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  • auntiebk
    auntiebk Posts: 2,536 Member
    Machka you must be psychic. I'd just typed "what course are you taking?" when I saw your answer. Fun, maybe not. But fascinating I'm sure. Could be scary, just exactly how big biz, data miners, etc influence our lives.
    Wendy, hoodie ice cream puppy hilarious!
    Penny, ...reindeer and polar bears oh my!
    Sharon erratic behaviour is so unsettling, but glad he's at least being kind while you're under the weather.
    Penny thanks! Looks like we'll be able to see here in SW Oregon too... just have to get up when DH normally does (3:30-4) ;) Me I ususally slug in bed til 6 or 7.
    Karen in UK line dance in your own fashion is great! For stamina, for balance, for brain health and for just plain fun!
    Margaret Like your "asking myself if this is the right person to help me" and will borrow it later this morning when I call our Part D Prescription Ins company AGAIN (the 4th? or 5th?) time to straighten out our post-move coverage. While in general I agree with Lanette about management's need for feedback, it was GRACE that offered to sign without official complaint if he said not another word. As Lanette implies, please consider taking a very close look at how that bank is handling all your business.

    Time for my meditation lesson ;)

    Mindful and WARM Hugs to all,
    desismileys_4280.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 16,788 Member
    langman22 wrote: »
    Hi all you beautiful ladies,

    Machka, sounds like in January you are going to have your hands full. The course sounds right up your alley. I could never be that busy as I like my down time too much.

    Wendy, hang in there, you can do it.

    Penny, sounds like you are busy too.

    Pip, sorry you had problems with your contact lens. I remember when I use to wear them there was always something. I had the laser surgery about 6 year ago and it was a miracle. Could see distance immediately and only needed readers for close work. The surgery last about 5 years but o me well worth it. Mow that I have had both cataracts removed I’m back to seeing distance and still only need the readers (which I get in funky colors and designs). My new ones are hot pink with wooden arms.

    Sharon, listen to your brothers and don’t worry about the cost. Things have a way of working out. Check with a battered women’s group in your area as they may be able to help financially and definitely emotionally. One good day with Larry can’t erase all the bad days. And even if it is a “good” day, I’m sure you are still tense waiting for the flip side of him. Not good for your health either. Stay strong and listen to your heart. You are not alone because you have a huge group of strong women with you. (((HUGS))

    Karen, Wish I was there with you having a snow day, under a blanket sipping tea and chatting. Depending on what happens with the snow, I might be having a snow day tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Rye, I love my oatmeal in the morning at work. I like blueberries in mine to give it some sweetness.

    Margaret, they are proving a service and you should get the service you need. I say ask for someone else. And ask for a manager.

    Lisa, the kids look like they are having fun.

    Terry at work in VT waiting for the storm to hit this afternoon

    I don’t qualify for lasix surgery
  • ryenday
    ryenday Posts: 1,540 Member
    edited January 2018
    lhscapil wrote: »
    Rant ahead.

    I need to work on asking myself if this is the right person to help me. If they are not I need to request to work with another person before I or they get frustrated.

    It started when I went to our local bank to get some business with an old investment closed out. The red flag was when the person assigning me to work with some one said when we get you someone who understands this investment.

    First I sat for 10 minutes waiting for this person who was supposed to know what they were doing.

    Then I sat there for 30 minutes listening to him talk to someone on the phone to guide his way through to get this done. Meanwhile I told him three times this is how this investment works. I knew more about this than he did but he would not listen. As he wasted this other person's time and mine he kept saying what an amazing customer I was. Unfortunately it only made me more irritated because I wanted an amazing person that could get this done.

    I went to exercise after the experience trying to shake off the experience. When I got home there was an e-mail and a phone call that there was some manual form (Most of what you sign is on computer pads) that needed to be signed.

    I had to drive back to the bank at 2:15. I started this at 10:15 in the morning. He was at lunch. This is when I said if I do not get to sign this form in 5 minutes I want another person to get this done. They called him and he sauntered back to get the form. He started to apologize in his same annoying tone he had used on me for 30 minutes in the morning. That is when I said don't say another word. I will not write this up as an official complaint just do not say another word. I signed the form and left. One could tell I was not happy.

    Unfortunately I have had one experience too many lately when I think something is done. No wait a minute there is just one more thing you have to do. I think this only added to my frustration.

