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    Hi I must have posted a while ago. I need to loose so much weight I feel overwelmed. I am even considering WLS.

    I need all the tips I can get.

    Starting weight 350 lbs ( 2016)
    CW 318 lbs
    GW ( for THIS year) 250 lbs
    GW 140 lbs ( by May 20 21 - I will be 40)

    Any tips/friend/help would be MOST welcome.

    The 2 stone I lost through slimming world BUT can't afford the classes right now

    First off ... welcome.

    Second off ... I get that you are feeling kind of desperate (overwhelmed).
    If you are considering WLS ... know that it is not a panacea ... you need to qualify for it by proving you can hold to a diet, and you will be on a diet for the rest of your life afterwards. You lost some weight (2 stone is 28 pounds) .. and that's a typical loss for many sponsored diet programs (mine was Weight Watchers).
    SO ... if you can lose 28 pounds once, you can do it again, and again, and again. The trick is to not gain it back after you lose it.

    third off ... from my own personal history and perspective ... the longer you have been very heavy, the longer it will take to get it off ... at least to get if off where you are making permanent, sustainable, life style changes in your behavior with food and with physical mobility. ... So while it's nice to have a goal such as being at slim goal by such-and-such a date, don't hammer that goal into stone with a cold chisel, cause you might not get there on schedule ... I say this because I am now facing my 73rd birthday and can recall when I promised that I would be at slim goal by the time I turned 70 ... :)

    That said ... I am some 51 pounds lost closer to my goal. I have made lasting changes that have improved my health markers dramatically from where they were when I started. I no longer do that no-goodnic ''emotional eating" thing, and I can better control my tendency to over-eat when I have candy, or baked desserts, or snack foods, or even too much fruit!

    So ... come on in, and get comfortable with upchucking your emotional self onto us here in these threads instead of drowning them in a sea of milk and honey. <3

    THANK YOU so so much for the advice and the warm welcome xxx

    I am in uk and i am on tier 3 for wls I am half way through a 12 month program I am on on the 6th month appoitment to see the weight loss nurse and she wants me to be down to 309 lbs by 19th feb ( i am 318 today) ( tier 4 the actual surgery --if you complete all tier 3first) BUT I am v doubtfully IF I will get it do to severe mh problems ( spent 5 1/2 months in psychatric hospital last year-i am on A LOT of psychatric med's ;( if it goes ahead or o get that far it will be the sleeve due to my med's.)

    The funny thing is ( sorry I am waffling) when I am eating healthy foods my mh is better than when I am eating rubbish)

    Yep maybe I should aim for my 45 birthday. I said my 4th as my son will be 10 and it my dream to go to disneyland paris and actual fit on a ride! But may be able to fit on one at 180 lbs I just don't know - I've not looked into it.

    You are doing so well...My dad's 70.

    I wish I could get him motivated to loose some Wight ;) I guess regardless of my goal i/we all have to look at it as every 1 lb off is less strain on our hearts/joints and i am hoping every 1 lb down makes my step's a little easier.

    Thank you for your kind words - I really appreciate you taking the time to reply....I have a LOT to learn
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    we all have to look at it as every 1 lb off is less strain on our hearts/joints and i am hoping every 1 lb down makes my step's a little easier.
    @jules81 - I'm with you there. Oh, to have a peaceful nights sleep.

    I've never tried, or heard of, IF. But, I get shaky if I don't eat breakfast. I am eating small pre-portioned meals/snacks throughout the day. The less time spent preparing my food, the less likely I am to make poor choices.

    I generally weigh on Friday, but only if I think I did well. I'm looking for encouragement and motivation, not something telling me I'm a failure. That's just me. Some of you probably find a reality check motivational, too.

