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  • Regarding property taxes ... I wish that 'if' you no longer had children in the public school district (for any school; public or private) that when the homeowners reached a certain age and there are only 1 or 2 living should have that portion of the taxes (school) removed from their bills. Both sons are 40+ and we have not had either of them 'living at home' since they were 18 - 22 years old, in HS or college. We even had one in 'out-of-state' university and paid the extra for being 'out-of-state' tuition. There again, after the 1st year, he should have been considered a 'local' and have the 'out-of-state' status changed. I know that the state-run lottery system pays for those who maintain a certain GPA helps pay for college; but, it is still 'sky high'. When a female running for Governor wants to have "free" college for all; what and who does she think will be paying for it? Also, this woman is 'extreme' in her views. She wants to sandblast the 4 Confederate Soldiers off Stone Mountain and thinks that the Georgia Highway Patrol should confiscate all guns. This woman might be the first black woman running for the Governorship; but, she is 'freaking' crazy. Not even the Federal government expects gun owners to turn them in. They talk a big game of 'gun control' which misinterpreted could lead to 'gun confiscation' if some others get elected to certain positions.

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    Lisa: Congrats on getting a trip cancelled. I hope you’re able to use the time well and are able to get into your new home. :smiley:

    Meg: Sorry to hear about the deaths in your DH’s family. :flowerforyou:


    Machka: I like the idea of year around daylight time, too. We also “spring ahead and fall back." :ohwell:

    Karen in VA: Your grandson seems to be thriving with your help. WTG!!! I don’t think of Arrow as spirited—I think of him as a brat. He isn’t a guy who prances and dances—he occasionally shows resentment with grumpy behavior and refuses to do as asked. Someone else had ridden him earlier in the day and when I got there he was resentful about being saddled and ridden again. If I’d been there when the other person finished riding, he’d probably have been okay, but he’d been put back in his stall and resented being gotten out again. :ohwell:

    Lenora: Political candidates are frequently off on some crusade or another. The one you’re talking about sounds like she doesn’t understand the US Constitution and the right to bear arms. :noway:

    I’m up early today due to my feet cramping last night. I’m tired and want to go back to bed. I think I’ll give it a try.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Ladies, can I say, I love reading these threads... an admirer from across the Oceans .

    Chelle x
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    :) I slept well last night. This is not usual for me and I enjoyed it. It may or may not happen again for awhile but I've learned to appreciate each good thing that happens.

    :)Lisa, at my house we say the "normal" is a setting on the washing machine.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful chilly NW Washington B)
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    Another delay. The lenders for the buyers want an estimated value of the rent they will get for their current house. The agents have sent that off. Another 48-72 hours to process.
    At least the sun is shining. :D And I don't even care any more.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Lenora how good your schools are effects the value of your home. Our home would go for 20-40 thousand more if we lived in an area with better schools. Our school district is going to ask for even more money this fall again in addition to what we already pay from our regular taxes. My problem is the say they earmark this money fo certain things and then do not follow through with that plan.

    Then there was the year they had to buy an I-pad for every student. In the district I work in now they have a cart with two to three classes worth so classes can sign them out as they need them. Works just fine.

    I do usually vote for these extra assessments. This is the first time I am hesitating because with all the extra assessment we have had in the past the situation in the schools here have not improved. I did work in that district for twenty years, I live in that district, and they did not treat me well when I left it.

    :heart: Margaret
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    LisaInAR wrote: »
    I'm mulling over the definition of "normal" this morning, and will probably write about it in the personal blog. Pretty sure I wouldn't recognize it if it bit me on the *kitten*..

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    "Normal" in what sense?

    Is that like me and my comfort zones?

    Machka9 wrote: »
    There's a thread with the title, "Stuck in the "comfort zone" How do I get out?".

    When I read that title, my thought was, "I don't know. Much of my life I've been stuck outside my comfort zone. How do I get into one?"

    Every time I start to get a little bit "comfortable", life has had a weird way of picking me up and tossing me out of my comfort zone.


    Machka in Oz

    Oh ... 'amusing' thing about that ... I've been to see another Dr about something else that's going on, and she asked a whole pile of questions about various bodily functions. Turns out that things I thought were perfectly "normal" because I can't remember life any different aren't what the medical profession considers "normal", and one of the main causes for my apparent abnormality is constant stress. Constantly going from one fairly lengthy stressful situation to another.

