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    I've been eating keto for over 2 years, and plan on eating this way for the rest of my life. Keep in mind that it is a lifestyle, not a "diet" and not a "challenge". It's not a means to an end, or a race to lose a few pounds then quit. It's a permanent way of eating for health, not weight loss. Weight loss is just a pleasant side effect that may or may not happen. The diet was developed for treating epilepsy and other neurological disorders, not weight loss.

    For many people it can take 30 days and longer to become fat adapted (although it takes roughly a week to get into the state of ketosis, although it can take even longer for other people). Tracking your food and macros is laudable, and that can certainly be the "challenge", but you have to be all in or not at all when it comes to choosing to eat this way.
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    You mentioned alcohol, if you are taking that most days you are stopping your fat burning.

    1When you increase your protein to higher than your body needs it will get converted into carbs. So then your real carb count is higher.

    2Reducing calories might have made your body hold onto fat as you are going too low.

    Sounds like you are tweaking a bit and getting there, be patient and keep tweaking till you are hitting the right % for you.

    If all else fails pick up your activity each day.

    At the end of the day the longer you sit at your current weight the more you body will want to stay at that weight.

    So what I do is drop some fat, then stay stable at that weight for a month or two or longer then once my body sees that as the new weight and I have not lost any fat in that time, then I make a small change to kick start the weight loss and go for another 5 kg or less.

    Hope that helps. Below is my what I have been doing.

    I am 58 years old my heaviest ever was 84.7 kg after I lost my 16 year old son, currently at 64.3 kg, started this keto/intermittent fasting a few days ago awhen I was 65 kg with the goal of hitting 63 kg over the next 3 weeks, then will sit at 63 kg for 3 months or more then will head down to my final goal which is 60 kg.

    Because I am close to my ideal weight my progress is slower, and I accept that is how it needs to be as I do want my skin to also shrink back, hence the intermittent fasting to help with the skin.

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    think I need to change my goal numbers...NO Way I'll be under 50 carbs a day let alone 25 carbs... Will be less stressful and feeling yuck...maybe work my way down...

    I dove in and cut my carbs to less than 20 right from day one. I hit a day or two of "keto flu" but the weight loss (and inches loss) kicked in right away because I pushed my body into ketosis. I felt so much better and quit craving the carbs within the first week.

    I lost 8 lbs immediately and NOW nada. Please tell me exactly your diet.

    Mine is:

    coffee & HWC (cannot do coconut oil or butter)
    boiled egg / bacon (if I am hungry)

    2 c. spinach or other mixed greens
    2-4 oz of meat
    blue cheese or goats cheese (1 TB)
    1 T. of dressing such as ranch or blue cheese

    snack if any
    almonds - 12
    swiss cheese slice or similar
    1 92% chocolate square

    meat 4 oz
    1 T butter or olive oil
    cooked green vegetable such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage or brussel sprouts

    I had been having a mixed drink with vodka and sprite zero but am cutting that out as of this week.

    any suggestions??

    My nephew and his wife lost a combined amount of 120 lbs in a few months. Of course they are 20 years younger!
    I would love to get 25 more lbs down.

    Heaviest - 189 lb (2008 before my divorce)

    SW Keto - 168
    CW - 159
    GW -135

    Thanks all!!!

    Hey, I've been doing keto since the first of the month and I'm exactly like you. I dropped 7 pounds immediately and tapered to NOTHING in the past couple of days. Meanwhile I have a friend who lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks! Try to really limit your dairy, and if you can do it, I've heard intermittent fasting is great for keto as well.

    What are your macro (fat, protein, carb) goals? I'm going steady at 70%, 25% and 5% respectively.

    I have been told not to do IF until you are fat-adapted but I tried it 2 days and NADA!

    Goal is to have 5% carb / 70% fat / 25% protein, however, yesterday I was atypically down in calories (855) and did 18 g total (not net) on carbs (9%) / fat at 51 (56%) / protein 73 g (35%).

    I keep trying to fine tune what I eat but because I have been a serial yo-yo dieter my inclination is to go low on calories and I am frustrated because I have been stuck for 4 weeks with nothing going down so I think that's what I did yesterday.

    Trying to hit goals today though. I am also in this to get my blood sugars down.

    Most of your info is great but the highlighted points are incorrect:

    1 - it is very expensive for the body to convert protein to carbs for energy (metabolically speaking) so this does not happen unless there is a vast amount of extra protein present - people have been studied who take in more than 200g of protein on a daily basis and there was no conversion of the protein to carbs for energy
    2 - this is a commonly repeated myth that has no basis in reality - the body DOES NOT hold on to fat stores when you are in a deficit, regardless of the amount of the deficit. If it did, then anorexia would never be a problem, would it? You could also do some Google searches on the Minnesota starvation experiment that also disprove this myth.
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    May i join, even though a bit late? I've been doing keto since June 25th. Just finished week three and began my fourth week today. I lost 8 pounds the first two days... A total of 11 the first week, then bounced up and down a pound and a half the 2nd week then began moving down this past week again, for a total of 12.6 pounds lost in three weeks.

