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    Does anyone have a kale suggestion?

    I found some growing in the church garden LOL. It is the only thing that grew this year. So i picked a small bag full.

    I have never used it before myself. Just had a salad mix with it in there.

    All suggestions appreciated!

    @cellosmiles ... I've used Kale in soups, and also in smoothies. When I use bitter greens such as kale in smoothies I always use an orange in that smoothie .... so more often than not the kale ends up in a soup that also has tomatoes in it.

    I've read you can dry the kale in the oven and make kale-chips out of them. Never did it cause I can't eat chips of any kind. (any type of 'chip' snack is a trigger for me to keep eating past done.)
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    @marieyoung07 ... sorry the first page got you confused. This thread is for people who need to lose at least 100 pounds and is an open thread ... so anyone who wants can post to it. The daily topics are suggestions from what was, at the very beginning, topics of conversation on the different days of the week. We use them still as a source of discussion only be choice or habit.

    The part in the middle, that talks about how to bookmark this thread so you can come back to is is incorrect. (The only person who will find the thread under My Discussions is the one who started the thread). So .... if you want to come back, simply click the star symbol near the thread name to bookmark it in MFP. To see your bookmarks is different depending on what equipment you are using to access MFP so I will not discuss that ... but you can find information about it on the help topics in MFP.

    OOPs ... just realized the my original answer to your confusion got lost in an improperly posted reply .... and decided to read page 1 again ... and I had to laugh out loud. ... here's why ...

    .... At one time, on MFP, threads could only be a certain size before they had to close and a new one opened up. This thread was running for a long time and had regular continuation threads started. The thread originator (RobinsEgg) would sent a personal message to each current member alerting them to the new thread ... I wasn't a part of it at that time so I'm unclear as to why there was a special word being used to gain access ... but I think it had something to do with being able to search for the new thread to find it. .... The interesting thing is that when you read that first page, for me especially: is that I read names of people who still actively post to this thread as of this year. People stop posting for a while, but many come back again. ...
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    @tdunnegan Throw out or give away those Kisses. :) Do not have them in the house, the car, the office, anywhere. I totally agree that sugar is like a drug, or can be, if taken in excess. I do not eliminate it but am really careful about how much I do eat. You've come so far and you certainly don't want to go back. You can kick that sugar high. You've done it before.
    @goal179 @verybusybee Welcome! You will love this thread. Everyone is very helpful, supportive & motivational, & are on the same big journey.
    @birgitkwood Loved your conversation within your self. I get that. You won't let yourself get too far off track. Look at how far you have come! We all have bad days for one reason or another. It's like you said, it's when days turn into years. I know how that goes, the years part.
    @lydiapassthedonuts I hope your day gets better.
    @newjax2017 You are being aware of your nutritional macros so right there, you are having a better week than you thought!
    Thursday Truth....happy to say I have nothing to fess up about this week so far. I've kept my journal up every day and was under my calories. So far it's been a good week. :)
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    Name: Linda
    Age: 60
    Height: 5ft 2ins

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 294lbs
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 276lbs

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 291.5
    2. Sept. 27: 291
    3. Oct. 4: 291
    4. Oct. 11:
    5. Oct. 18:
    6. Oct. 25:
    7. Nov. 1:
    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0 lbs
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -3lbs
    Total overall weight lost so far: 31lbs since February '17

    Sorry, team, no loss this week, but I have not put any weight on either. What's the bet that tomorrow, there will be a loss? Am I allowed a second go for this week? :D Thanks for your comment last week, @bapcarrier, sorry I'm still waiting for that loss!

    I have emerged from 10 days of decorating, bedroom and hallway looking smart and clean, and I am feeling great! After years of putting off such dreary DIY on account of painful joints, it is just such a relief to get it done with no pain now! And I found it easier to get up off the floor when painting skirting boards. No athlete at it for sure, but I can almost get up without needing to lean on something.