    So evidently my "normal" matches the fact that I've been "living outside my comfort zone" most of my life.

    I'm to see this Dr again in 2 weeks to start working on some sort of plan to help my body deal with "living outside my comfort zone" a bit better.

    M in Oz
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    Margaret and Lenora ~ In the county I live in, if you are over a certain age, you do not have to pay school taxes unless you have a rental property. The schools here are some of the best in the State of GA. My DnL teaches 6th grade in another county that also has very good schools and every student in her class has their own laptop that gets turned in at the end of the year. In the county Lenora and I grew up in, no matter how old you are you have to pay school taxes.

    Lenora ~ I totally agree with you about the lady running for governor. And, that's all I will say about that.

    Keytone Karen ~ So glad to hear about your grandson's progress and sad about Dad messing up the works. Hope it all works out.

    Mary ~ I know you will miss Shep but am glad he will have a happy place to stay while you are gone. Also, so sorry about the payments the county is expecting you to pay for the replaced lines.

    Barbie ~ So glad you got a good report from the doctor.

    Alison ~ Hoping you get better results on your next blood test.

    Chellie ~ Welcome!

    Lisa and Heather ~ Wishing you both the best of luck on your move and move ins.

    Carol in GA

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    Lenora - would you be eligible for a "senior discount" on your property taxes? We have that in our county, and even have discounts for disabled vets. Though I think they need to be below a certain income threshold.

    I generally don't support anything that raises taxes, no matter how well meaning the sales pitch - because I've seen the money spent elsewhere time and time again. But I did vote an increase for our local Fire and Aid district this spring to get better medical response to our neighborhood, it will add $300 or more to our yearly property tax. Hopefully they won't blow it on something frivolous. :s

    (I just read Margaret's thoughts on this subject, great minds think alike, lol.)

    It's so interesting how different states and even counties are. Mary's assessment for sewer line replacement, for example. When we lived in a suburb of Seattle many years ago, there was talk of pushing through a sewer line and how much the assessment would be for hookup and it was huge at the time. We sold and left before any of that happened, so not sure of the outcome. And some of the little municipalities in our present county who should have been putting money back for repair and maintenance of existing systems didn't - they knew they'd lose votes if they doubled the rates so they ignored it. Plus embezzlement seems to be rampant among bookkeepers!

    Our water is provided by a community well maintained by a political entity who manages dozens of small water systems throughout several counties - has elected commissioners and all that. They needed to upgrade and replace water pipes in one neighborhood several years ago, and rather than tap just those residents directly impacted, they decided to spread the cost onto all of the customers of systems under their management. So our water bill went up about $5 per month. What a great way to handle it.

    Chilly SW WA State
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    Mary So glad you can get a "Shep Fix" if you need one. It's painful to part with pets, even if it isn't permanent, and even if the pet is in a good situation. ((Hugs)). Sounds like Lanette has some good advice for you on the sewer assessment. We had to pay a good chunk of money for a new natural gas line from the street to the house once. I will admit it was stressful, but it's over now, and we don't have to deal with Columbia Gas any more except to pay gas bills.

    Lisa Any coffee affects my sleep, even if I just have it in the morning. I drink it anyway. I should probably eliminate it. I have done so in the past and have been rewarded with better quality sleep. It's hard for me to give it up entirely and forever. Not impossible, but I do like coffee, and I love tea. By the way, how is your leg? All healed up? Exciting times with your house. It's becoming a butterfly!

    Kelly The opposite of annoying! I live for your posts and updates on the kids and Joaquin. I really enjoy imagining what it must be like in your busy world full of little people. t8430.gif

    Katla Sounds like Arrow is a spirited animal. I admire you for taking up horseback riding as an adult. I rode all through my youth (western) but not since then.

    Meg Safe travels.

    Rita Pretty sunset. Thanks for posting.