    Monday Check-in
    I am mildly depressed, probably due to lack of sunlight. This is common in my area (north midwest, US). It is actually making things easier for now, as I don't really have an appetite or cravings. Once the weather calms and I can get outside, I'll feel a lot better.
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    Monday check in

    Well I worked out today for the first time in about a year. Walk/run (mostly walked) only 1.25 miles and then got on the stationary bike for 1 mile to cool down. I think I am going to try and go every day. Tomorrow will be weights or a class we'll see it depends on the class. (I detest the weights) but I know that I will burn more calories with the weights and I will tone up better if I do it. But it is baby steps and it will probably involve a lot of standing around the

    As for all the talk about IF, I don't believe in fasting. Everything I have ever read said the best way to increase your metabolism is to eat small frequent healthy meals, about every 3 hours. Besides if I tried to fast I would just gorge myself when I did eat and that wouldn't be pretty. Ironically since I have been on meds for diabetes I have a very poor apetite and sometimes I have to force myself to eat. I get nauseated very easily for the first half of the week after I take my weekly injection but I'm over it by the middle of the week. The prevacid has helped a lot but it isn't gone. But as @b-lisieux said whatever works for each person is good for them. I have had good results counting carbs in the past so that is what I am doing to lose weight and it is good for my diabetes to limit my carbs because the carbs can raise my blood glucose levels

    Like most everyone here I can't help it and weigh myself daily. I think mentally it would be better to only do it every couple of days so I don't get down when my weight fluctates. I wake up every morning check my blood sugar and weigh myself and record it on a program on my phone. However here on MFP I may skip putting it in daily. Like @skinnyjeanzbound I used to be obsessed with the scale and weigh myself multiple times during the day. Now I limit myself to only once a day.

    Well I am off now hello to everyone and welcome to all the new people and the returning people. This group is great and it is downright therapeutic to write your thoughts down on this board.
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    @jules81 wrote: »

    Yep maybe I should aim for my 45 birthday. I said my 4th as my son will be 10 and it my dream to go to disneyland paris and actual fit on a ride! But may be able to fit on one at 180 lbs I just don't know - I've not looked into it.

    I fit on all rides at 250lbs and so did my mom. So dont fret about that!!!

    I dont really have problems with rides in any amusement parks. My issue always was fitting the seatbelt in an airplane :D but even airplanes carry seatbelt extenders :p
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    Tuesday Goals!

    Here an update of how I did this week:


    There were 2 days I went over my carbs and specially yesterday that I think I was possessed and I had ice cream, croissants and cookies … everything that my MIL left I ate it so I would not waste it >:) … anyway, I was so full I could not have supper (and I had so much nausea I could not workout either … how amazing is I can’t eat anymore like that?!) But today is a brand new day …. back on track! :)

    I did quite well with my workouts this week … I think I exercised most days at least 45 minutes and I am being able to do spinning a whole hour so I think I am improving. Oh, and I did rowing again that I had not that done in a long time as well.

    Water intake has improved, but I need to drink more … I think my average was about 10 glasses a day … would like to at least drink a couple per hour … I don’t know why is it so hard, but at least now my body is like asking to drink water which before I could be the whole day without drinking a drop …

    The goal I did best was at cooking … it was a super delicious week! I made low carb bread rolls with sesame seeds; mixed berries ricotta mini muffins that were so moist (but unfortunately addictive) and zucchini cannelloni filled with goat cheese and spinach and then baked with mozzarella and marinara … so all 3 were new recipes for me and worth repeating soon! ;)

    @jules81 the process of loosing weight can be overwhelming … but use those lbs down to motivate you to continue … you can do it!! Start one meal / workout at the time and celebrate each success .. having a good breakfast yay! Having a good 15 minute walk yay! Because before you would not have even thought about it, right? So celebrate and motivate you! And if there is a glitch you continue, don’t lose a whole day … and most importantly, find what works for you …. use the community as a way to find ideas, but you know yourself so you will know what is best .. this is a trial and error process, so embrace the good and the no so good, you will do great! Best of luck! :)

    Have a healthy goal oriented Tuesday everyone!
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    Yep maybe I should aim for my 45 birthday. I said my 4th as my son will be 10 and it my dream to go to disneyland paris and actual fit on a ride! But may be able to fit on one at 180 lbs I just don't know - I've not looked into it.

    I fit on all rides at 250lbs and so did my mom. So dont fret about that!!!

    I dont really have problems with rides in any amusement parks. My issue always was fitting the seatbelt in an airplane :D but even airplanes carry seatbelt extenders :p

    Thank you so much for this
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    @jules81 welcome to the group. I'm new here too but the motivivation and support these group members give each other is fantastic. Plus they are extremely welcoming.

    @raindogmaa Some times you just got to eat the cake and enjoy life. Eat healthy the rest of the day and remember how sick all that sugar made you feel and it will be easier to skip it

    @ambrrr01 I feel the same way with the weather the last few days. I live in the US northeast and though its finaly warmed up its just been pouring rain for two days now. I wished my appetite dropped when the weather was like this though. Instead I just want to eat all the comfort foods. Though to combat it I made a big pot of soup.

