2019 Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • Roxmom66
    Roxmom66 Posts: 297 Member
    Roxmom, age 66, 5’ 2”

    OSW: 228
    UGW: 170
    CSW:: 201.4 (Jan. 1, 2019)

    Jan. 7. 198.8
    Jan. 14. 201.8
    Jan. 21. 200.8
    Jan. 28. 196.4

    January loss: -2.4

    Feb. 4. 195.4
    Feb. 11 193.4
    Feb 18. Did not weigh, away from home
    Feb 25. 191.4

    February loss: 4 lbs

    Mat.4 191.4

    Total weight loss. 7.4 lbs

    Little disappointed in last week’s loss,. Of course I had been over a pound lower, but when weigh in Day is here I am up. Next week! Tracking and logging was good. ,just below calories most days then I ease up on weekends. Hopefully the weather warms up and I can increase my exercise.

  • BigChangeNeeded
    BigChangeNeeded Posts: 671 Member
    Starting weight: 265lbs
    Goal weight: 213lbs
    Current weight: 254lbs
    Total weight lost: 11lbs

    Maintained my weight this week, which wasn't unexpected. I had a few good days and a few naughty days, so it all balanced out.

    Successes this week: I'm starting to understand my cravings better now, and I'm able to make swaps. When I want crisps, I'll eat something crunchy like carrots. When I'm craving carbs, I'll chop up and boil a potato, then sprinkle some paprika and black pepper on them, then roast it in the oven with a couple of squirts of Frylight. I'm teaching myself to wait a bit instead of instantly seeking gratification.

    Challenges: Knowing that I now will not have an official weigh in until the 25th March means that I know my brain will be saying "EAT JUNK, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT", so I have to rein that in. Plus, I'm going on holiday for two weeks to a place where you get free food with every drink you order (Granada, Spain), so I need to try and make some smart choices to balance out my inevitable bad choices!
  • eminater
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    HSW: 257.8
    CSW: 206.6 lbs (01.01.2019)
    UGW: 133
    CGW: 150 lbs (31.12.2019)

    01.01.2019: 206.6 lbs
    08.01.2019: 204.0 lbs wk 01 loss -2.4 lbs
    15.01.2019: 200.0 lbs wk 02 loss -4.0 lbs
    22.01.2019: 202.2 lbs wk 03 loss (gain +2.0 lbs)
    29.01.2019: 199.8 lbs wk 04 loss -2.4 lbs
    12.02.2019: 198.4 lbs wk 06 loss -1.4 lbs
    19.02.2019: 196.8 lbs wk 07 loss -1.6 lbs
    26.02.2019: -- no weigh in today
    05.03.2019: 201.6 lbs wk 9 GAIN :sweat:

    Total weight loss (Jan) to date: 9.8 lbs! :sweat_smile:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I feel like 2019 is a great year for me to FOCUS!
  • Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel
    Starting weight: 179.6
    Goal weight: 140
    Current weight: 171.8
    Total weight lost: 7.8b

    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges: Up 1.4lb this week. (My son's birthday. Chinese food and cake etc...) That's ok, it'll be off again next week.

    SW: 179.6
    7th: 178.4
    14th: 176.4
    21st: 174.8
    28th: 174.8
    (JAN TOTAL: 4.8lb)

    4th: 174
    11th: 172.2
    18th: 171.8
    25th: 170.4
    (FEB TOTAL: 4.4lb)

    4th: 171.8
    (MAR TOTAL: +1.4lb)

  • wendyron3
    wendyron3 Posts: 91 Member
    Starting weight- 174.6
    Goal weight-140
    Current weight-159.2
    Total loss-15.4lb
    This weeks challenge was that I had a hard week mentally. Have you ever been afraid to be happy you lost weight? Like you’ll wake up and it will be up 10 lb? The struggle of always being on that up and down roller coaster has made it hard to enjoy it. Hopefully during this year I will become less afraid if failing.
    Goals are to keep tracking and drinking water.
  • cuddlegrl
    cuddlegrl Posts: 101 Member
    This week's challenges: Up 1.4lb this week. (My son's birthday. Chinese food and cake etc...) That's ok, it'll be off again next week.

    This is a great way to view long-term weight loss! One week of enjoying something special, like your sons birthday, isn't the end of the world. And having the attitude that its ok because it will be off next week, is perfect! Very motivating :)
  • cuddlegrl
    cuddlegrl Posts: 101 Member
    wendyron3 wrote: »
    Have you ever been afraid to be happy you lost weight? Like you’ll wake up and it will be up 10 lb? The struggle of always being on that up and down roller coaster has made it hard to enjoy it.

    Yup!! I'm down ~10 lbs. And my mind knows thats great, but a part of me also views the number as small and like I'm not far enough away from my starting weight to feel comfortable enough to not slide right back easily. I could gain these 10 lbs back in probably 2-weeks if I stopped paying attention to my diet and stopped going to the gym. I don't think I will feel "safe" or accomplished until I am down 30-40+ lbs.
  • selee55
    selee55 Posts: 2 Member
    Sounds like a good challenge. Need something to get me going. Hopefully next week I'll be down a pound.