    The reason I was angry was not being heard and being treated with a condescending attitude. When this happens I need to step back and decide if it is time to use my walking feet.

    Where was GRACE when I needed it?

    I believe thirteen days of below 0 windchill factor is not helping in the mix plus I did not sleep well the night before.

    I did sleep well last night.

    :heart: Margaret

    Margaret - you are much more patient than I would have been.

    I've been known to speak to a supervisor or manager when it's taking way too long or the employee is floundering.

    I attribute this type of customer service to bad management - so I start with these questions to them: has the employee had training? How would the manager/supervisor feel if they were me? Would they have faith the transaction was done correctly and even so, if I have other accounts or investments there - can I trust they are being handled well?

    I actually think we are doing a disservice if we don't speak up in cases like this. We never know - perhaps the employee has messed up many times before and is clearly not able to handle the job, but there's not enough in his file to merit a transfer or termination. Maybe the employee has a very ill family member and clearly needs to take sick time. Maybe the employee was hastily "trained" by a lazy supervisor and now has to muddle through it himself.

    So I wouldn't be hesitant to call the bank today and speak to the manager about the situation. It's hard for them to improve if they aren't aware of the problem.

    Hope you have a better day today!

    SW WA State

    Hmmmm, maybe so. But as the new employee in an understaffed situation where training was haphazard and when people could find some extra time and the only people who CARE at all are the lowest rung employees like myself (all my training self-trained or in spite of Manager’s ridiculous indifference) iI sure am glad you didn’t come into my work facility.

    Sure, I was never condescending but yes, things have taken way longer than they could/should have. Talking to a manager would likely have done nothing at all, but could have cost me the job.

    I complain about procedure (why didn’t you tell me when I made the appt that I needed to do xyz...) facilities ( your women’s room window is broken and there is a cold breeze in there...) and things like that but only about employees if they treat me or someone else badly or if I find a habit of mistakes.

    I understand Margaret’s irritation. I appreciate that she ranted to us. If she encounters the employee again and gets the same condescending treatment and slow poor performance, that is when I’d start thinking of reporting the employee if I were in her shoes.

    And I’m ever so thankful to those new rehab patients and customers who have been patient with me. I will be a very valuable employee in the long term, and am already. But I was a clumsy and slow employee at the start - and it was largely (almost all) managements fault.

    I try to be charitable with individuals - especially those I meet face to face but admit I’m biased- I tend to find fault usually lies with the institutions and management practices and the like, not with the individuals who deal with the public. My bias comes out in that I probably find what I expect to find.
  • grandmallie
    grandmallie Posts: 9,855 Member
    Sharon in Lethbridge
    May I give you some suggestions.Tom and I have a joint credit card,I used that for retainer for my lawyer that was 7500 I paid about 500 of that and Tom has paid the rest..we blew through that and as I only work part time and he had money stashed judge made him pay another 10,000 dollars towards. Attorney fees..does Larry make more than you? Do you have a joint credit card? Honey I have been in your shoes..Tom was cheating on me and that was the last straw for me.
  • ryenday
    ryenday Posts: 1,540 Member
    Hi Stephanie!

    I’m same age. A suggestion for you- if you like cinnamon- they adding that instead of sugar to coffee and oatmeal! It made a huge difference to me. (We add cinnamon to grounds when we brew coffee).

    Good luck and welcome new folks!

  • megblair1
    megblair1 Posts: 1,225 Member
    Greetings friends. It’s another cold day here but at least it’s above zero! Orientation for my new students is today and that’s always kind of exciting. I have a counselor appointment this afternoon then will grocery shop. My list is tiny!!! I’m having trouble cutting down and only buying for me!

    I did 15” on the cross trainer yesterday and that about killed me. I can’t believe how much my inner thighs were hurting! I wasn’t short of breath and didn’t’ even get my heart rate up, but holy cow I had to quit. I’ll do 15” again tonight. I am now on day 4 of my diabetic journal and goals and have met my goal of a healthy breakfast 4/4 days so far (goal of 5/7). I caught myself thinking about biscuits and gravy as a “reward” and then stopped that thought in its tracks!

    I talked to DH last night which is the highlight of the day. He is starting violin lessons today; he used to play with the Phoenix Symphonette (youth symphony) but hasn’t played in ages. He also goes to Toastmasters each week.

