Lose 5lbs + in January 2019



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    So i didn't realize yesterday was just the 6th, so I am going to redo my first post.

    Original starting weight - 73.9kg
    January starting weight - 73.9kg (Jan 5)
    January goal - 70.9 kg
    Ultimate goal - 50 kg

    January 7th - 73.4kg
    January 14th -
    January 21st -
    January 28th -

    Total loss for January - -0.5kg
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    January starting weight - 58.4k (128.7 lbs)
    January goal - 56.2k (123.9 lbs)
    Ultimate goal – 52.5-55 range (115.7-121.2 lbs)

    January 1st - 58.4
    January 2nd -57.8 went to gym yesterday and got 40 min of cardio
    January 3rd -
    January 4th -58.1. got cardio today, not yesterday
    January 5th -
    January 6th -58.3.
    January 7th -58.3
    January 8th -
    January 9th -
    January 10th -
    January 11th -
    January 12th -
    January 13th -
    January 14th -
    January 15th -
    January 16th -
    January 17th -
    January 18th -
    January 19th -
    January 20th -
    January 21st -
    January 22nd -
    January 23rd -
    January 24th -
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th -
    January 30th -
    January 31st -

    Overall loss in January: 0.1 k or 0.2 lbs
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    edited January 2019

    I hadn't heard that about weight watchers. Beans and corn have loads of calories, and yoghurt (even fat free which has lots of sugar) has quite a lot of calories. I guess as you are tracking on MFP you will see your total calorie consumption for the day.
    I hear you on how hard it is to lose! Purportedly exercise raises the metabolism, but it seems that no matter what it is a struggle just to lose even 1/2 pound.
    Seeing that you are sitting around 128 pounds (I am way more than that) it might be more difficult to lose those last few pounds. Experimentation.

    Yes that is true for beans and corn. I forgot to specify that the yogurt is sugar free, plain non-fat yoghurt, which is low in the calorie department. I'm not double tracking at present. I will aim to cut back some on bananas and beans and corn. I think it's a flaw in the current ww program. Though I believe it's scientifically tested and works on many. I would assume it works better when one has less to lose. Actually when I did WW about 7 years ago when lean proteins, beans and corn were counted, I had to go under my allotted points to lose. At the time the minimum daily points was 35 and I had to be at a average of 27 points, and eat no activity points and no weekly points to lose a reasonable 0.9 lbs per week. I got this tip from a group of some seemingly healthy women relatively close to their goal weight of small stature (under 5'4"). Most of us couldn't lose with the regular thing. Whereas I have been eating weekly points and some activity points this time around. Now the minimum daily points is 23. This week I dug into weeklies and ate an average of 27 points per day.

    So if I were to adapt like 7 years ago I would need to keep an average of 18 daily points per day, and a minimum of 13 daily points and/or scale back on beans, corn and bananas. I'm not having that much corn, but I might eat 1 servings of beans and maybe 2 bananas per day, as a rough estimate of an average.
    I've really cut back on sugar though, which is a good thing. I bought a rich cookie and chocolate thing (78g filled chocolate nugget) yesterday and only had a quarter of each. I also have really cut back on starch, which is probably my most easy downfall.

    I could try a week of aiming for :
    average 18 daily points not worrying about beans, corn, bananas
    or at least avoiding eating any weekly points or activity points

    and see how it goes.

    Slow metabolism must have been very efficient in times of famine!
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    Original starting weight - 140
    January starting weight - 137
    January goal - 132
    Ultimate goal - 126

    January 6th - 137
    January 13th -
    January 20th -
    January 27th -

    Total loss for January -
  • nkolpean
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    Original starting weight - 188
    January starting weight - 159
    January goal - 155
    Ultimate goal - 135

    January 6th - 159
    January 13th -
    January 20th -
    January 27th -

    Total loss for January -