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    @ghy5 I blame typos on fat fingers!
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    I travel today. Travel and social situations are my worst scenarios. Goal is to be mindful. I will eat healthy as much as possible and treat with portion control in mind. Everything I will put in my mouth will be deliberate and free of regrets!

    @CowgirlConnieMay I love this philosophy, this plan! Especially the part that says "treat with portion control in mind". Sometimes my treats turn into a full-on binge and that is what I've been working so hard on. Like @quiltingjaine tried to tell her friend, there is nothing we cannot have. We only need to choose not to, or to fit in into our plan or our macros as best we can. I know if I try to do that deliberately and with full intent, then even if I fail, it is part of my lifestyle to always be mindful and to make choices. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. I have a social even tonight & will "try to eat healthy as much as possible and treat with portion control in mind". It really is that simple, isn't it?

    @erminater Congratulations on entering Onderland! You are doing fantastic!

    @noynoyavery Wonderful news on the way your clothes are fitting now (and losing that dress size!). Dancing works! Dance those jeans right off girl! The next size down is yours for the taking too. Great job!

    @mamarh Yay you for hitting your all-time low in weight! We are proud of you! Keep up the great work & the good choices!

    @quiltingjaine Lots of more songs on my list, which grows everyday! More CCR too! I love the dancing & music because I can pick any tempo depending on how I feel. Any genre, Any beat, Any dance style. So it works for me no matter the mood or circumstance. Because my fitbit counts 10 minutes as exercise, I usually do at least 3 songs so I can get the calorie count from my fitbit. It helps get those steps in too, but in a much more fun way, so I do one song at a time per hour if I need to to get them in. Lots of fun! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!