September 2018 Running Challenge



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    @RunRachelleRun I frequently run either early or late. I don't carry anything defensive but I always have my phone and my husband gets sent my Garmin LiveTrack info. I don't run with music anymore and just try to stay aware of my surroundings.

    Most crime around here is theft from vehicle in the wee hours (between 1-3AM) and I don't run at that time. There was a rape at 5:30AM a few streets over a few years ago (woman walking home from bus stop) and they never caught the perps so I avoid that side of that street if I'm running during low traffic hours as the road is quite busy most of the day. I'm more scared of coyotes or loose dogs around here than I am of people.
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    MobyCarp wrote: »

    I figured out what race I signed up for this weekend:

    It is on an airport runway! That should be like perfectly flat, even here in Pittsburg, right?

    That would make it stellar for a PR attempt, but I have not done speed work in months and weather could be anything this time of year. So not sure yet. :)

    The tag line for the local Airport 5K is, "A course so fast, it was designed by the FAA."

    i cannot even tell you how jealous I am of this. I'm an airport MANAGER - and have brought this up to the board president several times who just shakes his head and says "we don't want to upset the FAA".....grrrrrrrr

    @rusgolden - YOU"RE HERE/BACK!!!!! BTW - I'm watching for the Garmin Oz medal reveal. This may be the year!

    @rheddmobile - There are no words. Seriously. Terrifying.

    June goal - 44/44
    July goal - 52/52
    August goal - 55/57 miles
    Sept goal - 49/60 miles

    Sept. 30 - Wineglass Half Marathon; Corning, NY
    October 7 - Viking Dash Half Marathon; Toledo, OH
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    @biketheworld... They just opened up registration for Oz on Monday... :)
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    I would not feel safe running in my neighborhood in broad daylight. I run with my husband. We've been shot at twice - well, shot NEAR twice - once with a shotgun and once with a rifle and seen a guy with a handgun one other time, which makes pepper spray seem kind of underpowered. Even with my husband it's not really safe here - a couple of years ago a couple were stuffed in a trunk, driven to an ATM, and then murdered while out walking on the road next to our house. We have discussed what to do in a bad situation if it comes up - run to the nearest back door if possible and ask for help, while dialing 911. If not possible, go into a brushy area and hide where others are unlikely to follow. We have had to do both these things in the past. We ran to a house when we were attacked by two pit bulls belonging to a drug dealer who had gotten out of his yard (the dogs, not the dealer!). The house we took refuge in belonged to a sweet old lady who had us read Bible tracks while we waited for the police to give us an escort home. The time we hid in the brush was at a local park - three guys pulled up alongside the path, jumped out of their car, and came towards us. We ran into the woods and made our way back to the car while they hunted for us. It later turned out the same three guys had mugged several other couples at that park.

    What we prefer is to drive to a better neighborhood and run there. But we sometimes do run and walk here, we're just very alert.

    Omgoodness, I cannot even begin to think about having to constantly live with that level of risk.
    Here, our 12 year olds walk to school in the dark in the winter and my sole concern is bullies or them walking out in front of a car cause they're not paying attention! There is one tiny little trail I used to run on that made me think about what I would do if confronted by someone unsavoury, that lead to me keeping my doorkey in my hand just in case. I stopped using it though as I think the dirt surface was making my legs ache more than usual. Now I stick to the river park and seafront promenade, both of which have a LOT of runner traffic when I'm there. Then again the earliest I've been out so far was about 7.30am.
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    rusgolden wrote: »

    @PastorVincent I've not thought about running with those wings, but we've recently got those Bird scooters all over the city and I've been tempted on occasion to increase my pace to something superhuman during the heat and humidity, but so far I've resisted.

    We have Scoobie here, 30 MPH on those things. I could really PR... but then again with traffic I probably am faster on foot in the city. :D

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    The worst time I find to run is between 7-8.30am. Because that’s commuting time, and mother’s dropping off Little Johnny to school time. I’ve said my piece about Johnny’s Mother before, but I don’t like running along the road when there are people far too focussed on something else other than their surroundings. And that’s exactly what people going to work or taking the kids to school are like. MUST GET THERE… oh, did I squish something? Can’t have been important, only Little Johnny is important.

    Most drivers here seem to care more about their cell phone than anything else. There's always a glow.