Lose 5lbs + in January 2019



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    •Lose 5 lbs in January 2019•

    December 2018 - Lost 2.4lbs 😃

    Original starting wgt: 253
    January starting weight: 178 (fluid retention)
    January goal: 170
    ❄Updating every day through January until completely back on track.

    •Monday Updates•📌
    1/01- 178 - Oh yeah, midnight eating and a little champagne. My weight is between 174 & 175 this is fluid.
    1/102 - 177.2
    1/03 - 175.8
    1/04 - 177.6 - Felt miserable all day yesterday with some type of weird allergy cold again. Exercised, ate dinner and went to bed later than usual. Now gut is upset. What the what?!
    1/05 -177.2 - Had no appetite most of the day yesterday, runny nose, gut in an uproar, whole 9 yards of misery. Took some cold medicine late afternoon and then proceeded to overeat cookies.😦
    1/06 - 178.2 - Still with the carb craziness!
    📌 1/07 - 177.2 - Coming back down. This "allergy cold" still hanging on. I will be staying under 20 grams of carbs today. (That should say net carbs.)
    1/08 - 174.4 - 18g net carbs, 16g net is the plan today.
    1/09 - 174.8 - I did better than planned yesterday, 19g carbs, 12g net. Today's plan is 16g/13g net.
    1/10 - 174 - 20g carbs, 17g net carbs.
    1/11- 172.8 - Yesterday 15g carbs, 12g net carbs.
    1/12 - 173.2 - Yesterday 29g carbs 23g net carbs
    📌 1/14

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    Original starting weight - 190
    January starting weight - 147.5
    January goal - 140.5
    Ultimate goal - 120

    January 03 - 147.8
    January 10 - 146.6
    January 17 -
    January 24 -
    January 31 -

    Total loss for January - 1.1 lbs

    Honestly, I’m a little frustrated. I’ve been working my butt off adding consistent exercise to my routine (and of course still sticking to my calories) and I feel like the weight is just barely coming off. It is my period week so there might be some water retention happening. I just feel like I’ve been working really hard the past 10 days and haven’t gotten much to show for it.

    @Running2FitRunning : losing a pound a week is a very good rhythm for solid weight loss.

    https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/losing_weight/index.html :
    "It’s natural for anyone trying to lose weight to want to lose it very quickly. But evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) are more successful at keeping weight off. "

    Also I am sure you really do not want to read this. But now you are about 25 pounds away from your goal weight. And there are lots of discussions around the fact that when one only has X amount of pounds to lose. It is not uncommon for it to come off slowly like half a pound per week at the most. I am sure it is frustrating for you as you have lost 44 pounds and want the balance to just keep coming off steady. But as we know weight loss is not linear at all. Hopefully soon you will have a week when you lose 2-3 at one time.
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    A bit late..would like to join
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    January weight loss goal - 4 lbs=1.8 k
    January starting weight - 58.4k (128.7 lbs)
    January goal - 56.6k (123.9 lbs
    Ultimate goal – 52.5-55 range (115.7-121.2 lbs)

    January 1st - 58.4
    January 2nd -57.8 went to gym yesterday and got 40 min of cardio
    January 3rd -
    January 4th -58.1. got cardio today, not yesterday
    January 5th -
    January 6th -58.3
    January 7th -58.3
    January 8th -58.3
    January 9th -57.6 got 10,000 steps yesterday with work and a walk
    January 10th -57.0
    January 11th -57.3
    January 12th -57.7 barely moved yesterday and dug into weekly points last 2 days
    January 13th -57.4 went for a short walk yesterday, nice meal out
    January 14th -
    January 15th -
    January 16th -
    January 17th -
    January 18th -
    January 19th -
    January 20th -
    January 21st -
    January 22nd -
    January 23rd -
    January 24th -
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th -
    January 30th -
    January 31st -

    Overall loss in January: 1 k or 2.2 lbs
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    Original starting weight -290
    January starting weight -246.2
    January goal -241.2
    Ultimate goal -175

    January 1st -246.2
    January 8th -245.6
    January 13th -246
    January 22nd -
    January 28th -

    Total loss for January -
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    Hope ok to use stones and pounds (based in UK)

    Original starting weight - 17st 5.4lb
    January starting weight - 17st 5.4lb
    January goal - 16st 13.9lb
    Ultimate goal - 12st

    January 1st - 17st 5.4lb
    January 8th - 17st 4lb
    January 13th - 17st 1lb
    January 22nd -
    January 28th -

    Total loss for January -

    I've never used this app before...Does this show in my challenges section?

    Thanks and good luck everyone!
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    January 1st - 181.4
    January 2nd -181.1 So glad to have my new digital scale so that I feel rewarded by "good" days. I am also happy with my decision to weigh every day, it makes me mindful every night that I will be weighing in the morning and affects my choices.
    January 3rd - 181.9
    January 4th - 181.7
    January 5th - 178.7
    January 6th - 182.5 Crazy how everything fluctuates. I couldn't believe yesterday, so weighed 5 times. Up 3.8 from yesterday, but I have skating on the docket for today. Perhaps I will discover a trend in something that I am doing, eating, or something that I am not eating with how it affects me.
    January 7th - 181.7
    January 8th - 183.0 - really don't get the gain this time, I was in really good numbers all week.
    January 9th - 182.2 - I seriously expect a really big loss soon. I am just sticking with it. I am working very long hours this week, maybe my body is holding on to it just in case.
    January 10th - 179.8 - not getting too excited, I see how I can be almost 4 pounds more the next day. Still, glad to be slightly under 180 at least for today : - )
    January 11th - 180.7
    January 12th - 182.4 - I was less disciplined in December and still lost weight, yet this month I am being so careful and am just not dropping weight. I have to stick with it.
    January 13th - 181.4
    January 14th -
    January 15th -
    January 16th -
    January 17th -
    January 18th -
    January 19th -
    January 20th -
    January 21st -
    January 22nd -
    January 23rd -
    January 24th -
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th -
    January 30th -
    January 31st -

    Running loss/gain for January - 0 gain/loss for January