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CICO is overrated in my opinion



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    I’m new to MFP and have also noticed that you are attacked when you ever bring up a different point of view . Proves that people only want to hear what their doing is the right and only way.

    From the perspective of an outsider (someone who reads these forums a lot but doesn't generally comment), I don't see people being "attacked" for having a different point of view. You might be questioned on your statements and reasoning if they can't be adequately backed up. Particularly when those statements might be misinformed or misconstrued by others. However, the people you're referring to who question such statements (whether they are from new or old posters) are usually also the ones who take the time to think critically, formulate their ideas, and offer scientific evidence to back up their opinions. I've learnt a lot this way - it might be worth keeping an open mind.

    You should speak your mind more often.

    Agreed. Very well spoken.