What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • cayenne_007
    cayenne_007 Posts: 671 Member
    5 lbs to the 130s - I really want the scale to read 13? by July!
  • DreamAchiever33
    DreamAchiever33 Posts: 100 Member
    My goal right now is 180-184 by 4th of July weekend. I've lost 15 since May 1st and am at 191 (last Thursday weight). I think I can push to 184, but not sure of the 180. This means that my swimsuits will actually fit!
  • bgonell21
    bgonell21 Posts: 5 Member
    10 lbs
  • haapierthanever
    haapierthanever Posts: 1 Member
    To get into the 15 stones, which is 7lbs away. I missed them completely when the weight was piling on!
  • ALJFBarker
    ALJFBarker Posts: 5 Member
    Back under 200lbs, 7 to go.
  • BattyKnitter
    BattyKnitter Posts: 503 Member
    jo_nz wrote: »
    About 4-5 lbs away from a normal bmi!!! 135 here I come!!!

    Yay! I'm getting super close to normal BMI too - less than 2lb away.

    Awesome! We are soooo close!
  • brittanystebbins95
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    MidModJenn wrote: »
    I'm auditioning for a role in a musical with a local theater company... the audition is in August and the show goes up towards the end of the year. I have a decent chance of getting the part... but it involves a LOT of dancing and I'm 100 pounds overweight, so it will be hard to pull off if I don't start eating healthier and ridding myself of some extra poundage in the meantime.

    The biggest struggle is that I have a very stressful job, and my desk is literally 5 feet away from a common table that is constantly stocked with unhealthy foods -- bagels in the morning, cakes for peoples' birthdays in the afternoon, candy, etc etc. I take out my stress my nibbling on this cr** all day long, and I've had zero luck so far in overcoming the challenge. :(

    Bring your own stuff in to munch on! Raw veggies have a lot of volume for the calories. And they're crunchy and take awhile to chew so they'll keep you busy for awhile. I've had to do that at quite a few past jobs.