How do you choose a salad over a Big Mac?



  • riffraff2112
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    Count calories and make the big mac fit (wont be easy they do pack a huge hit). It comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice to get your body to where you want it.
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    As has been pointed out, Mc D's salads suck (the Parfait is good though), so I would only go there if I was after a burger and to be honest they are not very stellar for burgers either compared to the competition. The Whopper from Burger King is a hell of a lot better option if I want a burger and am willing to spend the calories. One thing I will give to Mc D's are their fries. They must have crack in them as the are my fav of fast food places.

    Sugar actually. That combined with salt makes them very tasty.

    I see, well hats off to Mc D's in that regard anyway.
  • sgt1372
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    I stopped eating burgers altogether and I don't find salads satisfying, so I don't eat them either.

    Hardly ever go to McD's anymore but when I do, it's just for black coffee (5 cals). It's lousy coffee but it only costs $1 for a large one.

    I did try their sausage burrito (300 cals) the other day because they were promoting it for a buck but it sucked and I wouldn't order it agsin.
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    I think you're looking for a Jedi mind trick here. These are all reasonable suggestions, but can you put them to use? Say you force yourself to eat three apples before you go? And if you don't eat the apples you don't get to go? But if you get your Big Mac. Can you have your McDonalds meal and eat nothing for the rest of the day? Can you force yourself to order all the food and take three bites and throw it away? Pavlov's dog stuff. Or go eat twice as much as you want until you're ready to puke....must re program. Associate it with something unpleasant. Make yourself drive around the block ten times before you go in. Just do something. If you want something to change you have to change something.
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    We took our niece to McDonalds today. I had a cheeseburger kids meal only lettuce and add mac sauce and a gogurt and apple slices with a bottled water. I wanted a big Mac and was satisfied with the smaller serving
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    Planning. Prelogging my day.
    I decide what I am going to get before I get to McDonald's. I get something I like that fits my calorie goal. I don't usually get a salad from there. I can get a regular burger or some nuggets. I may or may not get the small fries. I get an unsweetened iced tea.
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    go to the grocery store and get a better salad
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    If I had to eat at McD's I would get the filet o fish and figure out how to make the calories work. I love them, but only about once a year.
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    If you have one, go to In and Out and get a protein style cheeseburger. That might solve your problem.