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    @bapcarrier if there is challenge for the remainder of the year I will participate .. we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Italy and I don’t celebrate Christmas (or any others) per se so no issues there with food (just the panetone o pan d’oro that I love <3 ) ... my goal might be to lose all the weight gained using my trip :p

    Have a great weekend!
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    Ooopsss misspellings :D
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    @bapcarrier I can record for an exercise challenge. My weight this week was 221.4 I just didn't have the guts to post. As I mentioned, I went on a no grain/no sugar. And then he added no dairy. The idea being that the aches and pains would go away. When doc didn't have the refill on the protein powder I took that as permission to go off the wagon and binged on more sugar than you can imagine. Still doing it. I don't think its a good idea to cut everything like that. Too severe.

    @newjax2017 @Nikion901 and anyone else interested:

    Holiday Exercise Challenge -
    Keeping it Simple

    Set a goal for how many days a week you will exercise.
    Exercise is whatever is meaningful to you.
    Report in a Wednesdays as usual.

    November 22 - January 10th - 8 weeks

    Holiday Exercise Challenge

    Name: TdunnEgan (Terry)

    Goal: Go to gym 4x a week

    November 22
    November 29
    December 6
    December 13
    December 20
    December 27
    January 3
    January 10

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    Saturday NSV ... this is more a mental NSV than a physical one, and it's also more a story than a sentence.
    On one of the groups I am a member of here on MFP, there is a thread for posting pictures of yourself 'before,during,and after'. Today there were at least 4 people who had shared photos of themselves over the past week. And I thought that I'd look up digital shots of myself, since I'm surely showing a difference in my appearance after losing 50 pounds, right? ... but then when I looked back through the files, all I could find of myself were head shots or shots where I had hidden myself behind others so that only my head showed. ...

    Point being that I was so embarrassed and self-consious of the appearance of my body that I hid it from view. ... No full length mirrors in the house, all mirrors hung to just show from the chest up; baggy clothes so that they didn't cling cause clingy clothes accentuated the bulges and folds; and very few pictures at that. Of course, these were photos I had taken, so if there were pictures of me they were taken by someone else ... but again, point being that there were hardly any ... people were not shooting their camera at me because if they did I invariably hid or asked them not to. Now, I wish that I had some photos of what I had looked at, really and truly, at my highest weight so that I would have a comparison to current shots.

    That's all. Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone. Talk to you at our weigh-in on Wednesday ... and the final one is on Saturday. I am looking forward somewhat anxiously forward to it.
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    b_lisieux wrote: »
    @birdygirl115 Wow, is about all I can say about where you live! What a beautiful part of the world. The drone video reminds me of things I saw in Ireland. I can see why you love where you live!

    Glad you enjoyed them. For a relatively small island, we are blessed with a huge variety of landscapes - you should see Scotland, Wales, the wide open spaces of East Anglia, just for starters. The BBC had an article this week that, despite our perception that these sceptred isles are being built upon at a rate of knots, we actually have over 90% of farmland, forests and wild places.

    Yes, the things different between our countries are strange, since many of the first Europeans to the USA came from the UK. Not that they were driving cars at that time, I don't think horse-drawn carriages had to obey the rules of the road much, although in busy cities, there must have been a system! :D To us, the US way of displaying dates, leaving the "u" out of many words, (colour, labour to us), the cup measurement for foods (aargh!!) drive us nuts - but then, it wouldn't do for us all to be identical. Variety is the spice of life etc.

    Well done on your loss this week too. Good for you.
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    Meant to say, @bapcarrier , I won't be going in for another challenge so soon, thank you. I'll not make my target for this one (was over ambitious!) and with Christmas approaching, I don't want another pressure on my shoulders. I have my personal goals, which only mean to lost another 3.5lbs by Christmas, and that will do for this year. My family will help me not overdo it for the festive season when I go to them for a few days. It is when I get home and have no one here to smack my hands if I stray :D

    Curse that Aldi store that has just opened 10 minutes walk from me, and 2 minutes in the car. All their Christmas goodies have been out for a couple of weeks - I need to stick tightly to my saintly shopping list already!
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    @birdygirl15 Scotland is on my bucket list. I hope to get there one day. And having differences in countries is a neat thing. After all, if every place was the same, we'd never need to travel to see new things, right? :wink:
    @happygirlxxx I love your country! Have been to Italy a few times. Having come from an Italian ancestry, it was a place I really loved seeing and experiencing.
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    @pneschich ... you are so right! Giving up is not an option. Whatever your path, keep working at it.
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    @pneschich Everything happens for a reason. You are where you are because it's what was meant to be at the right time. You are a huge success! You never gave up and are still working to this day. Be proud of yourself! You are such an inspiration! I'm happy for you.
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    Monday Check-in ... I had a 'bad' week last week with my food intake but turned it around today.

