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    Machka - is there a way to save a post on MFP like on FB, I’m very interested in the article you shared but don’t have time to read it right now.

    I put it in my blog here on MFP, so you might be able to read it there ...

    Machka in Oz

  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 18,880 Member Member Posts: 18,880 Member
    Still no news on the job, but in my dream I received the call on Friday, so I’m waiting patiently.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    Finger's crossed!

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    I'm in full blown cold mode sneezing my fool head off..but will go to work as usual.. and just deal with it..they haven't gotten my DFIL up yet and I have to leave in 15 min.. not cool
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    kylia I am like you when I have little to do, I sink into being sedentary, when I have a long list of to dos, I get everything going full steam! This is important to recognize because when I eventually retire, I want to be fit, healthy and active--without structure and purpose I will most likely sink into a sedentary funk. Will have to set myself up with activities for sure.

    Barbie that kitchen pic says it all, it sure will feel nice when it is back in order. Is the new cupboard going to have pull out slides? It looks like it will give you plenty more storage.

    Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and what a delight to have it all spic and span--

    Two hour delayed opening, roads are icy so am taking it slow and steady, be safe everyone.

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka - is there a way to save a post on MFP like on FB, I’m very interested in the article you shared but don’t have time to read it right now.

    I put it in my blog here on MFP, so you might be able to read it there ...

    Thank you!

    Machka in Oz

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    :) It was too slippery yesterday for walking on the streets so I was sad thinking that the dogs and I wouldn't be able to go for a long walk. We were so happy to get about another inch of snow and more falling so we could go for a long walk before breakfast and then meet our walking friend after breakfast to walk together.

    :)Tracey, Until recently I walked alone because there was never anyone who could be relied on to walk regularly. I like to go out very early in the morning and on a very regular schedule. The woman I walk with now is someone I met while walking a few years ago. She could only walk early in the morning while her husband was still asleep. We liked each other and gradually developed a routine of walking together.

    :)Lisa, I am amazed at your energy level so soon after surgery.

    :)NYKaren, yes, there are five pull out shelves in my new cupboard. Jake and I have begun talking about what we want on each shelf. We keep a very minimalist kitchen so what we'll have is a way to store things without being crowded.

    :)Betsy, It's very interesting that even though you and I live not far from each other, the snow in your neighborhood made everything slippery and in my neighborhood the snow is powdery and perfect for walking with dogs.

    :) about TV--I watch TV only while riding my exercise bike and knitting. We have a DVR system so we watch only selected programs and at the time of day we want to watch. My husband's health requires him to be more sedentary so watching TV with him is a way we can be together while he is resting.

    <3 Barbie from snowy NW WA
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    Barbie & Sue in WA - warm here, (35 f), not much rain predicted-in fact, some sun this afternoon, still plenty of slush - we are at 600' above sea level. Happy that dogs seem more comfortable in finding a good spot to do their business, lol. Anxious to head to town this morning and stretch my legs at Walmart (like the other 10,000 folks in our town will likely be doing - not really, lol, schools are open today. HOORAY!!) B)

    Tracey & Heather - the constant TV watching as we get older.... I saw it in my mom and her dad, both of who had dementia in their later years. I know I'm on the internet a LOT during the day, especially now when more house-bound due to the weather, but I bounce around a lot from site to site. Check this group. Go online to see product or cute fashion someone is talking about. Check weather. Pay bills online. Update budget on Excel spreadsheet. Go get a cup of coffee, hit the bathroom, lol. Check Twitter. Check Facebook. Run back to the office and see if I already have books someone is discussing. If not, go online and order book from library. Let dogs out. Back on the internet, check 10 day forecast for DH. Check emails. And that's just in an hour! It often takes me an hour or more to get this post ready. :*

    I worry a little that my DH isn't on the internet much anymore. He used to communicate a lot with his friends and relatives all over but doesn't do that much now. Actually, a lot of those folks he interacted with and Facebook too were bothersome - negative, making demands on his time. I think we both are less tolerant of conversations that are more "noise" than substance.

    Welcome new ladies! Tracey is right, we do seem like a tight-knit group but please just keep joining in when you feel like it, tell us about yourselves. All are welcome here. I often don't respond due to time constraints but I'm one that will hit "like" or "hug" on everyone's post that I catch.

    Wishing everyone a safe and healthy day! <3

    SW WA State
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    Nicole ~ I too hold my weight in the torso. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. But, I am 5'1" and need to lose 40 lbs to get back to a better look.

    Lanette ~ Sadly, I am on the internet constantly as well as watching the small tv that is to the side of my computer. I have recently realized that I would probably get a lot more done if we did not have a computer. LOL I used to read all the time and loved working in the yard/walking.

    Carol in GA
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    Many homes here are suffering from ice dams here. They are caused by the warm air of your home melting the snow on top your home. Having your attic well insulated helps. It also helps if you have a pull down attic to insulate the door and do not open the door if you have snow on your roof. We are lucky we do not have this problem. I have called son to check on his new home.

    If your home it suffering from long icicles you might need to call in the pros to remove the dam. It causes even more problems if left alone.

    I am trying to get in the habit of looking away frequently when on the computer. I also put it on nighttime setting. I do need to be better about my night time T.V. watching. I rarely watch during the day. My main concern is macular degeneration. I believe too much screen time can be a problem if you are prone to this condition.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Barbie: From what the picture shows, you are going to love your new kitchen cabinet. :star:

    Machka: Demotivation is an interesting topic. I connect the concept with physical or emotional exhaustion. You’ve had plenty of both in the last year. I hope you’re able to rest and rebuild your reserves. :flowerforyou:

    Lanette: I rarely visit facebook anymore. I call or email the people that really matter to me. There is so much advertising and other clutter on facebook that it has lost its former charm. :grumble:

    Has anyone heard from Karen in VA lately?

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Hugs back, Rori... many, many hugs back to you. Your smile stays in my memory, and your voice, and I know who you are. Just... hugs.

    Lisa in AR
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