    I have not been overeating normal meals, but by the end of long tiring days, did succumb to ready meals and chocolate. Not vast amounts, but seems enough to keep me at the same weight. I also have had a fair amount of fluid retention in my lower legs, being on my feet or on a step ladder for hours, I assume. My high blood pressure meds have that as a side effect (for which I also have to take a diuretic! Go figure, as you folk say across the pond). Daft, I call it. So I reckon I have a pound or two swooshing around down there, and the "whoosh" will happen soon.

    A real pleasure was dragging down a box of clothes from the top of the wardrobe, to find two favourite jackets that I bought in Cape Town several years ago. They are patchwork, but beautifully done and I just love them. Each one unique from the dressmaker, I even contemplated being a UK agent for the shop at one point. I wore one jacket on the plane home, and so many women wanted to know where I had bought it. Sadly I got too big to wear them so regretfully put them away. And now they fit again! I almost cried. When they are cleaned, I will try to remember to photograph them.

    There are about 90 messages I have to catch up with on this thread, and loads more in other bookmarked ones, so it will take me a while. And I have to get back to tracking my meals properly, try and shift a few pounds.

    I hope everyone is well and making progress, be good to read back and see what you've been doing.
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    Thursday Confession:
    Today I ordered Indian food. I have not ordered Indian food in months but today I caved. Now 4 hours later, I ate all the food. I was enough for two, maybe three, days. But I ate all of it. Ugh.
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    Goal179 wrote: »
    HELLO. I am new to the group. So happy to be here. I am in need of losing 100 pounds. I am very sad to say it but tht's where I am. I am so excited to know that I am not alone and there are others who have this same long road ahead of them.

    I would like to ask two questions...
    1) Is there anyone who is already down 40-50-60 pounds? If so, what has been your primary eating plan?
    2) Is there anyone who is doing nothing but light walking for exercise?

    Thursday - Truth (got anything you need to fess up to or get off your chest?) The only truth I have to confess right now is that I have been on MFP since 2013 and I am still confused about how many calories I should be eating everyday. I don't want to end up like a biggest loser contestant and lower my MBR so low that i gain all the weight back, but I also want to get this weight off quickly for health reasons.

    @Goal179 ,

    I am down 94 lbs since New Year's by keeping under my daily calorie target and keeping my post-meal blood sugars stable (I'm a type-2 diabetic) with little to no exercise (maybe once/week walking) but I'm finally feeling decent enough that I'd like to start doing some weight lifting. My food diary is public if you want to look at it--I also include my blood sugar #'s and insulin dosages with my food items at each meal along with what my hunger, craving & out-of-control "evaluations" were so I can track all that stuff in one place.

    The only way I was able to get a quick confirmation of how many daily calories I needed to be eating was to have an RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test done, which confirmed that the estimated daily calories that MFP (& all other diets and daily calorie estimators) provided me with was about 35% too low for me, which explained (to a substantial degree) why I kept "binge eating" or as I called it at the time "falling off my diet" time and time again. Once I "re-adjusted" my daily calorie goal here on MFP to match my RMR test result, my binge episodes rarely happened (last one was 5/7/2017) and my weight has continued to drop along with my insulin dosages & blood sugar #'s.

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    Report for week 3 of Fall Challenge

    Unfortunately this week was a tough one for several of our participants. Just remember if it was easy we would all be thin without any struggles at all! In total 19 of us reported in and our total weight loss for the week was 6.3 pounds. :( That's a total of 51.3 pounds overall and 21% of of our goal. We have lots of time left to reach our goals, this is only week 3 of 9 so lets see if we can make next week a better week. There must have been a full moon all week, LOL, since so many of us had a problem! When I was a young adult and anything went wrong we always blamed it on the full moon, folklore fun! The two big losers this week (this is one time when being a loser is a really good thing) are Monique with -5.7 and Niki with -4.2, congrats to you both!

    Well, I only wanted the title bold, but I can't seem to shut it off, I tried editing it- still bold. I wonder what this part will be?? :)
  • Thursday Truth (Bit of a rant) - I've been dealing with a lot of sicknesses lately. First, I had a really bad IBS flare up that lasted two weeks...and now I caught the flu. This has really affected my eating habits a great deal. My appetite has basically been nonexistent; I've been forcing myself to eat as of late, which is new for me.