    Only recently I've gotten in the habit of weighing my self daily. I only log it on fridays but I feel it keeps me in check through the week. If I see a huge jump I use it as a reminder to watch the process food.

    @happygirlxxx I'm not sure how big your drinking glasses are but a couple glasses of water an hour might be too much. I've read the most your kidneys can process is about 4 cups/32oz of water an hour. Your best indicator of whether your getting enough hydration is to look at urination color. If its light in color your doing good (some medications or vitamins may that alter the color). One way I found to increase my water intake was to use a drinking container with a straw. While I'm working at a desk I mindlessly drink a lot of water because of the straw.

    Last weeks goal went pretty well. I was able to reduce some of my caffine intake. This week I'm going to contiune to focus on that but I'm also going to add getting more workouts in. Tonight I have volleyball which should be pretty competitive and I'll get the blood moving but I need to make some trips to the gym.
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    Goal for this week I hope to hit my protein goal better now that I've got my calorie window and restriction down. I noticed yesterday that my protein has been pretty low, so that needs to be fixed. Picked up some vanilla Greek yogurt, PB2 with a little chocolate in it, and granola with fruit and nuts to mix up. A full serving of each of those mixed together equals 26g protein, which will seriously help.
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    @jules81 Welcome!!! You have come to the right place for support. Everyone here has the same hard journey. @Nikion901 said it all best. I couldn't have said it better myself. The biggest key I read is that you WANT to be healthy and lose the weight, so that is the biggest hurdle to overcome on this journey. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth it? You bet. You will find the way that works best for you, and you will succeed. This group is awesome and that, too, is a big help with motivation and support. Glad you are here.

    Logged on today and read many posts. It was good to see so many here and active but it also makes is hard to give individualized responses. I've just been so busy lately...hard to keep up, but I'm reading. :smile:
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    Tuesday Goals:
    This is my first week. I'm working on drinking more water and using MFP food journal daily. Also, smaller portions.

    I derailed this afternoon. I had cereal, pizza and soda. Even so, I'm not upset at myself. Today was still better than any day last month and I'm already back on track.

    @EmergencyGraphics - I love the container with a straw idea. I'm going to use that.

    For those sharing their exercise goals/ideas: I'm not there yet, but I am inspired by your posts. I haven't found an activity or exercise that I particularly enjoy. I like walks when the weather is nice and I don't dread the elliptical. I hate any sport that involves a ball (because I'm really bad at them.) @canyonGeek mentioned cross-country skiing. That's a possibility.

    Everyone: Thank you for your posts. You are all so positive and supportive.
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    Tuesday goals

    My goal is to keep working out daily at least 4 days a week. Yesterday I worked on cardio, today I went to a yoga class. It was kinda sad really because I couldn't do any poses and have zero balance but you know what, I will keep going until I get better. Right now I am so sore from stretching muscles that I forgot I had. I plan to alternate cardio, yoga and weights. They say it only takes 21 days to develop a habit lets hope I make

    I am eager for the weather to get a little wrmer so I can run/walk outside. My treadmill times and length will be less because it is so easy to quit on the treadmill. One little twinge of pain/discomfort I stop but if you run outside you have to at least go back to the start.

    I am still doing great eating healthier foods, staying away from sugar and it helps getting rid of all sodas including my once daily Monster Energy drink. I treated myself to a diet soda the other day and I couldn't drink it because it just tasted weird. It is for the best that I gave them up but I am bored with water all the time.

    Anyway keep up the great work everyone will chat again soon and thanks for reading.
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    Wednesday Wishes ...
    That the check point reaches the end real soon so I can set my next goal ... I do it in 10% increments. This, I want so badly!

    PS ... no,12 lbs was not 10%, 12 pounds was what was left of the second 10% when we started one of our mini challenges last year ... and I don't want to change the meter until I get there~
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    @Nikon901 You will get there real soon. The motivator is "This, I want so badly!" You WILL get it! :smile:

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    Well i have been really enjoying the pool lately. I hate walking at night in the cold dreary rain. Ugh! So i have been pulling out my swimsuit and for the last 3 weeks...going 2 times each week to the pool. :p

    1 day i am there they have an aquafit class in the deep section. What a workout! I swim a few laps before and after too.

