• brightresolve
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    @puddlegoober !!! (((hugs))) So nice to see you. I came back too as you see. This community got so big I missed seeing you for three whole days.
  • FarmerCarla
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    @eminater Very good! Onderland!!!
  • deepwoodslady
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    I just listened and boogied to “Gimme One Reason” ... I’m not good with song titles, but Thank You!! Because Boys love the song but didn’t know the name or who did it LOL!!

    I’m very to sorry to hear of your sister’s prognosis; I’m glad you are taking care of yourself! Dance on, my friend❣️

    You are very welcome. You never know what song I'll throw out there. I like almost anything. However, I'm using my Alexa with Amazon Prime. The library is huge, but some artists or versions are not available. So far, no Prince & very limited Michael Jackson or Jackson Five. I also tried an Akon song & couldn't get it. So I'm sharing what I can! If you use your phones or another streaming method you may have more available. Nice to know I'm not dancing alone!