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What are your unpopular opinions about health / fitness?



  • TR0berts
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    Okaaaay, let's try this...

    True or False...

    The world is round...

    Oh, the logical fallacies. Strong with this one they are.

    True. And quite telling, all of the binary questions.
  • jseams1234 wrote: »
    CSARdiver wrote: »
    All our bodies are so different, the truth is no one really knows what works or how it works, but everyone who's read the latest article is an expert... (rolls eyes)

    Our bodies are remarkably similar. We know quite a lot about what works and how it works for the important aspects.

    Our behaviors are very different; however. Despite this simple fact many get lost obsessing on the insignificant issues and lose the larger picture. There is easy money to be made convincing people otherwise - 20 B in the US alone.

    Not so, truth is we really have no idea...
    Anything you can find a study for, low carb, cico, veganism, high protein, low fat, gluten free, organic, hiit, steady state... Whatever

    I bet you can find a study that provides evidence to the contrary, and an army of people who believe the opposite...

    I've found that many of today's know-it-alls, will claim something totally different when the next trend comes along

    ... only if your definition of "study" is extremely loose.

    The one truth and constant is that large food manufacturers and the fast food industry doesn't give a damn about you...

    I understand that their a business and responsible to their shareholders blah blah blah...

    But that's exactly the point, they only care about the profit and not for your health

    That is a sweeping generalization that I don't believe applies to every large food manufacturer or fast food company.

    On an unrelated note - I've been totally craving a McGriddle the last couple of days!

    No, you are completely wrong, and people do need to get this right. That they are responsible to shareholders first actually applies to every large food manufacturer and fast food company. In fact its written in their rules of corporate governance. Profit and interests of the shareholders is ALWAYS above "caring for your health". However, some may have good marketing departments which make it seem untrue to those uninformed possibly. And many have goals which can sometimes coincide with consumer health. But it is not the primary goal.

    I'm actually not sure how this has to be explained to people still?
  • quiksylver296
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    Geez people... Let's start here okay, one step at a time

    True or False...

    Fast food is bad for you...

  • stevencloser
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    TR0berts wrote: »
    Okaaaay, let's try this...

    True or False...

    The world is round...

    Technically false in any case, but which way are you trying to determine, latitudinally or longitudinally?

    Approximately spherical?
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