Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • chantillybunny
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    First time: wanted to get lean and super strong (this was my go around with lifting heavy weights), lost 50lbs and felt great.

    This time: gained 60lbs and now developed various issues (seeing Drs for the cause) but the ortho I went to for the knee say PT, weight loss, better shoes. I KNOW the weight isn't the cause of my ouches but it couldn't hurt to take some of that pressure off my joints.

    Side benefits of this motivation is that I'm attending a formal event in Sept, a wedding in Oct (in the party), and my 10 year reunion in Nov.
  • annettekris
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    I went back to school to take some coursework to further my career and knew that it would enhance my motivation to get my health all the way in order. I am getting older and I don't want to feel old. 20 lbs off and 20 or maybe thirty to go! Feeling so much better and energetic!
  • rickdkitson
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    As a kid and young adult I was always skinny. (Graduated high school with a BMI of 18, 4 years later after University it was only 19.) I didn't start really gaining weight until I was 30 then it was gradual and not really noticeable.

    I calculated it many years later and it was just over 30.
  • stfpa
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    I’ve never really liked how I looked. I got down to my ideal weight a couple times before but always end up gaining it back because I don’t know how to eat at maintanence. I’m only good at dieting or eating terribly

    Nothing really happened that made me start. I’ve been meaning to get to it for a couple months, but my mom and her coworker told me they’re doing a little competition to see who can stick to their diet the longest. That made me want to start eating healthier too. At first I was just trying to “make healthier choices” but I’m an all or nothing kind of person so here I am, counting calories and weighing all my food again lol

    (Does anyone else feel unmotivated to diet for the longest time then randomly feel extremely motivated for no reason whatsoever?)
  • coyledanielle
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    I’ve split one skirt and two dresses in the past 6months as my a** doesn’t fit into them any more.

    Decided clearly even my clothing were telling me to sort my life out. Started last week and lost 2 pounds so it’s a good start.
  • smantha32
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  • Ktmom19
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    For me it was weighing 10 lbs more than I did at full term pregnancy. When I realized I weighed that much more than when I was due to have my child, that was the final straw. I am also sick of being the fat one in a petite family. They do not love me any less. But I am tired of being miserable, feeling lousy, and having clothes that don't fit!
  • aaronecobb
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    Remebering when i loss 80 lbs ten years ago and realizing i gained it back(mostly muscle) but still looking large. Got a 4 year old and new baby on the way wanna be around for them. Also we going to disney next year so gotta get my body back in walking shape again.trying to lose 80 again..
  • DanniB78
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    I didn't want to be fat and 40. I started my new lifestyle in April and turned 40 in June. I am down almost 20 pounds to date.
  • BMP6285
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    When my clothing stopped fitting, when I realized that I could save money by eating less, when I started having stomach acid pain in the middle of the night 😞 when I felt better after exercising, eating well, and engaging in self-care ♥️
  • lyricaloutlaws
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  • skirk1187
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    I'm tired of being tired all the time, being out of breath with the slightest exercise. I just became a Brownie leader, so I want to be a good role model and I want to be able to be active with them. Oh and we're going on Brownie camp in May, I don't want to be the chubby leader who snores lol. Then thinking about what to wear on camp, I tried on some outdoor-walking-activity type trousers I bought a year or so back... When I got them, I could fasten them, just. Wouldn't have dare try to sit down incase they split lol, but I was going to work out and eat well till they fit. Now they wont even get close to fastening :( so yea, 9 months time when I'm packing for Brownie camp I want to fit in the activity trousers comfortably.
  • ebert5150
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    Watched my father in law go through a quadruple by pass, and have a stroke. Don't want to put my wife and kids through that.
  • smantha32
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  • elsie6hickman
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    The day I was with my husband for his Drs appointment and he was diagnosed with Type 2. *kitten* got real, and I realized we both needed a lifestyle change.