    Update on homeschooled grandson. He had another LENS treatment Monday, but, in contrast to last week, he was pretty focused & happy yesterday. For the first time since we started home school, he "raised his hand" and was "called on" in a live class. He used his microphone, and the Math teacher liked his answer! He had to define what an integer is. And to top it off, in Civics, as a warm-up exercise, the students were asked to explain in their own words what Rule of Law, Representative Government, and Consent of the Governed mean. He is in a class of about 75 students. She chose 2 of his answers as good examples and posted them on the white board! This is a complete turnaround for a kid who has been very resistant to actively participating in the classroom in any way that would draw attention to him. I don't know what happened. :) It was completely unprompted, too. A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that he participate because it affects his grade, but he was so adamantly opposed that I dropped it. Now this! I am doing a major happy dance. h07121.gif

    On the down side, Monday's start was tense because my son uninstalled & reinstalled a bunch of stuff on my grandson's computer over the weekend, and didn't fix the firewall for the websites we needed. We went through this exact same scenario the very first day of school. My son is a very intelligent, computer-savvy person. When it happened 3 weeks ago, I was pi$$ed, but gave him the benefit of the doubt ("...maybe he forgot that he would have to give permission for the websites we needed"), but Monday - there is no excuse. The most generous conclusion I can come up with is that he is (unconsciously) being passive aggressive towards my grandson, my daughter-in-law, and me. We are the 3 that are affected by scrambling around at the last minute to get firewalls down before a live class session, and it really upsets my grandson. If it happens again I will call him out. It isn't likely to be pretty.

    Karen in Virginia

    What an amazing change in your Grandson in such a short time for participating! This is obviously making a big difference in his life.
    I think I would have to call my son out now, why would he want to do anything to hinder his son's progress.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Allie--I understand how hard it is to bury your dad. I had my dad's ashes in the bedroom for almost 2 years before I could get at least part of the kids together to bury him.

    Today is 2 years since my mom passed and I am really having a hard time. I think part of it is because of our friend getting so ill with pancreatic cancer and only a matter of short time. We did the benefit ride last Saturday and last evening we bought his motorcycle. Bob feels better knowing we have it and will take care of it and DH is very emontional about all of this. So a tough day and not sleeping well last night doesn't help.

    Barbie-Glad the doctor had good news. Please take it slow.

    Meg--Sorry to hear, drive safe.

    Heather==Sending hugs and prayers. Don't even know what to say.

    Time to sign off and get some work done. Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    We just got back yesterday for MS visiting BIL. Got call this morning he had been put on hospice. They were doing so many things but nothing was helping. We will
    Be going back but are going to Fly this time.
    SueBDew in TX
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    Ok we will wait and see what happens..just signed a septic and we'll rider for inspection..oh Lord..who knows what they will find..
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  • Katla – This woman could possibly win; because there is a ‘mind-set’ that something “free” is good. It isn’t; someone will be picking up the tab for that. She’s a ‘socialist’ running on a Democratic ticket. Some people will vote for her simply because of race or gender. Not listening to anything that she ‘can do’ (if anything) other than divide the State more than it is. I’m sure she has someone ‘backing her agenda’ for $$$ to run her campaign. I plan on voting against her. I’m not sure we have much to choose from in our Governor’s race. I doubt that she can use the State Patrol to confiscate guns. I’d say probably a huge % of them are hunters. That would not go over well. But, to say that Stone Mountain should be sandblasted, is totally STUPID. It is a part of our ‘history’ (some of it bad; some of it good … and all of it ‘in the past’. Are they going to change the streets that we changed to MLK Jr. … back to the names they previously were? Have the statues of the Northern Generals been pulled down by mobs of people who want to ‘erase’ history? There are people who do not even think that The Holocaust or Pearl Harbor happened. Now, those things are ‘past’ history (not yet ancient … but; may be in a couple of generations).

    Margaret – Our public schools are probably 98% black and this is a farming community. Up until this past election (2016) the Head Commission who had served for 40 years in that position, should have ‘retired’ after 4 or 8 years (but we don’t have term limits on that position). Large farm and gruff and pushy. I agree; if they ‘earmark’ money for something only to use it for something else. They do that here and then do not support our local Sheriff (which we apparently cannot get out of office). Our grandchildren went to the local private school, mainly because their parents did not want them in the public schools. Our 4th granddaughter, out in LA, goes to a ‘charter school’ and it was started with a ‘lottery’ (still a ‘public school’ and gets money – small amount); and this past year they had to ‘fight’ to keep it open because of families saying it was really a ‘private school’.

