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    http://s1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/gramphone/Mainly the twins/

    I've put the link to some photos of the twins christening - if you want to have a peek.

    This morning I got the most touching email from FIL's wife (DH's stepmum). She is trying so hard to keep it together and be strong, but needed somebody to pour out her heart to. I am quite flattered that she chose me, but replying to it was extremely hard and I have shed more than a few tears this morning.
    Amanda x
    went to look at the pix. very nice. the babies are adorable.
    If you want to post them to the forum use the IMG code and then change the IMG at the beginning and end to lower case.
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    Hi everyone!!
    I would like to share and participate...
    I have been doing this in a serious way for the last 2 months...so far i have lost 23 pounds but i am stuck for the last 2 weeks even though i have been exercising and eating the same..any suggestions??? The only change i did was to replace Bkfst with a protein powder slow absorb..
    Please I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi everyone!!
    I would like to be apart of this I have been doing this for the last 3 week...so far i have lost 8 pounds
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    Good Morning, Dear Ladies,

    And WELCOME to our new ladies...you have found a great place!

    Mimi: Glad to see you back here. I haven't been too good about checking in now that I am out in MT. But I am vowing to do better and stay on track better. Sounds like a few of us are in the same place...

    Did a great hike yesterday and am off today with our DS and his fiance and DH for another long, pretty hike. I am so happy to be in cooler air here!

    Will check in again later....just wanted to say hello to everyone:heart: Take care, Kackie
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    Good morning ladies,
    I have been logging and exercising just not posting. Not a whole lot to say. Ann that is my goal to be out of 80's. as of this week I am out of 90's. instead of longterm goal I am concentrating on short term goals. School starts here next week for Beth(daughter) and the week after for grandkids. I will only have Byron after school starts. hope to get some stuff done then. Summer has been so busy. I am battling pool again this week. water turned green again and could not figure out problem. filter needed some work, so hubby decided we would just get new one. should go pick up today and will put on tonight or tomorrow so in few days hopefully pool will be clear again. I am really thinking of draining and refilling cause the thought of that green water just turns my stomach.
    the kids finished their summer reading program and Emma won the bike they were giving away. It is a really nice bike but too large for her. the bike store will exchange it but we may keep it for later. I was buying her a bike for her 5th birthday next month anyway so we will have to decide. she really wants the princess bike from academy so that is probably what will happen.
    Barbie you may not be parent but I agree with your advice. kids can become obsessive about tv, phones, games etc. the only way is to make rules and stick with them. allot time frame and stick with it. Anyway that my opinion and I am sticking to it. LOL
    Hope your move goes smoothly. Wish I were closer to help. We are still getting rain each and every day. I know some of you have none and sorry about that but we have had enough. Yesterday there was a funeral at our church and it rained so hard the street in front of the church flooded (which it does in hard rain) (the name of street is canal and named because was once a canal) Anyway the street flooded, the hearse got water in it and they had to postpone the funeral for 5 hours. Well need to go get some things done. Still missing Star. messaged her but no answer. Hope all is well. Have a good day ladies.
    vicki M
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    :love: Hey everyone, how is your day going? :flowerforyou: It has clouded up outside and the good news is we might, maybe, could possibly get some rain...we need it so bad it has been in the 100's too many days in a row.:explode:

    Yesterday was a big day on the scale for me...I went down into the 160's haven't been there for a long time...My friend in N. Ireland told me that my 14 pound loss equals a stone, I have heard that weight measurement but never knew how much it really was.
    I was so encouraged by the scale yesterday, going to the gym 3x's a week must be working for me.:bigsmile:

    I am still not totally convinced about eating back all my exercise calories so kind of switch it around, some days I eat some back and some days I do not...but it is nice to know on gym days that I could eat something more if I wanted to. I never ever go hungry though and would eat more if I felt hungry.

    Need to catch up on laundry and straightening up the house today.
    Making a Taco salad for dinner tonight...have to decide if I want it to be chicken or beef.

    Enjoy the rest of the day today,:flowerforyou:
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    Happy Tuesday Lovely Ladies and welcome to all our newbies! Just a quick hi while I'm on break and back to work. I hope everyone is doing well today, hitting your goals and staying on track.

    I set another mini-goal...... so far I've lost 6 lbs. and my next goal is the 10 lb. loss! This 1st 6 came off pretty quick but I think things are going to slow down now..... but I'm going to stick with it!

    I need to come up with a better system of eating more calories during the day or a larger dinner.... I seem to be ending up with extra calories to eat at night and I hate to eat extra stuff just to use up the calories..... Need to work on that!