    I was cleaning out a storage cubby today and found a pair of brushed corduroy wide waist band bell-bottom pants that I used to wear before I started gaining weight. I looked inside at the label and saw they were a size Junior Petite size 10 ... and I know that sizes have changed since the days I wore those pants so I measured the waist band with my cloth measuring tape ... 25" ... gosh ... just one of my thighs measures that much today! ... I kept those pants all these years because I always loved to wear them with my high heeled boots and little MaryJane blouses. I wonder what size they would be in today's world? Any one know what a 25 inch waisted pant size would be?
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    National Institute on Aging (NIH) has a nice writeup describing and showing what portions are of the food groups ... just follow the link to take a look.
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    @pneschich Congrats! Great story. Thanks for sharing your journey. It came at a good time for me.

    @Nikion901 Wondering how long ago it was when you wore those pants. You can probably resell as "vintage" LOL! I have full body shots of myself before I lost 40-50 lbs. But I still avoid mirrors below waist and shudder when I pass by a store window and see my reflection. Mirrors in gyms should be outlawed!! In this week's newsletter from my gym, a 68 year old woman told her story of how she lost 130 pounds over two years. Blood, sweat and tears. Terrible hunger. Headaches when quitting sugar. She exercises regularly, and includes weights in her routine to build muscle (which burns calories without moving!!). Another inspiring story.

    I guess I better pull up my bootstraps and get back to it... Onward ho!!!
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    tdunnegan wrote: »

    @Nikion901 Wondering how long ago it was when you wore those pants. You can probably resell as "vintage" LOL!

    Oh ... it was quite a long while ago ... that's for sure! I was 33 years old when I wore those pants. Then, when my marriage came apart I started to put on some weight ... but I didn't start to get fat until I was going on 40 ... I remember that for my 39th birthday gift my parents bought me a lovely dress in my then current size 14 and it didn't fit me any longer by the time my next birthday rolled around. And it just got worse after that.

    Surprisingly, I did a google search for clothes sizes and the site I found had a pair of modern pants just like the ones I saved, except the material is a silky fabric and they have a weird name that I don't recall ... anyway, the site said that a 25" waist pant of that type is a size 2 in the US. .... wow! What a difference in clothes sizing !!! Talk about vanity!

    PS ... and @tdunnegan, the clothes sizes back 33-34 years ago, when my folks bought me that size 14 dress was on the 'old' clothes size labeling.. I think in todays world that dress would probably be a size 8 or 10.
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    I need to lose 100 lbs also. I need to do this without surgery
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    Hi everyone, Have been so busy lately and have had no time to jump in and say much. Today I spent most of the day in my kitchen....had to make 6 different kinds of ice cream for Thanksgiving at my brother-in-law's. I'm patting myself on the back. Of all the 6 batches, I'd say with tasting them to make sure everything was ok, I'm guessing I took in about 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup in total, so I tracked it. Ice cream is a weakness for me, so I was pretty darn proud. I've ready everyone's posts, just haven't had time to reply individually. Hope everyone has a great evening!!
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    Name: Jo
    Age: 47
    Height:161 cm

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th):167.6
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 158.6

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 165.5
    2. Sept. 27: 164.3
    3. Oct. 4: 170.6
    4. Oct. 11: 165.3
    5. Oct. 18: 164.3
    6. Oct. 25: 161.6
    7. Nov. 1: 164.9
    8. Nov. 8: 160.7
    9. Nov. 15: 161
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week:...................+.3
    Total weight -/+ this challenge:....-6.6
    Total overall weight lost so far:......-71.8

    and I am up again

    Good luck to all the people here, on your road to a better, healthier life <3<3<3
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    Name: Niki
    Age: 72
    Height: 62.5 inches

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 234.4
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 229.9

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 235.2
    2. Sept. 27: 234.9
    3. Oct. 4: 230.7
    4. Oct. 11: 231.2
    5. Oct. 18: 233.6
    6. Oct. 25: 230.5
    7. Nov. 1: 229.5
    8. Nov. 8: 227.9
    9. Nov. 15: 227.8
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0.1
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -6.6

    Total overall weight lost so far: -50.6

    Name: Lydia
    Age: 45
    Height: 5’8”

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th):240.4
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 228

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 236.2
    2. Sept. 27: 233.8
    3. Oct. 4: 234.6
    4. Oct. 11: 234.2
    5. Oct. 18: 237
    7. Oct. 25:233
    8. Nov. 1: 233.4
    9. Nov. 8: 231.2
    10. Nov. 15: 228!!!
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -3.2
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -12.4
    Total overall weight lost so far: 32

    I hit my goal for this challenge by the skin of my teeth!

    Things I think that helped me this week:
    - I stopped stressing myself out when I wasn't "perfect" with my eating, exercising, etc. and just focused on making improvements ... a little better than the day before.
    - I picked up my activity level and figured out how to get a bit of exercise at work. I may look like a crazy person but I think it is helping.
    - I cut out most of my sugar. This is a big deal for me. I LOVE my sweets. I mean LOOOOOVE.
    - And I made a huge pot of my soup and have been eating it almost every day for a meal. I enjoy it so much I feel like I'm being bad. :wink:

    I'm in for the Holiday Challenge. I have been working on my grocery list for Thanksgiving and boy oh boy ... I think focusing on activity instead of the scale during this time is exactly what I need.