    They have strict rules and you do not get a 2nd chance to ‘screw up’. I’ve got 2 granddaughters in the same grade (one is 9 months older than the other); but, there is a big difference in their maturity and education. We have a Commissioner that is running again and I intend on ‘voting for him’; but, had voted for the other running 8 years ago; because he had been a ‘road crew manager’ and both of them were and are ‘really’ good about coming out here when our road (dirt) needs some attention. We finally have a ‘road crew manager’ instead of using trustees from the prison without much supervision. The county will still use Trustees for the prison to work our road (450+ miles of them in the county are ‘dirt’). I think my sons got a decent education as well as can be expected with you have 1000+ kids in 4 grades and class size pretty stretched. But, Trey wishes that we had moved out here when they were still in HS (or before). C’est la vie’. But, one thing about the county is, if you were not ‘born here’ you are NOT considered a ‘native’; you will always be a ‘transplant’ that they’d like to ‘reject’. I used to go to the Commissioners’ meetings because my Daddy said that is how you learn ‘what is going on in the county’. I got livid at one (about the condition of the dirt roads in the county) and the HC said that ‘people’ needed to ‘just shut up and sit down’. Well, I had my say; and stomped my shoes (covered in mud) on their ‘new’ carpet and walked out. Have not been back; but, in the past 3 years I have been ‘on a driving restriction, more than I have be able to ‘drive’. If I could drive, I would go. Especially since the HC isn’t involved; but, unfortunately, his son is now the HC. I’m sure that was a ‘rigged’ election, for sure. I think in 2016; we voted for an extra 1-cent tax to cover certain things. Most of that was to ‘buy road equipment’ which needed to be replaced. Only the county ‘elementary’ schools are decent enough for one to purposefully choose for their child to go there. In our granddaughter’s Charter School, they have a % of people of color; and, they are ‘expected to be involved in the school and if not they are invited not to come back’ the next year. State tests given are usually high from this school. In fact, DGD#4 won a ‘grant’ for the school because of being in the highest 3%; and then they had 10 other students that were in the 10%. They run a tight ship and it is so different. Our county schools are a lot different than those where Carol (Peach) lives and works. Both of us went to a ‘college-prep’ HS and it also had a large ‘technical/farming’ class situation. I don’t know the % of ‘graduating students’ but I would say (during our time – mid- to late- ‘60’s) it was probably 90+%. With most of the graduates going on to college.

    The school where my other 3 DGDs go have computers in the classroom; but, they do their homework at home. I would ‘think’ if a child was unable to afford a computer, there would be something done. Either check out the computer and return it at the end of the year – or pay for it if damaged).

    I’m really NOT trying to get into any ‘political’ drama. I just find it a tad bit frustrating that we pay a goodly amount to go to school taxes and we, personally, have never had a child in school in this county. We moved out here about 18 years ago; and our middle DGD is 18 years old and will graduate this spring. She’s looking at schools; but, I don’t think that our state-run lottery (HOPE) pays for private secondary schools. Her parents want her to go to the local college for the first 2 years. But, she is just like our DOGD and want to get the ‘hell outta Dodge’ like most kids living in a ‘small town’. I could not wait to get to Atlanta; but, we ended up in Macon, GA for a couple of years and I would not change that for anything; but, we ended back up in Albany before moving out here. God has a plan and while I did not ‘see it’ at the time; I definitely do now. He is still working on his plan, so I have to remember that I do not always get the answers to my prayers.

    Carol – Yep – I won’t say anything, just ‘holding my breath’ that she doesn’t win!

    M in Oz – My normal? Well, my mantra is “I don’t suffer from mental illness; I enjoy every minute of it.” Provided my medications are working for me. I’ve got a psychiatrist who is apparently “Missing In Action”. He left the practice he was in and told me the last time I went that not all the details had been worked out, yet. But, he is going to be working ½ day for the hospital and seeing patients the other ½. His last practice tell me they have no information. Today, I called the office and they transferred my call to the “Psyche Unit” and I was told the ‘message will be given to him’. Maybe he will call me this week. I do NOT want to see the MD that treated me while I was in the hospital. She just ‘isn’t him; and, I have been going to him over 5 years. I guess you could say I have been living outside of the box. That’s is fine, most of the time – it helps with my ‘painting and drawing’.

    Lanette – I will call the tax assessor’s office tomorrow (if I can remember to do it) and ‘ask’; we might have been able to get it for years and not know they had any kind of ‘senior discount’. I’ve been disabled for 20+ years, I’m just not a Vet. I’ll vote for anything that improves our EMTs, and FD; but, I just have not been able to wrap my head around supporting any taxes that do not do anything - or much, for me since we are in a rural area. Albany had a 1-cent sales tax that went to SPOSH account; to pay for things extra – they need to redo a lot of their sewer holding ponds and drains. I’m glad we no longer live right inside the city limits there any longer.