Lose 5lbs + in July 2018



  • Kireana
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    Kireana wrote: »
    Original starting weight - 184
    June end weight - 161.8
    July goal - 156
    Ultimate goal - 154

    July 1st - 164
    July 8th - 161.8
    July 16th - 160.9
    July 22nd -
    July 31st -

    Total July loss -

    I’m not happy! The worst month so far as to weight loss

    You have lost 4? That's good

    I guess it’s a bit confusing) I was 161.8 last day of June and ate stupid that day and was 164 next day. So it’s only -0.9 for July so far. But I hope it’ll get better :)
  • TheMrWobbly
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    Ultimate goal - 131-133.0 lbs

    July 11 - 132.8 lbs :smiley: So excited - I just hit goal!
    July 18 - 131.8 lbs

    Well, this has been a weird week! Last Wednesday I hit goal and my plan was to try and get to the lower end of my goal range for the rest of the month before switching to maintenance. And I accomplished that goal by Thursday morning with a weigh in of 128.0 lbs! Unfortunately, it was due to a really bad stomach flu (or possibly food poisoning) that hit Wednesday evening! Definitely would never recommend losing weight this way!!! So, I have actually been "gaining" weight all week. (Still recording it as a loss for the week though :wink: )

    Nice work, glad you are feeling better. Good to see other reaching target which makes me feel I will eventually get there.
  • Losingweightforgood2019
    agduffy4 wrote: »
    Late to the game, but hopefully I can still lose a few pounds in July!

    Original starting weight: 182 lbs
    July starting weight: 165.6 lbs
    July goal: 165 lbs (I know it sounds weird...but I gained some weight back very quickly in July)
    Ultimate goal: 150 lbs

    July 1: 165.6
    July 2: 167.4
    July 3: 166.4
    July 4: 166.8
    July 5: 167.4
    July 6: 167.8
    July 8: 168
    July 9: 169
    July 11: 167.4
    July 12: 169
    July 17: 167.8
    July 18: 167.2

    Total loss for July: gained 1.6 lbs :(

    Someone send me some encouragement! My boyfriend was out of town for 2 months and I was able to be healthy, active, and lose about 8 pounds. In the short 2 weeks he has been back I have gone back to snacking and lounging on the couch. Need to get motivated and get back on track!!! The good news is that we have both started doing the "Hundred Club". 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks a day!

    Is he doing this program with you?
  • TheMrWobbly
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    July 19th - 185.8 (ugh)

    My birthday is this weekend, so I know next week's weigh in probably won't be much better. I just have to remind myself that it'll even out in the long run.

    Still progress :)
  • JennH517
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    agduffy4 wrote: »

    Is he doing this program with you?

    He is doing the 100 push-ups daily with me! However, he isn't really trying to lose weight so is not as focused on a healthy diet. I always struggle to maintain my eating habits since he likes to snack, eat fast-food, and not gain any weight, haha! He was gone doing field work in the tropics for 2 months so came back 22 lbs lighter...making my 8 lb weight loss seem like nothing! I have to keep telling myself that I will be able to maintain the weight loss better if I take it slow, but I am just having a moment of discouragement. This morning I was down another 0.5 lb and liked what I saw in the mirror, so I think I am on an upward trend in my confidence again :).

    I feel your pain. My husband is slim, has trouble gaining weight, and he grazes constantly. It doesn't seem fair. 😀

  • miyukiasakura
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    July starting weight: 125 lbs/56.2kg
    July goal weight: 120lbs/54.5 kg
    Ultimate goal weight: 110 lbs

    July 6 123.45 lbs/56kg updated
    July 13 122.8lbs/55.7kg
    July 20 122.3 lbs/55.5kg
    July 27