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    @hammycakes On gym days I drink extra water and have a chilled high protein shake in the car. Try that, if you haven’t, and see if it helps.

    @MsBaz2018 Are you tracking your food? Is there a correlation between what you eat and the weight change 2-3 days LATER?

    @deepwoodslady Glad you were able to find the PB. No refrigeration needed makes it easier to stir the oil back in but that cool house isn’t going to help at all! Wrap up and stay warm. Prayers are with everyone enduring that crazy cold!

    @MyEvolvingJourney Welcome back! We look forward to seeing you in Round 67!

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    SarahG626 wrote: »

    Also - for anyone who's posted pet pictures.......are you doing that via the MFP app on your phone or on your computer? I've seen a cat in a window, a cat in a lap, and a dog in a bed. My cat has been jumping from box to box and just sitting there. He's so cute! Wish I could share. :smile:

    @SarahG626 - I used the app on my iphone 🐶🐱

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    Jan 31 - 180.4 - I really need to stop the late night snacking and either go to bed or walk.
    I'm guilty of late night snacking too, but have started making better choices. When I just HAVE to have something, I'll reach for a handful of sliced almonds (or tblspn peanut butter), some blackberries or an ounce of cheese with some tea. Found it usually takes the edge off without my feeling full or guilty.

    Any other suggestions for a good snack substitute?
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    Thanks love ~ and back atcha friend! Stay warm 🙏