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    :) I walked back and forth across the house while Jake watched TV and finally just before 7:00 got my 10,000 steps. Yes, I know, I'm obsessed. Now, just one more quick dog walk and then to bed.
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    I have been smiling at the stress eating comments so this is when I eat – Happy=eat; Sad=eat, stressed=eat, tired=eat, rested= eat, feeling loved=eat, feeling lonely=eat….I could go on but basically it is _______=eat! No wonder I have weight to lose! LOL

    I'm one of the (apparently) weird ones who can't eat when I'm really stressed, and forgets to eat when I'm really busy.

    Taking uni courses can be good for me in that regard because as my stress level goes up, my appetite goes down, and as my busy-ness goes up, I forget about eating.

    I do that at work sometimes. I don't eat breakfast, I will usually remember to have a nibble at 10:30 (crackers & cheese or a banana), but then I can get busy with stuff and all of a sudden it's nearly 3 pm, and I haven't eaten anything. And I'm wondering why I'm having trouble focusing or I'm feeling cranky.

    M in Oz

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    Sunday --

    Distance: 21.16km
    Elevation: 139m
    Moving Time: 1:36:38
    Elapsed Time: 1:39:44
    Speed: Avg: 13.1km/h | Max: 33.5km/h

    Plus a slow 4 km walk

    M in Oz
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    I managed my machines, plus mat work, plus half my push ups and a tiny bit of weights. Could have done more, but decided to ease into it. :D We are babysitting this pm, so will leave here early to pick up some shopping we can't buy locally. A bit more walking. :D
    In a programme on our tv the doctors and Michael Moseley pointed out that the 10,000 steps thing is just some random number dreamt up by a Japanese manufacturer of pedometers. The programme's research found it's far better to do three 10 minute bursts of faster walking that makes you slightly out of breath during the day. Leslie Sansome would be good for that.

    I'm a bit apprehensive about this afternoon as three children of different ages for three and a half hours is not my idea of fun. Max can get a bit silly and disruptive as we have to pay attention to the little ones. We could split them up, but DH is the star attraction and everyone wants to play with him. <3 We may break the rules and allow Max screen time. >:) If the weather was better we could go out, but generally they are not keen on trailing around in the wind and rain!!!
    I'm sure it will all work out.

    I've cooked a lamb, lentil and spinach curry for when we get home. All I've got to do is wilt the spinach into it. Funny cooking a curry at 7.30 in the morning. :o:D

