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Unexpected results of weight loss



  • WiseandcuriousWiseandcurious Member Posts: 725 Member Member Posts: 725 Member go to bed tired and knowing the day made a difference

    I love this - totaly agree!
  • whosshewhosshe Member Posts: 597 Member Member Posts: 597 Member
    Bahah. I'm totally OCD I'll sit here just playing with my collarbone. I always thought it was lovely on people when you could see it, not in like the skin and bones way, but just being able to see the angles. And now mine are always there, not just when I arch in a certain way! LOL.
    I'm ALWAYS cold. I used to get cold often, but now I'll have the space heater on at work almost year round...
    I can actually just wear a sports bra now to work out. No need to double up with a sport bra OVER normal one anymore. I mean yeah, I miss them... But still.
    I started a new job recently, whereas at my old one people knew me when I weighed 70lbs more and their opinions never really changed. And here, everyone is always interacting with me. I definitely think I give off a generally more happy and positive vibe now, but also, I'm not very overweight anymore and it's a totally different experience.
    Yay life!!!

    I freak out over my collarbone. If I start playing with it I get really creeped out by it and start to panic LOL
  • thereshegoesagainthereshegoesagain Member Posts: 1,056 Member Member Posts: 1,056 Member
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