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  • jdlobb
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    11/13 Workout - Chest & Shoulders


    5min stationary bike

    Main Strength

    5x5 Bench Press @ 190

    Superset 1 - 3 rounds

    10 High-Low cable flys @ 48
    12 Low-High cable flys @ 36
    15 Rope tricep pulldowns @ 40

    Superset 2 - 3 rounds

    10 DB overhead press @ 35
    10 DB lat raises @ 10
    10 overhead cable tricep extensions @ 30
  • DamienAngelica
    DamienAngelica Posts: 281 Member
    3 x 30 Calf raises
    3 x 7 Front deltoid raises
    3 x 12 Weighted squats
    3 x 7 Lateral deltoid raises
    3 x 12 Weighted plie squats plus pulses
    3 x 9 Bent over dumbbell rows
    3 x 9 Weighted lunges
    3 x 7 Bent over rear deltoid raise
    3 x 9 Chest fly
    3 x 30 Inner thigh Vs
    3 x 7 Tricep extensions
    3 x 15 Weighted glute bridges
    3 x 7 Bench press
    3 x 15 Bent leg kickbacks
    3 x 15 Fire hydrants
    1:38 plank
    3 x 15 Pilates roll ups
    3 x 15 Dead bug
    3 x 40 Toe taps
    3 x 15 Leg raises
    80/100/100 Flutter kicks

    And there will be a walk with the dogs later, as usual.
  • Okiludy
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    Light Day w/ Bench

    Squat 3x5 @230
    *Felt really light

    Bench 3x5 @135
    *Left shoulder still messing with me on bench but feels good on press

    Row 3x8 @155
    *Easy and explosive, I go from the floor on every rep and try to keep everything solid and stable.

  • Morgaen73
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    Strength and endurance Day :)

    Warm up
    skipping 1 minute x 5 alternating with
    Pushups 7-6-7-6-7
    Situps 7-6-7-6-7

    Front squats:
    8 x 34kg
    10 x 34kg
    10 x 38.6kg
    10 x 38.6kg
    6 x 38.6kg

    Back squats:
    10 x 61kg
    10 x 70kg
    8 x 79kg
    8 x 79kg
    10 x 79kg

    10 x 79kg
    10 x 79kg
    10 x 81.6kg
    10 x 81.6kg
    10 x 81.6kg
  • HellYeahItsKriss
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    I don't know if someone has posted this before in the last 16 pages.. but.. whenever i see this thread pop up on the message boards page i keep reading it as "Daily Exercise Chicken" .. Which of course would be delicious but clearly not the goal of this page lol
  • jdlobb
    jdlobb Posts: 1,232 Member
    PT still won’t let me squat or deadlift, so I’m starting to work on more single leg squat exercises, which are allowed. Hopefully my balance will improve enough that I can overload my legs fully.

    11/14 Workout - Legs

    5min bike

    Superset 1 - 3 rounds
    12 TRX pistols
    15 bridges feet-on-bench w/50lb DB
    15 bridges shoulders-on-bench w/50lb DB

    Superset 2 - 3 rounds
    10 Lunges w/ 30lb DBs
    25m banded monster walks
    15 heel-toe squats w/40lb DBs

    Superset 3 - 3 rounds
    10 leg extensions @ 80
    10 single-leg squat-to-high-box
    20 calf raises
  • Morgaen73
    Morgaen73 Posts: 2,818 Member
    Yesterday's workout: I decided to do more cardio,

    1km outdoor run
    5 x 1 minute interval skipping

    Superset 1 - 4 rounds
    Flat dumbbell chest press 18kg x 15 reps
    Dumbbell Bent Over Row 18kg x 10 reps

    Superset 2 - 4 rounds
    Band Tricep Pulldown x 15 reps
    Dumbbell Hammer Curl (alternating) 9kg x 30 reps