    I am just really discouraged at the moment with all of this and it's affecting my health. I feel like I'm letting my coworkers down, and myself down. I just want to get over this funk I'm in. I guess I just have to take things one day at a time. I truly enjoy reading everyone's success stories, it gives me hope!

    Keep up the good work everyone! :)
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    Thursday Truth - Had to skip breakfast so I could do fasting labs, by the time I got them done, I was starving! Splurged and stopped at Serrano's for lunch, had half a beef fajita taco salad complete with guac & sour cream, and 2 jalapeno poppers with ranch dressing, and unsweet tea with lots of lemons. Then, still feeling the pinch from having to skip a meal, when I went to Sam's Club I decided to buy lunch for my co-workers. I bought a rotisserie chicken, a box of mini-croissants, and a so-indulgent pumpkin cheesecake swirl coffee cake that was to die for. All for $17. Wow! Love Sam's! Anyway, got to work and less than half the people on my team were there. Ended up having 3 pieces of the coffee cake (serving size is 12 slices but I did 16, so tracked 2 pieces rather than 3. Stayed within my sodium and sugar/carbs goal (go figure) but went over on calories and fats. Not that much tho, and the 1st time in awhile, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm just getting my appetite back tho, so I need to nip this in the bud and keep to my calorie allowance, now that I actually want to eat.

    For those of you struggling, I loved what @birgitkwood said about having a conversation with yourself. The key of course is to follow up and actually acting on your own instructions. But once you do, the next day and the next are that much easier, just like she said.

    My scale says I'm back down a few lbs, will have to see what happens after today's sodium. I'm barely under my allowance, so lets see what happens tomorrow.

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    @birgitkwood thanks so much for your post!! This is why I love this group ... there is so much support and everyone understands that this journey is not easy at all. Thank you all for your kind words!

    I am feeling better today ... definitively in a better mood! :) I did my workout 45minutes rowing + 45minutes cycling. I had my brunch as well ... egg whites, sausage, coconut flour bread and cheese; high in good fats and low carbs.

    I baked yesterday the bread; its the first time I make it. Its good! Well you do need to like coconut because it definitively taste coconuty ;)

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    @bapcarrier - we BOLDLY move forward this week!!! :D:D Thanks for your update and tie hard work.
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    @happygirlxxx: good to hear that you're feeling better today and great job on the exercise!

    Friday Fitness: just completed a 1-hour walk, a total of 5 km and I burned 671 cals. Not quite sure how accurate the calories are, but not really planning on eating them anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter ;)
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    Friday Fitness ... gonna tackle getting the window air conditioners out of the windows today .... It's really getting to be a strength workout to the max for me to handle those units cause I'm not as strong of muscle as I was when I was in the past. Along with moving the units comes the need to move some furniture pieces so I can get at them so it will be an active day today.

    @happygirlxxx ... That bread you baked, judging from the photo of it, would last in my home for about 12 hours after it was cut into for the first slice! ... The only bread I can eat without setting off a feeding frenzy, even if made with coconut or almond flour, is old fashioned rye bread ... preferably several days old from baking. That I can have normal servings of just once a day and be happy.

    @GOINSTD12 ... What you said about treating yourself to a big breakfast, and then more food, after fasting for blood work sure brought back memories for me. :) Sometimes that 'deprived' feeling from having to abstain from food for 12-13 hours does weird things to our thinking.

    @KristinIsTotesAwesome ... Sorry you are having a hard time of it lately. When we are in a funk it's hard to find anything bright to feel good about. Please try to find one thing that you feel good about. Yesterday I watched an old movie with Sally Fields in it where she was advised to change the focus on the word impossible to I'm possible. Had me thinking that all evening in my head ...

    @bapcarrier ... the text editing tools on here could be more ... just more! I was able to go 9 days with my calories in the lose-weight range, but had a high calorie day yesterday, so I think my solid weight loss is in jeopardy this week.

