!
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    Jude from Chicagoland: Welcome to a great group of supportive women. :smiley:

    Kim: I don't blame you for taking a break from entertaining a large crowd. My idea of a large crowd is two other couples and it has been several months since we did that. :ohwell:

    Brenda: Several women in this group live in Washington. What part of the state are you from? :flowerforyou:

    Heather: I love the photo of you and your brother back in 1987. You and your brother were a grand pair. :smiley:

    Sarah: Congratulations for your three minute plank. :flowerforyou:

    The raccoon abatement work is supposed to be done by the end of the day. I hope it is completed as planned. It will be lovely to have heat and air conditioning delivered to the upstairs after all these months. We've had a very cold bedroom for many months now. It will be so good to have the work all done so we can put our house back together.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" -Audrey Hepburn

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