    Skipping - single-unders
    250m run after each set
  • lukilton
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    I have been sedentary (and I really mean sedentary!) for several years--no cartilage in either knee, chronic back pain which I used medical marijuana for, I pretty much got out of my recliner to go to the bathroom, the kitchen for food, and walked to the car so I could be driven to doctor appointments. Finally after a really bad toxic reaction to blood pressure medication lisinipril, which I thought was going to kill me, I took the advice of my primary care physician and went for the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. Ten months later, I am 106 pounds lighter and doing things I simply could not do last year. I started with seated arm exercises, using two pound weights. I now do 7 sets of 6 different arm exercises, 25 reps each, now with three pound weights. I did the math one day and discovered I was doing 1,050 reps! And it takes me just a little over 30 minutes. I am also taking a water aerobics class called "healthy Joints for seniors", 55 minutes, two times a week. I plan on doing that plus some leg exercises so that I can work up to not having to use my walker everywhere I go and be able to stand for extended time periods.
    I love reading about everyone else's workout routines,--don't know what a lot of the terms mean, but I am figuring it out the more I read. So, thanks for the inspiration - it is really helping me get motivated. BTW, at my highest weight in January of this year, when I was in the middle of that medication craziness--I gained 20 pounds in two weeks and was at 375! One very sick 63 year old woman! Today--the scale said 269!
  • DamienAngelica
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    Last night was an hour of Vinyasa yoga and a half hour walk with the dogs.
  • ijsantos2005
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    Th - Bench
    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 11:04 AM

    Bench Press (Singles)
    Set 1: 282 lb × 1
    Set 2: 282 lb × 1
    Set 3: 282 lb × 1
    Set 4: 282 lb × 1
    Set 5: 282 lb × 1

    Notes: Bad upper arm ache. I need to reassess my grip width.

    Shoulder Press (3-5RM)
    Set 1: 175 lb × 3

    Notes: I added more weight than I should of (1 lb).

    Tricep Dip
    Set 1: BW (+62.5 lb) × 15
    Set 2: BW (+62.5 lb) × 13 [Failure]
    Set 3: BW (+62.5 lb) × 10 [Failure]

    Notes: Improvement.
  • SCoil123
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    Insanity sweat intervals and power abs
  • marygraci999
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    I do Aquafit6 days a week plus I do full body workout DVDs every other day and I also do weights on the off days I'm not doing the DVDs..
  • virgoconga
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    I like this idea because it helps me maintain my motivatio.
    I'm In!!!
  • DamienAngelica
    DamienAngelica Posts: 281 Member
    Last night was 80 minutes of squats, lunges, and weights, and a 1:40 plank. Tonight will be 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga.
  • DamienAngelica
    DamienAngelica Posts: 281 Member
    Tonight was 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga and we're getting ready to take the dogs for a walk. Tomorrow is a rest day.
  • ijsantos2005
    ijsantos2005 Posts: 306 Member
    F - Deadlift
    Friday, November 17, 2017 at 11:02 AM

    Set 1: 290 lb × 5
    Set 2: 290 lb × 5
    Set 3: 290 lb × 1 [Failure]

    Notes: Set 3: Died on the second rep.

    Set 1: 400 lb × 1 [Failure]
    Set 2: 400 lb × 1 [Failure]
    Set 3: 400 lb × 1 [Failure]
    Set 4: 335 lb × 6

    Bent Over Row
    Set 1: 217.5 lb × 10
    Set 2: 217.5 lb × 9
    Set 3: 217.5 lb × 9

    Workout Notes: Under recovered it seems. Body weight is trending down a little the last several days. Gonna increase calories and make sure protein is high.
  • SCoil123
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    I hour lifting with the girls and then came home and did Insanity Max30 Friday Fight.

    Gym workout was
    5 min kettlebell swings- 10 per arm and alternate without stopping
    5 min Roman get ups with kettlebell
    5x5 light and fast
    Back squats 55lb
    Shoulder press 55lb
    Bench press 65lb
    25 body weight squats
    Ab circuit- 3 rounds
    10 push ups
    60 sec plank
    100 toe touches
  • michelle1173
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    My goal is to get in 15 minutes of active exercise a day....30 minutes or more twice a week. I'm getting over an illness right now, so for tomorrow, I just want to rest enough and then be as active as I can.
  • SCoil123
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    4 mile hike through the redwoods today
  • DamienAngelica
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    Saturday was 45 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of vinyasa yoga, yesterday was an hour of yoga plus a half-hour walk with the dogs, and while today should be strength training, I have a speaking engagement this afternoon with a long commute both ways so it might end up a rest day.