    I invested in three cookbooks that I've really enjoyed (i love to cook so learning new recipes is fun). I do confess, when I need something sweet, blackberry cheesecake is my fat bomb of choice!
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    Count me in. I started Keto last Friday the 13th. Within 24 hours my whole body felt aches and fatigued. Anyone else?
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    Count me in. Transition from sugar this past week, going full Keto today.
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    I want to join !!!
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    I'd like to join in. I've been doing keto for about a month. I have lost 20 pounds, but at the dreaded stall for the last week or so. I do some intermittent fasting with it. Would like to participate. Weight is currently 168, goal 120, height 5'0. I'm an otherwise healthy 60-year-old female.
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    Hi! I want in too! I have never done Kato but am willing to learn. Love seeing that so many of you are losing lbs fast with this diet! I’m super ready to try! Add me please.😊
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    I'm in!! My second week on Keto....trying to find balance :#
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    Sample day thus far...

    Breakfast - 2 Egg omelette with sautéed shallots and mushrooms, cheddar cheese, cream cheese and spinach
    Lunch - Celery with cream, cheese smoked salmon and capers,
    Dinner - Roasted chicken thighs with canned artichokes and a side salad.
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    I'd like to join if I could. I just saw this thread. I've been keto for a little more than 18 months. I love this way of life! I'm down almost 60 pounds and have about 25-30 to go before I hit my goal. My ultimate goal weight is to be strong and healthy. I love this way of life and I never see myself going back to a SAD way of eating.
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    Ironpen92 wrote: »

    When I first started keto I didn't count calories at all. I tracked carbs, and ate healthy fats with moderate protein. While your body is transitioning I think this is ok. After awhile and you are in ketosis you will want your body to start using it's on fat for fuel and may want to dial back a little on fat consumption, like no fat bombs or BPC. Be kind to yourself. I would focus on carbs being 20 or under and worry about the rest later. Keep calm and keto on

    Totally agree about using your own fat for fuel, if you want to lose weight.

    I also do not understand BPC or similar unless it is used to keep your body running, no time to eat and/or you are hungry, et cetera.
    Otherwise - you are just adding extra calories, extra fats to your day.

    It takes time for your body adjust, everyone reacts differently. The beauty of keto is that there isn't one exact way, except to stay in ketosis - and for most people that is to stay under 20g net carbs a day.

    Eat real food, not frankenfood - as much as possible.
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    Starting Keto weight 228lb
    current weight 210lbs on week 5
    been on a stall for the past couple weeks, but still losing inches while I am waiting out this "healing" stall that I read so much about. Not giving up though, the energy alone on this WOE has been my saving grace... #KetoOnMyFriends
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    Keto, day 33. Lost 5lbs total so far. I am great at tracking breakfast and lunch but cooking when I get home.. I usually just mentally calculate the grams in my head at dinner time, I will have only had 15-20g net carbs so staying under 10g for dinner is usually very easy.

    I didn't know about Gluconeogenesis until last week, so I am moderating my protein instead of eating a bunch of chicken at every meal and overdoing it on protein.

    What I love about keto - this time around - is having a partner who is doing it also. He doesnt track on mfp, only in his head. We control the foods coming in to the house, but still have to get the kids "their" foods. I have avoided the sugary kids food like it was battery acid.

    Open food diary to friends if any fellow keto'ers want to add me.
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    metubal wrote: »
    I'm giving keto a try since June 11th. I hope to get some meal ideas here.

    Here are my daily goals I set in March for a healthy life:
    1) eat twice a day.
    2) no snacking
    3) Drink 3lt of water.
    4) Sleep 8hours
    5) main source of fat: plants/nuts/seeds and eggs, limit dairy to yogurt, heavy whipping cream, and labne.
    6) no eating after 7pm
    7) 30 mins walking
    8) 15 mins self-reflection time

    Today's meals:
    *Stir fried cauliflower rice with chicken and veggies
    *Walnut cocoa mug cake
    * Coffee with heavy cream and a tbsp of creamer (cant give up my creamer yet😔)

    *Circassian chicken
    * 2 tbsp almond butter with 2 celery stick

    Looking forward to fellowship here

    Heavy creamer is allowed in the WOE, but most yogurts have a ton of carbs. Just count them in your app, and make sure the macros fit. I know there are some low carb yogurts, but I haven't tried them yet. :-)
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    I was Keto for 3 months last year, lost 30 lbs and then went to "lazy keto" which got so lazy I gained it all back.. day 5 back at it, and I'm down 5 lbs already! Gonna get back to it full time.
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    Anyone else, completely plan their day in advance regarding meals, plugging everything into my fitness pal to make sure it’s all balanced in advanced? That’s what is working for me right now- helps me reduce likelihood of impulsive food decisions!

    Also, if you are a coffee lover, share your low-carb, high fat coffee recipes please!

    BPC!! BulletProof Coffee,coconut oil, Butter, heavy cream, stevia(I still use Splenda though not everyone agrees with it) and a little sf flavoring and blend it up. It gets so frothy, it's amazing!!
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    I've been doing keto since January. I log daily and wouldn't mind participating.