    Have a wonderful and fullfilling day everyone! :flowerforyou:
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    Good morning ladies

    Welcome to almedina and christensmom. You have both done well with your start on this journey, but I don't think it is feasible to go on losing at the rate you have done so far. Your goal, more realistically should be for about 1 to 2 lbs each week. Your loss will be easier to sustain and then if you have a week when you haven't lost (like me this week) it isn't so devastating than if you've been losing 4 to 6 lbs per week. Think about it - you didn't gain it at 4 to 6 lbs per week. It crept on, a few ounces here and a few ounces there. That's how you need to lose it.

    Nice day here at the moment, although rain is forecast. I have a few bits of laundry out on the line which I washed by hand. One t-shirt got covered in oil last evening - well not covered, but a whole spray right across the front - I was fixing the outside light and the screws had got rusted in. I was squeezing the bottle to put some oil on the screws before I put the glass dome back up when the bottle broke and sprayed oil all over me, my face, the door, the step. I washed the t-shirt in washing-up liquid because that is designed to cut grease and they use it to de-oil birds, so I figured it would be good for my t-shirt too.

    Lawn bowls this evening if the rain holds off.
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    Hi, I hope everyone is doing fine. I missed you all.

    I enjoyed my vacation. Did not worry about calories; at lots of good food. Didn't get to exercise much. Did eat at Lady & Sons :drinker: ( Paula Deens restaurant). The meal was good and every bit fattening as you might expect. I think it may take me a week just work off a slice of her gooey cake.

    Now it's time to get back on track.

    I hope everyone is doing great!
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    Still in pain, living from PILL to PILL (vicodin, celebrex, and tylenol).. not a good way to live. Surgery Aug 4.
    Going to buy a tablet to take with me to hospital and rehab facility. I lost another 2 pounds, but I think it's from not feeling well.
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    Just finished posting my message and was wandering across into the living room and thought I heard a heavy truck going by, then realised it wasn't a truck it was thunder. Flew into the sunporch and grabbed the washing off the line just as the clouds opened.

    So, 1 wet t-shirt hanging in the bath and underwear hanging on the airer rack on the sunporch.

    Cable tv repair man is here at the moment - the big storm we had on Sunday a week ago is here to restring my cable connection which came down in the storm. Didn't break, just trailed across my garage roof and my neighbour's garage, Looks like they are restringing it across the garden instead of the length of the garden and they are not hooking to the tree this time.
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    Natalie - so sorry you are still in so much pain. My DBF is the same, constant pain in his thigh from wires left after he broke his leg. None of the painkillers seem to really deal with the pain effectively. He managed to wean himself off oxycodone to which he'd become addicted and he was taking the pills all the time but they weren't working. He is now waiting for a referral to someone else. ER room doctor has referred him to the pain clinic but the waiting list is a mile and a half long and that won't solve the underlying problem.

    Anyway, I do hope that your surgery on Aug 4 will be very successful and you will be pain free.
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    Good morning ladies!
    So sorry about your pain natalie.
    Lorri-glad u had a good vac.
    I love this group.I can`t wait to read the post,see pics,see progress.
    have a wonderful day to everyone.
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    Natalie - so sorry you are still in so much pain. My DBF is the same, constant pain in his thigh from wires left after he broke his leg. None of the painkillers seem to really deal with the pain effectively. He managed to wean himself off oxycodone to which he'd become addicted and he was taking the pills all the time but they weren't working. He is now waiting for a referral to someone else. ER room doctor has referred him to the pain clinic but the waiting list is a mile and a half long and that won't solve the underlying problem.

    Anyway, I do hope that your surgery on Aug 4 will be very successful and you will be pain free.

    I am hoping the same, to be pain free (I know there is going to be a bit of pain from the operation) but it can't be like it is now, uncontrollable.... taking lots of pills, not good.. but keeping me for crying out in pain.
    Lost 2 more pounds, probably from not eating...
    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    WOW! It looks like you have been doing this for a long time. I just found MFP a week ago. Believe it or not, I was on a weight watchers blog when someone said you can do the same thing for free on MFP. I seem to do a lot better when I am accountable to myself and not to a group of strangers. With MFP I can't fudge the calories because they are staring me directly in the face. My husband was telling me today that he can see I have lost some weight in my face and neck. I have noticed with a lot of restaurant salads, the dressing is not included in what pops up. Any suggestions?
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    Hello My Friends:

    Hope you are all doing well. We are having better weather, which is great.