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    good morning ladies~
    I am up and having my tea.. I indulged in a piece of fried chicken yesterday and a little wing.. and it wasn't KFC ,it was just ok. put the rest in the freezer.. stepped on the scale this morning thinking with the sodium I would have ballooned up, didnt lose or gain.. so thats ok in my book..
    have a physical on thursday.. and the thursday after that... colonoscopy... whooo hooo. oh well has to be done..
    going down to feed DFIL and then home for the day to work on cleaning this place up...
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    Good morning all! Happy Sunday! My last kid left last night at 10:30 and I was in bed by 11:00. Fell asleep with the luxurious feeling of not having to set my alarm clock and being able to sleep in. Guess who woke up at 5:30, anyway? :/ I laid in bed until 6am trying to sleep; but my brain and body was having none of that. So baggy sweater and yoga pants on, coffee beside me and I am here.
    Not sure what is going on with my knee, but after grocery shopping yesterday I have had a pain (coming and going) right below the knee. I must have pulled something and not realized it? But it is not all of the time. No swelling. Maybe I just need to spend the day off my leg? lol That is my plan for the day, actually. I may grab my leg brace and put that on, just to give some support and stability on that leg when I walk around today.
    Lanette- Ever since Joaquin had to get the helmet, my brain has been more "aware" of babies in helmets. Joaquin's helmet is stored, now. Though we enjoy looking at the baby pics of him wearing it. Never phased him at all.ckqtanwbo3pu.jpg
    Karen VA- <3<3 Olivia! <3<3 I knew her birthday was coming up! Janet's Mia should be turning two soon as well! Such a sweet face! Those eyes!
    Barbie- I love the way you are committed to your 10,000 steps. I giggled when I visualized you fervently walking in the house to get them in before bed. When I commit myself to something I am the same way, and I can't let it go because my brain will nag about it. But, most times it is worth the effort just to get your brain to say, "OKay! We're good!" Shoveling is a huge work out and it IS listed in the exercises on mfp. With the looks of that snow (it looks wet and heavy) it is a big calorie burner. You will probably feel every muscle you used, tomorrow.
    Heather- So happy to hear you are getting back to your normal routines! Having just moved into your new place, you might not have any "recycle" type materials lying around; but if you had any cardboard or empty oatmeal containers, tp tubes, paper towel tubes, etc.; sometimes the kids like to create things with it (or at the very least make a road with ramps and tunnels for little cars to travel through). You could also make some playdoh, give them cookie cutters, rollers, etc and let them play with that. The recipe I use is: In a pan, MIX 1 c flour, 2t cream of tartar, 1/2 c salt, 1 pkg unsweetened kool-aid (optional for color and scent); ADD 1T cooking oil, 1 c water. Mix well and cook over medium heat until the mixture forms a ball. Place on a clean surface and carefully (because it is hot) knead until cool. It will stay fresh in an airtight container for many months.
    Like you, I would rather be outside with the kids. I think it is more enjoyable for all of us; but just thought I would toss a couple of suggestions for inside activities your way. I am sure you will have a fun day together! Love that DH is their favorite play thing!
    Machka- Love the photos!
    Barbara- FIRST, falling asleep during your workout (so quickly) is concerning? Are you sure you fell asleep and didn't pass out? SECONDLY, Yea for Joe taking the advice of the fireman in regards to the tree trimming and the stove! lol Men are weird!
    Beth and Karen NY- We have had to pay in $6-10K every year, due to my daycare business. We actually have a savings account set aside specifically for tax time. WE haven't gotten a return in many, many years. This year I shouldn't be paying as much because we are only factoring in my income. BUT, we also have had nothing to put into the tax savings; so we will have to go on a payment plan with the IRS.
    Kim- I got a giggle from your all encompassing emotional eating. I think about food all of the time; so I could easily be an all emotion eater. But I can resist, most of the time. I AM a big stress eater, though. That is the hardest time for me to resist food. Unfortunately, that is also the emotion that tells our body we are in trouble and need to hang onto and store all calories. Ugh!
    Pip- Why the sweaters on the pups in the snow? Is it to keep them from getting too cold? Too snowy? They look like they are enjoying it all! Shoveling is a great alternative to a gym work out. I have a good sized driveway (can fit 10-12 cars), so I know I am getting in some walking, plus the pushing and lifting of the snow is equal to some great weight/reisitance work outs. Have fun!

    There are more of you that are staying in my mind and hearts, but my brain is not focusing well. Maybe I will go lie down and see if I can get a couple more hours of sleep. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

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    Machka- Hahahahahahaaa! This would make an AWESOME fiftieth birthday card!
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 7,170 Member Member Posts: 7,170 Member
    Machka.. love it.. this will be second one.
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,595 Member Member Posts: 19,595 Member
    I turn 52 next month and so far my Dr hasn't suggested I should go for my first one. :)

    She did however suggest I should do the mail-in thing some time soonish. That I shouldn't leave it too long.

    M in Oz
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    :)Heather, I'm happy to hear that you are feeling well enough to get back to most of your regular exercise routine and having a visit with the grands.

    :)Machka, beautiful beach pictures--a great contrast to the acres of snow outside my house.

    :) It won't start snowing again til midday so I'm going to venture out on a slightly longer walk than yesterday. Thank you to whomever reminded me that walking in snow is a good calorie burn and good calf exercise.

    <3 Barbie in beautiful snowy NW WA
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    morning ladies :)

    We are not facing the winter storms of the PNW but will see something falling from the sky Tuesday, which of course, will freak everyone out and I could see a delay to my school day. Stay warm and cozy out there and be careful when shoveling.


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    2019 Word: Lovingme

    February Goals:
    1. Commit to whole month MFP tracking✅
    2. Drink 8+ glasses water daily✅
    3. Steps / activity 3-5x❌
    4. No eating after 9pm
    5. Watch sweets/stress/emotional eat❌
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