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    @td19852007 WELCOME! Better late than never!

    @tiabirdie56 Tish, loved your ebook! Something I read the other day made me think I should add B-12 to my daily regimen but I haven’t bought it yet.
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    @CowgirlConnieMay I love this philosophy, this plan! Especially the part that says "treat with portion control in mind". Sometimes my treats turn into a full-on binge and that is what I've been working so hard on. Like @quiltingjaine tried to tell her friend, there is nothing we cannot have. We only need to choose not to, or to fit in into our plan or our macros as best we can. I know if I try to do that deliberately and with full intent, then even if I fail, it is part of my lifestyle to always be mindful and to make choices. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. I have a social even tonight & will "try to eat healthy as much as possible and treat with portion control in mind". It really is that simple, isn't it?

    My philosophy is ' You can have anything you want, you just can't have everything you want'

    @prehistoricmoongoddess An excellent & true philosophy! Thanks for the insight.
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    This is a good gluten free and low carb friendly zucchini bread recipe. I like that it doesn't use artificial sweetener/stevia, although you could substitute for the 2T honey. Enjoy! https://paleogrubs.com/zucchini-bread-recipe

    Thanks for the recipe. I was hoping you would see my request on the homepage. While Honey has many beneficial properties, I usually do substitiute stevia because of my T2D. I will figure the amount probably by tasting the batter. I will also add a few walnuts in to get in the healthy fats & heart healthy omega 3's. Entering the recipe into MFP recipes will give me the exact macros with the changes. Interesting that it has both banana & zucchini. I am assuming the banana is to aid with the sweetness naturally. I may play around with omitting the banana to lessen the carbs & up the stevia. I may also use this recipe without the zucchini but with the banana for banana nut bread. This may very well be two recipes in one & I am so excited! I am so looking forward to this & will be making it first exactly as given. I may be able to take it to my potlucks to be sure there is something there I can eat! How wonderful is that? Thanks again.

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    I honestly still do not crave anything usual like sweet and salty, but I do like crunchy. I figure that is my new crave on keto, because I don't eat anything crunchy. /quote]

    @tiabirdie56 I do eat nuts for most of my crunchy snacks. (90% cacao dark chocolate for the sweet cravings.) Walnuts. Almonds. Even salted smoke flavored Almonds if I must have salty. That is me satisfying a crunchy craving (instead of popcorn, chips or pretzels I used to eat). Full of healthy fats & omega 3 too!. If push comes to shove, I eat pork rinds because of the zero carbs & fat content. Flavored ones available too. I just don't eat the rinds as often because I do try to stay fairly heart healthy, even in my keto. I know that you already know all these tricks. Just a reminder & a word of encouragement to you because you're the best!
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    You can do this! Remember, the scale gives you data. It's your tool, not your enemy!

    Love it! I feel like I need to make this into a poster or something and put it by my scale!!

    Yay! I'm glad I said something useful. :)