    @BarneyRubbleMD ... I asked my doctor about insulin for my type 2 diabetes ... thinking of how well you have been able to lose weight once you got your blood sugars down and wondering about if that would help me to lose weight better also ... but he said no. He wants me to stay on the metformin alone therapy. Bummer. That means I keep struggling with the insulin resistance that make me be Type 2. And I will not go on a Keto diet plan because I like carbs.

    @jaedwa1 ... I'll jump on your confession and admit I also like Indian food. Especially that dish that is made of extremely spicy chickpeas.

    @Birdygirl15 ... good going, getting that painting project done. I'm still dreaming about it here at my house.

    Have a great TGIF today everyone, and enjoy your weekend.
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    @happygirlxxx OMG that bread looks delicious!

    I have to confess, I'm very much like Niki and if Ana's bread was in my house it would be gone in a day. :( That said, I'm going to Texas Roadhouse today for a late lunch, early dinner, meeting family after my brother in laws lab work. I have allotted myself one roll with 1 Tbsp of cinnamon butter! It's a struggle to hold to that especially if our meal takes a while coming out, the rest is easy, a nice 6 oz sirloin, steamed carrots and mashed potatoes. Everything is already logged, my only worry is being hungry later on as we will be eating about 3Pm and I've only left about 150 calories for a snack later. Probably not time for much exercise today as everyone is coming back here for an evening of card games and maybe Mexican Dominoes. Had an appointment myself this AM and to be honest am all dressed up and don't feel like getting all sweaty exercising, taking another shower and getting ready to go out again. Hopefully, I can make it up tomorrow - I have a lot of outside work planned and hope to also start walking again.

    I loved all your inspirational posts this week, especially yours, @birgitkwood. It is always great to hear tips from someone who has reached their goal! Thanks. :smiley:
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    Friday check in

    The weekend should be nice so there is yard work in my future! I'll mow, prune a few bushes, and straighten up the shed to make room for the lawn furniture. Both of my dogs have become very happy now that I'm, make that we, are walking most days. If I say the "w" word they start dancing around!

    Hope everyone is well and planning something fun for the weekend!

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    Friday...what am I going to do to prepare for eating this weekend? Well, we are having my daughter's birthday dinner here on Sunday evening and I've already entered it into my tracker so have planned the whole meal and dessert ahead of time. It made me feel in control and not stressed. Love reading everyone's posts/stories/motivation/inspiration. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Friday Fitness

    I have really struggled with any kind of activity the past month due to my back hurting. I'd like to report I exercised yesterday (I did quit sooner than planned, but still got 45 minutes in) and I planned a 30-minute workout today and succeeded! I tried Pilates for the first time and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
    Now I'm off to work and have my fingers crossed I get Monday off. This will be a long work weekend for me.

    @bapcarrier and @happygirlxxx Enjoy your bread! I would totally eat all of it in one sitting without thinking about it. I love fresh bread!

    @anneshields001 Yard work is a great workout, and dogs help keep us going. It's awesome to have a buddy always willing to walk with us.

    @ihp2015 Awesome walk! Keep it up!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    I'm late for work.... take care!
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    In case someone is inspired this weekend to bake ... this is where I got the recipe:

    Have a great Friday everyone! :)
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    Friday check in:
    I started off pretty good today. I decided last night my best bet is to make daily goals I can meet. Today its to get in 10k steps, drink at least 8 glasses of water and stay under my calories. I am not going to worry today about fat and carbs.
    I do have a question though. I am thinking of doing Keto or Paleo or at least low carb. Anyone on here do that?
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    Friday fitness: got back to the gym today. And so far I have been sticking to the elliptical for an hour and slowly increasing the resistance. But I and my muscles are getting bored, so after seeing an article on HIIT, that you can do it with any exercise I decided to try it with the elliptical.. Just do whatever exercise at your max for a short burst then rest and repeat. For beginners max time (mine was 30 sec) then rest for 2x that, intermediate max time = rest time, expert max > rest time. Boy was I sweating and I burned 2x as many calories in the second half of my workout than I did in the first half at a moderate pace. And I wasn't bored!!
    But I over ate at lunch and now I feel sick, may skip dinner if I don't feel better. But my body is still bouncing off the walls from my workout so I'm pacing.