    Starting weight: 179
    Goal weight: 120
    Current weight: 179
    Total weight lost:0
    This week's successes: 0
    This week's challenges: 0
  • Barkshire1
    Barkshire1 Posts: 10 Member
    Haven’t lost any weight in February but haven’t gained. Goal for March, get below 170 lbs.
  • BecMarty14
    BecMarty14 Posts: 351 Member
    Starting Weight Dec 2017: 177.6 #
    2019 Starting weight: 150.0#
    Goal weight: 125#
    Total weight lost so far: 31.4#
    March 4: 146.6#

    This week's successes:
    - working out, feeling great

    This week's challenges:
    - odd physical phenomenon over the last week... seems to be over now

    4) 146.6#
  • ChrysalisCove
    ChrysalisCove Posts: 975 Member
    Starting weight: 235
    Goal weight: 135
    Current weight: 203.0
    Number of weeks: 9
    Weight lost: 32.0

    This week's successes: Keepin’ on, keepin’ on...

    This week's challenges: Not getting discouraged by the TOM scale bump. Gone now, thankfully!
  • guacamolito
    guacamolito Posts: 26 Member
    Week goal 165#
    Update: 39F 5'2" Maintenance goal: 134.
    2019/1/01: 185.2. (Heaviest ever)
    2019/January: 185.2 - 172.8 (Net -12.4 lbs)
    2019/February: 172.8 - 167.6 (Net -5.2 lbs)
    3/6/2019: 164.4 (met week goal 165)
    Total loss since 2019/1/1: 20.8 lbs!
    Plenty of weeks when my weight just stabilized, no movement in numbers.

    I get hungry when I exercise and that's natural. When the cravings attack, I now eat what would give me most satisfaction within my calorie goals (whether it be junk food or fried chicken) bc I find nibbling on "healthier", lower calorie options during these times will still end up becoming a binge-fest to fulfill the satisfaction (which often do not work for me and I still end up looking for that thing I craved.... After also already eating a bunch of little things that put me way beyond over my calorie goals).
  • garlo12
    garlo12 Posts: 173 Member
    :) Highest Weight Ever!! 264.4 :'(
    Original Starting weight: 02-14-2017 ~ 248.6
    HT: 5'4
    Starting Weight for This Challenge 225.4 ~ 01-02-2019
    Goal weight:185 lbs.--01-02-2020
    Current Weight: 230.2
    Total weight lost: UP+2.2
    This week's successes: NONE
    This weeks challenges: Starting over today, Doing a little more. Need to drink more water!!!
    01-09-2019-225.4- :/
    01-16-2019-225.8- :(
    01-23-2019-227.8-I'm going the wrong way!! :s
    01-30-2019-229.2- :s
    02-06-2019-228.4- :/
    02-13-2019-226.0- :)
    02-20-2019-228.6 :/
    02-27-2019-228.0 :|
    03-06-2019-230.2 :s Nothing to say
  • carlapeters374
    carlapeters374 Posts: 13 Member
    Age 57
    Starting weight 180.1 (all time high which = all time low lol)
    Goal weight 140
    Change to diet: Quit snacking on high sugar/calorie/carb snacks all day and evening long. Have cut sugar consumption to under 40 gms a day which in turn cut carbs as well.

    Starting Jan 20th - 180.1
    W01 Jan 27th - 175.4
    Jan Loss - 4.7
    Total Loss - 4.7

    W02 Feb 3rd - 173.9
    W3 Feb 10th - 172.8
    W4 Feb 17th - 172.6
    W5 Feb 24nd -172.5
    Feb Loss - 2.9
    Total Loss - 7.6

    W 6 Mar 3rd -
    W 7 Mar 10th -
    W 8 Mar 17th -
    W 9 Mar 24th
    W10 Mar 31st
    March Loss -
    Total Loss -

    W11 Apr 7th -
    W12 Apr 14th -
    W13 Apr 21st -
    W14 Apr 28th
    April Loss -
    Total Loss -

  • 171lake
    171lake Posts: 894 Member
    Starting Challenge weight: 165.6 lbs (1/2/19)
    Current weight: 155.5 lbs (3/6/19)
    Goal weight:120 lbs
    Total challenge weight lost: 10.1 lbs in 9 weeks
    This week's successes: Stuck with diet most days even though kind of hit a wall mentally
    This week's challenges: Lent starts today so try to avoid chips and cereal
  • Nooneknows21
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    edited March 2019
    Starting weight: 239lbs (September 2018)
    Goal weight: 180lbs
    Total weight lost so far in 2019: 1.5lbs
    Total weight lost altogether: 11lbs

    2nd Jan - 229.5lbs
    9th Jan - 228.5lbs
    16th Jan - 226lbs
    23rd Jan - 228.5lbs
    30th Jan - 227lbs
    7th Feb - 226.5lbs
    13th Feb - 226lbs
    20th Feb - 226lbs
    27th Feb - 224lbs
    6th March - 228lbs :neutral: oops