    The other day i just swim some laps and try to remember a few of those aquafit moves to do on my own. A good soak in the hot tub after for a relaxing reward.

    Feels so good. o:)

    I may go a 3rd time this week..if it works out. Found they have another evening aquafit class. :)

    @ambrrr01 maybe giving swimming a try?
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    I don't exercise ( due to ME/CFS) but went on the bike ( home exercise bike) for 5 mins yesterday ( missing today ( to give myself a rest) and hopefully 6 mins tomorrow :) I KNOW this in minor in exercise but I am trying. Also doing5000- 6000 steps a day. My ME/CFS consultant said that is more than enough with my ilness. I am bed ridden at times :( so really do have a seditary life style at times.

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    canyonGeek wrote: »
    Wednesday wishes...

    I wish I was a little bit taller,

    I wish I had red hair.
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    Hi guys!

    I'm having a good week food-wise, but not as much exercise as I'd like. Still the scale was down slightly from last week, so I will have a teeny-tiny loss at minimum for this week--maybe more if the scale is kind tomorrow or Friday. :)

    Like @b_lisieux , I am reading regularly, but don't always have time to post personals. Please know that I'm here reading along though. :)

    Some folks were talking about IF which I've never intentionally tried. It was interesting to learn that you can set your window and it can be more than 6 hours (that's the only schedule I've ever seen, so thought that was the "rule"). Seeing that made me realize that I'm sort of doing IF right now b/c my teaching schedule changed at work this semester, so I don't eat my first meal until 11 am. I figured since I already typically eat dinner before 7 pm, I'm already eating the bulk of my calories within an 8 hour window. I do usually eat some sort of evening snack--and I stay up pretty late, so I don't think I could commit to the 8-hour window. However, I will try to finish by 9 pm so I'm in a 10-hour window to see if that has any impact on my weight loss. Figured I may as give it a try since I'm almost doing that by default.

    Someone also asked about favorite exercise. My most consistent exercise is walking b/c I have a big furry dog who will have it no other way, but I prefer running. He used to run with me, but now he's getting too old (he's 12). My favorite runs are trail runs, which I almost never get to do b/c there's no place to do that near my house.

    I also like to lift weights and do core work like planks and push ups, but some shoulder injuries have made that difficult. I'm trying to get back into it, but it hasn't gone well.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 48
    Height: 5' 7"
    Highest weight: 247

    Start Weight (Jan 2, 2018) 205
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 203
    Jan 12: 202.4
    Jan 19: 202.4
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: 0
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -2.6
    Total weight lost: 44 lbs
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    Wednesday wish

    Besides the usual wish to stick to my diet and continue to work out, I wish I could have more time. Today I basically had to work a 15 hour day instead of my usual 8 hrs because I was on call. I am still on call so I could potentially have to go back to work. I fell like I get nothing done at home. Maybe I should wish for a housekeeper but husband doesn't want to hire someone to clean our house. A discussion we have debated before.

    I didn't get to the gym today because I had to work so late and I am just too tired. I am off work tomorrow for Dr appt, so I will definitely go afterwards.

    Not much to say Happy Hump Day everyone. lol
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    @Karen... IF is a catch all phrase for an eating pattern that has gained popularity and sometimes people think (wrongly) that it has magical properties for losing weight ... and it may well have ... that magic is called 'calorie restriction', and we ALL do it whether we know it or night not cause we are not putting food into our bodies when we are asleep. (giggle, giggle)

    Here is a good review of it on Wikipedia ...

    That said ... I have read articles, both on MFP and outside of it ... that IF may, especially in cases of severe calorie restriction over extended periods of time, coupled with a low carbohydrate intake, put people into ketone burning rather than glucose burning time frames that may be beneficial in reducing basal glucose (and other physical benefits) ... which is why I practice it on a modified version of fasting for 12 hours between my evening meal and my first meal of the day. I still consume too many carbs to ever go into a ketone state, but my A1c has improved gradually over time as I have become more compliant with my pattern of fasting between 12 and 16 hours daily. :* ... still, I don't know, and have no proof, that it is the IF I practice or the fact that I have lost over 50 pounds that has made the difference in my blood work. And the weight loss has come about because of calorie intake reduction, from an average of 2200 calories a day to an average of 1600 calories (plus, minus 100).