What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • belleFL
    belleFL Posts: 29 Member
    Your morning breadth will be just horrific!

    Pardon ignorance. I have never lost a lot of weight. Why is the breath worse in the morning?

  • Teerai
    Teerai Posts: 243 Member

    Some people do experience worse breath on low carb and low cal. I don't do low carb now, but when I did I had worse morning breath despite my dental hygiene not changing, and that went away as soon as I re-introduced carbs. I still fast and semi-fast sometimes and I notice my breath is worse on mornings after a fast, which goes away as soon as I'm back to normal intake. I'm just one of the unlucky I guess.

    Is it possible that you might just have less active saliva glands so bacteria are getting to hang around longer thereby multiplying exponentially over hours u would usually wash them away with a meal?