What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    ceiswyn wrote: »
    beerfoamy wrote: »
    beerfoamy wrote: »
    I don't know who I am anymore!!
    (At least I still have absolutely no desire to wear a skirt! I think that may cause people to have a heart attack!)

    @beerfoamy yet :lol::lol::lol:

    nah, I still hate skirts/dresses with a fiery passion! :D Plus they NEVER have pockets (my mates rant quite a lot about this)

    Geeky dresses with pockets


    Oh my wooooord these are awesome!!

  • smantha32
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    cbeutler wrote: »
    I tried to post this the other day for all my fellow cold all the time peeps, Wrangler makes fleece lined cargo pants, you can get them at Meijer in Michigan these days. First time I’ve been warm since August.

    I'm a few pages back and it's summer now.. but L.L. Bean has fleece lined jeans too. lol
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