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before and after FACE edition



  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 11,515Member Member Posts: 11,515Member Member
    gman7676 wrote: »

    <snip photos, still readily available above>

    And what a sweet-looking, pretty little girl!
  • DW1TexasDW1Texas Posts: 97Member Member Posts: 97Member Member

    Way to go fellow Texan! Keep up the good work.

  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,272Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,272Member, Premium Member
    suzjab wrote: »

    Down 126 lbs from Sept 2017 to now. Clean-eating, hellavah' 'lotta gym time too!

    Looking for new friends to liven-up my friends list also. Please be committed, fitness-minded and FUN!

    Whoa! That's an incredible transformation!
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