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Why do people deny CICO ?



  • TitaniaEcksTitaniaEcks Member Posts: 351 Member Member Posts: 351 Member
    TBH - and I don't claim to be a food scientist, but I've done a lot of long-term dieting over the last 12 years:

    For me, minding your CICO works better than total disregard of calories (of course and by far), but in my experience it's not the whole picture, because for sure I lose more weight when taking in less of those calories from carbs (especially garbage carbs like from a bag of chips or a Hot Pocket), or from highly processed foods. All else being equal.

    once again that is NOT CICO - that is calorie counting or macro make-up!

    The concept of CICO implies that all that matters is calories in, calories out, and all calories are the same and calories are all that matters. Or am I reading the meaning of this thread wrong? Please explain to me. I'm receptive.
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