    Janetr: good for you and your good start!

    Heather: good for you to figure that out!

    Speaking of figuring things out, does anyone know a person who can make gears for antique clocks? I am in desperate need of an escape wheel being made as you can’t get them anymore for French mantle clocks.

    Michelle: how do you stay so busy?

    Becca: I don’t know the answer to your question about the vodka but I’ll let you know tomorrow!!! 

    KJ: I agree; I have met up with several MFP friends!

    DJ: Stay warm down there!

    Vicki: thanks for your prayers! Enjoy the heat wave and please pass it along when you are done with it!

    Sharon: (((hugs)))

    Marcelyn: we had the same pipe break 2 times in our (finished) basement. The insurance company was not too happy about it! Good luck.

    KEtoneKaren: OK I’ll bite. What is a “bombogensis”?

    Allie: I’m so sorry about your dad. That’s tough to watch.

    Matchka: that’s a good routine! What are you going to study?

    Kevrit: Wicket is adorable!

    Joyce: did I miss something? What’s up with the blood pressure and numbness??? Take care sister!

    Rye: I have one cat who has always slept with me, now that DH is gone the other one gets up there too. So I do love that!

    Terry: OMG that snow!

    WENDY: OMG I spit out my coffee and had to make a mad dash to the bathroom when I saw that video clip you posted. That is the funniest thing ever!!! Thanks for making my day!

    Margaret: what a frustrating experience! I would be calling the bank too.

    Terry: LOVE the readers! You look gorgeous!

    Stephanie: (and all the other newbies): Welcome!

    OK well I really should get some work done! Take care and stay warm. Meg from still-frosty Omaha

  • ryenday
    ryenday Posts: 1,540 Member
    Meg, I wonder if a proper piece for your clock could be printed on one of those 3D printers... my grandmother clock stopped working a few years ago and I wish I knew how to get it fixed
  • Peach1948
    Peach1948 Posts: 2,473 Member
    :# Cold, Cold, Cold in GA
  • margaretturk
    margaretturk Posts: 5,116 Member
    Rye I agree with you it is poor training on there part. If they do not understand how to help a customer they need to be trained it okay to get a person who is and not be doing it over the phone in front of a customer. It does not breed confidence. If they ask my for feedback I am going to fault the management for not making this okay for their employees to follow this procedure. There also needs to be a check list in place, so that it hopefully prevents the missed signature. It would have saved me a return trip to the bank.

    I am ready to move on. Thanks for listening as reflected on the experience, so it goes smoother for me the next time. I have will have to do this again when the next investment like this comes due. It was an old IRA. From their accounting it is essentially a CD and needs to be treated like one. He made it way more complicated than it needed to be. I know what I need to do on my part.

    :heart: Margaret

  • LisaInAR
    LisaInAR Posts: 2,020 Member
    Margaret - agree with what's been said, and what Rye said as well. As a manager, and a trainer, the vast majority of issues I see with people kluging up a procedure can be laid to poor training, and often, none at all. I tend to be someone who will ask to see the manager and politely note that there are issues--but please note, I also ask to see the manager when I get outstanding service, or food at a restaurant. I love seeing them come out prepared for the worst, and walk away proud of their people.

    Lisa in NC
    GRITSandSLUTSandWINOS Posts: 2,573 Member
  • ryenday
    ryenday Posts: 1,540 Member
    Things like well documented procedures and checklists are worth their weight in gold for these types of things. Unfortunately you need good management to recognize that and talented trainers/ documentary’s to implement.
  • langman22
    langman22 Posts: 786 Member
    Steff46 wrote: »
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the page. It's nice to see my own age group in the title. I'm always either too old or too young for the groups.
    I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions. But this year I am going to lower my added sugar intake aka stop adding it to my coffee and oatmeal. So far I'm okay with it...we will see.
    Also this year I plan on de-cluttering my home. I've worked on it with clothing but now I'm going to move on to books, old jewelry (that's not worth anything), furniture and stuff. And try not to bring any back into the house.
    I've read a lot of the prior entries and hope I can keep up.
    Stephanie 53 from East Tennessee!

    Welcome! I use "Stevia in the Raw" as my coffee sweetener. It's gluten free and comes in little packets that I can also keep in my purse. This was what a nutritionist recommended. Coffee without sugar? Yuck!
  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 16,788 Member