What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    + You realize you don't need to go into the handicap stall in the bathroom any more to feel like you have enough room. Strange things like that.

    Wow!! I didn't realize that's why I go on the handicapped stall.

    I like the handicap stalls because the door swings outwards. That's all.
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    besmith11 wrote: »
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    Something I noticed last night..
    I cant sleep on my side because my knee bones hurt when they touch each other

    I am also having that issue. If you sleep on your side does your shoulder hurt in the morning too? Or am I just old?

    I think I always have my shoulders flat, i know its a weird sleeping position.. Maybe thats why my back hurts :neutral:
    For the knees, I started putting the covers inbetween and it helps :smile:
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    That a whole new area of colors in your wardrobe will be welcomed and look GREAT on you.

    This made me so sad because it sounds like someone bullied you and called you awful names. Even if they didn't, you did to yourself. I'm glad you're losing weight, but I hope you see that you were always worthy of wearing any color you wanted no matter your size. What color looks good on you has nothing to do with poundage. And elephants, pigs, and bears are all wonderful intelligent creatures after all. Be kind to yourself, OK?

    I know this is an old quote, but thank you for the comment and support. Need more like this on MFP and face to face. Great example.

    Anytime! Be kind to yourself!