What I Hate About Watching My Weight/New Lifestyle/Dieting, etc. (A Place to Vent)



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    Something frustrating me today is I developed IBS-D with occasional bouts of constipation in late high school and it followed me through college. I was obese in college and saw a gastroenterologist who said losing weight would definitely help. Welp, the weight has been since 2014 and the IBS has gotten worse, like way worse to the point where I will have to abandon my shopping cart in the grocery store to make a break for the bathroom. I saw my gastro yesterday and she is completely baffled as to why it is getting worse. So I guess my point of this rant is when you are promised losing weight will help with a medical condition and then it doesn't and the condition in fact gets worse.

    @Fitnessgirl0913 have you tried doing the Low FODMAP diet? It’s a pain in the rear; however, not as much a pain in the rear as IBS. I found out that bananas & onions were my biggest culprits for digestion issues. And I was eating them all the time!! Now that I concentrate on eating foods lower in fodmap I am doing much better. I use an app to quickly tell me which foods are high/medium/low fodmap.
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    The poster that brought up.the smile thing didn't mention anything about the guy leering at her, mentioning anything about her appearance.

    I would not get all hot and bothered if someone regardless of sexual orientation greeted me with a come on smile comment in passing at the gym.

    Might find it hard to smile if just lost a loved one, but most likely not at the gym either.

    It wouldn't bother you b/c you haven't heard it every Effing day of your Effing life--having other people tell you how you "should" present yourself, etc.

    And please don't try to defend yourself--there is no way you can make any argument we WOMEN haven't heard about this issue. And every single one of them is simply wrong.

    FTR, I for one might well be at the gym (or rather, out for a run) after losing a loved one. It might be one of very few things I can do at that point. So perhaps you should not make assumptions about what type of day someone is having based on the fact that they are, in fact, not at the gym.

    I am truly sorry you've had such bad life experiences that what was mostly delivered as a well meant greeting is taken as you being ordered/forced to do something.

    Hope things get better.

    It is never a well meant greeting and your continued defense of it is condescending and ignorant. Maybe you should just accept that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Me thinks this arguement is over.... beating the proverbial dead horse. Oops hope I did not offend any horse lovers. Know what I hate about this new lifestyle... hard to find a good cave for rent... lol j/k
    Well, I'm willing to accept that no one's going to be able to change you. Not until you're old enough to need diapers, anyway.

    Have fun in your cave.

    (Oh, and - SMILE!)

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