    Sally - It's too bad that you had to make such a decision about the job, but only you know what is best for you:smile:
    Kathy - Remember to keep the "skinny" clothes close by though so you can try them on from time to time to check your progress:wink:
    Ann - Congrats on getting into another decade in weight:drinker:
    Jeannie - Aren't teenagers wonderful? A whole other breed aren't they:noway:
    Niki - Good to see that you are making your goals:smile:
    Barbie - I bet you will be glad to be settled in your new home:happy:
    Natalie - I am praying that your surgery goes well for you:flowerforyou:
    Michele - Jury duty - sounds interesting:wink:
    Mimi - Glad to see you are back:laugh:
    Amanda - The pictures of the babies are so cute:blushing:
    Almealina and Christensmom and Conedor - Welcome:flowerforyou:
    Vicki - Hope you can get the little girl's bike that you need to get:smile:
    Sissy - Congrats on your weight loss:happy:
    genealace - Good advice that you have given there :wink:
    Lorri - Good to have you back :smile:
    Viv - Hope you are doing well:flowerforyou:

    Well, Ladies. Hope you are all having a good night.
    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Love, Cathy xx
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    mimi - glad to have you back. Isn't it amazingly weird that after eating unhealthily, our bodies crave healthy foods? When I went waaaayyy off the wagon the other day, did I feel "yuk". Now I'm back on track (sort-of)

    Welcome almedina! You know what sometimes gets me over a hump re: weight? If I exercise either more or less. I usually exercise for an hour a day, but sometimes I can only do 45 minutes and I find that I lose weight then. Also, I've found that upping my calories for a day or two (not by much, a few hundred) sometimes does it. Give these a try -- what do you have to lose?

    Welcome christensmom

    Congrats Sissy!

    Let's see, today I did a step DVD at home. Found out that I didn't have to go into court so went to the Newcomers board meeting, but since we didn't have a quorum, no action could be taken so did some shopping, then came home and had lunch, then played mahjongg (I did maj once), then went bowling for 4 games, each game I broke 100 in, came home and we went out to dinner. I don't think I told you that Bryan came here. Seems the consulate in Atlanta had an opening so he took it. Not sure how long he'll be here for (I wish it was longer). Found out that I don't have to go to court tomorrow so I hurried up and made a key lime cake since we're celebrating birthdays at the Y tomorrow. I'm also going to take some cherries with me. Then we have our bowling league. I hope I bowl as well tomorrow as I did today.

    genalace - did you get the grease out?

    Tomorrow I'll do yoga and then the water aerobics.

    Welcome conedor. As far as salad dressings, different dressings have different caloric content. It also depends on how much of it you use. I usually order mine on the side and sometimes use just a tiny bit or none at all.

    Hope everyone has a great evening.

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    Thanks for asking, the oil seems to have come out of the t-shirt, but hard to tell if it is completely gone until it is dry - colours look darker when they are wet.

    Conedoor - in restaurants ask for the salad dressing on the side, then when you are eating you dip the tip of the fork into the dressing and then into the salad. You then still get the taste of the dressing, but you can control how much you have and you can see from the side container how much you have eaten. When you are tracking, track the dressing separately. I don't eat salad dressing because of allergies, so always only use oil and vinegar, or my own home-made basil lemon dressing which I have worked out the calories and know how much I have.
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    :smile: Hello ladies

    :flowerforyou: Natalie, I know you are probably very worried about your planned surgery, but I am sure once it is all over you will feel so much better once you get over the recovery period.

    :flowerforyou: I'm feeling much better myself. I still felt a bit sick and headachey every morning, and didn't feel too good on Monday when I went into town with my mum. We didn't stay too long I bought a few things then we went to get a coffee and then home. I had to go for a lie down for a few hours in the afternoon though :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Woke up yesterday (Tuesday) feeling a bit more like my old self, pain was manageable so cut down on the painkillers, went for a walk and spent some time in the afternoon at my mums to see two of my aunts who were visiting. It was nice to cath up. Feeling not so bad this morning, I went for a little walk earlier to meet DD coming home from walking the doggies. I might even be able to go back to work next week :frown: :frown: :laugh:

    :flowerforyou: Welcome back Mimi I'm sure you'll soon get back on track now you are back at home. I've been looking on the website to see if we can get a few days at the sea side some time in August. Weather here is awful to say it's supposed to be summer, where's the sun gone?

    :heart: Well I'd better get myself some breakfast and ease myself into doing some household chores, I have to go for my check up at the hospital tomorrow so wish me luck for that. I get my results too, I'm hoping that everything is clear, nothing showed up on the x-rays or ultra sound scans, so hopefully it was just a few rogue cells that they have now removed.

    :heart: Take care my good friends and I'll catch up with you later.

    PS :heart: Barbie I also want to say thanks to you for keeping this thread going.

    Viv xx
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    :smile: Sorry meant to say welcome back Kathy (plantlady) and Robin.

    Also welcome to all newcomers.:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

    Breakfast calls.

    Bye for now.