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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • aeloineaeloine Member Posts: 2,163 Member Member Posts: 2,163 Member
    goatg wrote: »
    CryingBlue wrote: »
    Stay in a deficit long enough and your erotic dreams might be all about food.

    Yes ugh, I hate the food dreams.

    Wait. I've had this once or twice. So this happens to people?!

    Once it was actually a nightmare. I ate all the cookies. Boxes and boxes. Woke up terrified.

    Oh yeah, they're REAL.
  • ridiculous59ridiculous59 Member Posts: 2,233 Member Member Posts: 2,233 Member
    getitamb wrote: »
    That the struggle between liquor and food on a Friday night is real.

    Yep :(
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