WINTER WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 2019 (January, Febuary, March and April) A Continuation



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    sdudley08 wrote: »
    I'll try this:
    Starting weight for this challenge:Erm - can't remember!
    Starting weight with MFP - can't remember either.

    Is there any way to edit our posts rather than making more entries? I was trying to find an entry, but i'm guessing we just have to make new ones, right?

    The easiest way for me to do these challenges is to keep the "skeleton" of the entry (you know, the stuff at the top, the dates, etc,) in the Notes app on my computer. That way I just add this week's weight to it, copy, and paste it here. You could also do it in a word processing program like Word or Google Docs. It is way too time consuming for me to go back and find my old posts. I'd never participate in these community challenges if I had to do that or retype everything either. Good luck!