What We're Eating Weekly



  • Evamutt
    Evamutt Posts: 1,921 Member
    This week I'm into chicken breasts. I pound them then fill them with a spinach/feta mixture, roll them up, roll them in panko & bake them. I took some to a pot luck last week & everyone loved them. I also watched some videos on you tube about cooking one pot meals on a cookie sheet so I did that today-chicken breasts, green beans, Italian seasoning & some Parmesan cheese. came out real good
  • Birder165
    Birder165 Posts: 484 Member
    B - cottage cheese & 1/2 banana
    L - was out and about and didn't eat lunch
    D - Costco rotisserie chicken + broccoli + green & yellow beans + butter + broccoli veggie tots (man, I'm loving these things!)
    Snacks - raspberries + tomato & cucumber with 2 T Opa yogurt dressing + 1/3 carton chocolate Halo Top
    Bevs - teas with 5% cream & sweetener + Fresca
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,763 Member
    Breakfast: Pecan-sweet potato granola with cashew milk

    Lunch: Kale with cashew-red pepper dressing, walnuts, hazelnuts, and nutritional yeast, baked potato, Clif nut butter bar

    Tofu "egg salad" sandwich on hamburger bun, chocolate stout cupcake
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Breakfast: oatmeal with peanut butter & strawberry jam, coffee
    Lunch: Sam's Club meat trio pizza (total guilty pleasure lunch with my dad), Diet Pepsi
    Dinner: grilled salmon & asparagus, huge portion of mixed greens with homemade dressing, glass of plum wine
  • MushroomLadyJR
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    Breakfast: Egg and cheese sandwich (with some mixed veggies)
    Lunch: PB&J sandwich, pear
    Dinner: Sweet potato topped with Linda mccartney chorizo sausages and mixed veggies in a soft cheese sauce.
    Snacks: plain yogurt with cinnamon and canderel, 2 lady finger biscuits
  • rainingribbons
    rainingribbons Posts: 1,051 Member
    Breakfast: Coffee with 2 tbsp creamer
    Lunch: Tuna and onion/pepper fajita bowl with cilantro salsa. Wasn't expecting to to be that great considering I made it with canned tuna.... IT WAS SO GOOD. Will definitely be on the menu again soon!
    Dinner: Rosemary and thyme seasoned salmon, sour cream and chive mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a Red Lobster cheddar biscuit
    Snacks: Another cup of coffee with 2 tbsp creamer, brownie

    Over my goal by 50 calories today, but still 200 cals under maintenance!
  • laur357
    laur357 Posts: 896 Member
    1. Wedding soup, personal pizza with mushrooms
    2. Oven-fried chicken thigh sandwich (with spicy mayo & greens), roasted broccoli

    Other - cocktail or craft beer of some sort at happy hour. Maybe a bar snack.
  • laurenbastug
    laurenbastug Posts: 307 Member
    Breakfast: baked chicken breast with avocado
    Lunch: butter lettuce, spinach, grape tomatoes and red peppers with baked turkey breast and yogurt ranch
    Snack: blackberries
    Preworkout: ff sf vanilla pudding mixed with 2% greek yogurt and dollop of lite cool whip
    Dinner: steamed green beans and broccoli, jasmine rice with ground beef and butter
    Dessert: 2 square of lindt sea salt dark chocolate
  • JennJ323
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    edited April 2018
    Breakfast: Millville fruit & cereal bar apple cinnamon
    Lunch: pb&j (Fit & Active wheat bread, Smuckers strawberry jelly & Jif peanut butter) and 2 clementines
    Afternoon snack: celery sticks and Ken's Steakhouse ranch for dipping
    Dinner: tacos (2 small soft shells, 4oz ground beef, shredded lettuce & light sour cream) with some totrilla chips and queso
  • avskk
    avskk Posts: 1,789 Member
    Breakfast: two boiled eggs, fruit salad from last night's brinner, English muffin with apricot preserves, iced latte.

    Lunch: will be a Morningstar patty and raw broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots with ranch dip.

    Dinner: will be homemade ham-and-cheese pizza and a huge side salad (spinach, beets, colorful peppers).

    Snacks: pickles, Triscuits and cheese, maybe an ice cream sandwich after dinner.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,763 Member
    Breakfast: Curry with tofu, mustard greens, tomatoes, and jalapenos

    Lunch: Curry with eggplant, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach, baked potato, Clif nut butter bar

    Dinner: Cornmeal waffles, salad with spinach, avocado, tomato, red onion, and creamy ancho chile dressing
  • chornak05
    chornak05 Posts: 135 Member
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese and yellow pepper, mixed berries, coffee with creamer
    Lunch: Mixed green salad with cucumbers and greek yogurt dressing, crackers and cheese and a kirkland protein bar
    Snack: apple and a greek 100 yoplait yogurt
    Dinner: Cheeseburger no bun, baby carrots, skinny pop popcorn and a dove chocolate
    Late Snack: Halo Top
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Breakfast: Cheerios, unsweetened almond milk & sliced whole banana, coffee
    Lunch: split peas, string cheese, Gala apple
    Dinner: large spinach & black bean quesadilla, lettuce & sour cream on the side
  • lporter229
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    lporter229 wrote: »

    L: Leftovers- Lemon chicken and olives

    Mmm, that sounds good. How do you make that?

    It's very good and easy. I add some chicken broth to make a bit more sauce.

  • lporter229
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    edited April 2018
    B: Black coffee, gluten free zucchini bread with whipped cream cheese, black grapes

    L: Steak salad with roasted beets, pecans, feta and homemade vinaigrette

    D Greek turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, steamed Normandy vegetables

    S: Blackberries, 2% cottage cheese, 2 Hershey's Special Dark miniatures

    LOL, I had to edit this post because the "D" with the colon that I posted for "Dinner" gave me an emoji
  • catherineroberts87
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    9.15amBreakfast: fat free Greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, a few almonds, half a banana, seeds and tiny bit of honey
    1pmLunch; huge salad (spinach, red pepper, spring onion, tomato, cucumber) cheese on toast
    4.30Dinner: half a chicken breast with sweet potato wedges, broccoli and peas
    And lots of water

    I’m doing IF from 9-5 window and trying to stick to 1200-1300 cals
  • shannonreidwiltshire
    shannonreidwiltshire Posts: 50 Member
    B - Quick cook oats with some cinnamon
    L - Toasted multigrain english muffin with thin sliced spiral ham, swiss cheese, mustard and mixed greens; blue diamond nut thins
    D - pulled Boston butt, sweet potato and probably a salad
    S - peanuts, halo, rice cake
  • louisepaul16
    louisepaul16 Posts: 261 Member
    Lunch: lentil salad with lettuce, sweet potato, cucumber and pepper, topped off with some
    Cashew nuts. (It was nutritious but very high in calories... probably due to the dressing I put on it! Was still under my calories for today though!)

    Dinner: rice with black beans, edamame, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, and hot sauce.

    Snack: an orange, cherry tomatoes, and coffee!!
  • Birder165
    Birder165 Posts: 484 Member
    edited April 2018
    B - tuna with miracle whip on a flatout flatbread + banana
    L - tuna with miracle whip & celery on a flatout flatbread + apple
    D - tri tip steak + baby carrots + yellow & green beans + butter + cauliflower & broccoli veggie tots
    Snack - 1/2 cup salted caramel CoolWay + 1 Chapman's Options Lady Bug bar
    Bevs - teas with 5% cream & sweetener + Fresca
  • 2baninja
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    Breakfast: big mug of tea
    Lunch: black bean soup & fried egg
    Dinner: cod cooked shakshuka style w rice

    I can't imagine eating so little in a day